Your Summer Maxi!

There is always a constant that clutches at the hems of the fashion industry; rejuvenating itself time and time again refusing to be stuffed into a Manhattan Mini Storage Box to be forgotten forever.  The latest culprit in my book? The Maxi dress. A style that has ceased to find its way to the pearly gates of fashion heaven and since the 70s has remained on the runways in some shape or form.  You may or may not agree with me, but you have to acknowledge the fact that this fashion trend is in desperate need of a makeover….

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Time to Crop that Top!

Yep, they’re back! Crop tops! A style forced into the spotlight by Madonna in the mid-80s and worn by teeny boppers everywhere in the 90s; courtesy of pop stars Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. Mothers everywhere are cringing I”m sure at the thought of cut-off tees and tight bustiers on their darling daughters.  But, honestly, I’m sort of digging this upcoming trend and am even debating purchasing a crop top of my own.  I know, some of you are screaming at the computer right asking me, “WHY? Why would you do this!?” I actually asked myself that same question.  However, when I started scoping out retailers sites I found that while some crop tops were defiantly too young and, for lack of a better word, too trashy for me I did find some that were more mature while still exuding a fun, free spirited exuberance.  Likewise, these tops can be easily molded to suit your personality. If you are a more traditional girl, but still like to add a little zest to your outfit, pair your bold top with a solid high waisted skirt.  More of a bohemian? Go for loose and flowly; perfect for your active lifestyle. Check out some of my top choices for summer crops and click on their image for more info….You might be more into it than you think!

Crop Tops


gaia crop top  Daydreamer LA Snap-Front Swing Tank Top
 Taupe Crop Top Hakuna Matata Crop Top
 Mesh Well Crop Top Caprice Crop Top
Short Stop Crop Tee Deathly Hallows Crop Top

All the Colors of the Rainbow…

Call it intuition, call it dumb luck, whatever it is, I have stumbled upon a recycled fashion trend for your summer in the sun!  The ever psychedelic TIE-DYE.  I bet you didn’t expect that one!  Truthfully, I was wearing a tie dye t-shirt when I came to this conclusion, but hey, I’d like to think that I came up with it all my own! Not only is Tie-Dye by nature unrestricted and free, but it’s just plain fun! With so many possibilities of color combinations and designs, no one Tie-Dye  item is the same. Check out the goodies I found:


Duct Tape Rose Ring- Tiedye (Blue)

Duct Tape
Rose Ring

What the Seller Says:

This listing is for a tie dye print duct tape rose ring on an adjustable band! This is one of my favorite rings, mainly because every one will turn out different! I love the way it looks and it is also super comfortable!
Ring measures a little over an inch.
Perfect for small gifts or just for fun!
Feel free to message me with any questions or business inquiries 🙂

Grateful Dead Steal Your Face Tie-Dye Earrings
Greatful Dead
Tie-Dye Earrings

What the Seller Says:

Handmade Grateful Dead pick earrings.

Fabric Bangle Set-Blue Green Tie-dye

Fabric Bangle Set
Blue Green Tie-dye

What the Seller Says:

Fabric jewelry is everywhere this season. Get the look with this set of 5 fabric wrapped bangles that can be worn together, mixed with other bangles or individually.
Created from vintage t-shirt shreds and thin metal bangles.
The bangles are 2 1/2 inches (6.5 cm) across.


Fabric Rosette Headband - Purple, Tyedye Purple and Blue and Lime Green

Fabric Tie-Dye
Rosette Headband

     What the Seller Says:

This simple fabric rosette headband has a black cloth band and three charming rolled rosettes that are made from reclaimed cotton in purple, tyedyed purple and blue and lime green and have a felt backing. This item is one of a kind, OOAK.
Easy to wear and great for day or night.
This headband is perfect size for kids, teens and adults.

Tiedye Blue Green and Orange Feather Headband

Tiedye Feather

What the Seller Says:

please include the measurement of your head in the comment so i can make sure it fits, it slips on to sit on the head

Tie-Dye Scarf Necklace

Tie-Dye Scarf

What the Seller Says:

This great addition to any wardrobe is a tie-dyed braided scarf necklace. It can be paired with a cute tank or a long sleeve in the winter to add a little wow to a cold day! It has a 14 inch opening and is 32 inches in circumference.


Unique IPad case

Unique Ipod

What the Seller Says:

Protect your iPad with an original and urban cover. You’ll feel better knowing you carry securely your new gadget everywhere with you either in backpack, messenger bag, briefcase and ideal when you are not using it.

This is a modern iPad sleeve with a black water tank print hand screen printed. The sleeve is made of pale tie-dye style bleached denim. The transformation of the fabric is handmade by us so each piece is unique. It also has a piping detail all around and it closes with a tab and velcro.

The cream lining is a soft material that protects the iPad from scratches and makes easy handling. The poly foam padding is adequate to protect the device from modest drops and bumps.

Vintage Tie-Dye Iphone Case

Tie-Dye Iphone Case

What the Seller Says:

Designed and printed in my home studio. Each design features my own photography or graphic designs…

Each iPhone case is embellished with my original designs one at a time using a unique printing technique that allows me to permanently instill an image into a thin aluminum insert on the back of the molded plastic case. The insert is heated to over 400 degrees, cooled, and then permanently adhered to the phone case. The result is a vibrant, permanent imprint.

This custom made snap-on case is designed to fit all of the iPhone 4 and 4S models. With ample openings for all the buttons and the camera lens, this lightweight case is the perfect phone accessory – instantly customizing any iPhone with color and style.

All of my cases are available with BLACK, WHITE, or CLEAR sides. Unless you ask for one of these specific colors in your order, the default BLACK. So if you want one of the other options just leave a note in the “message to seller” section.

My products are shipped from my Massachusetts studio within 3 to 5 business days and sent via first class mail, so it’s at your door fast! I am also happy to ship international!

high waist dip DYED denim

High Waist Dip
Dyed Vintage Shorts

What the Seller Says:

From a new collection of vintage cut offs, i have hand bleached/dyed/distressed/studded.

these are a vintage pair of high waist Guess jeans. i dip bleached them, then dyed them yellow , leaving a a green top half and yellow lower.. distressing through out and finished with gold studded detail on rear pocket and hip. pre-washed and ready to wear!

Label Mermaid Soup
waist 27″
hip 36″
inseam 1 1/2″
rise 12″

One Dress, Two Dress

Usually when I find the base inspiration for my vintage outfit creations I know exactly what I want to do with them.  But, when I stumbled across this amazing 1950/60’s wiggle dress I was completely stumped. One side of my brain was screaming PUNK! while the other CLASSY! This dress is so versatile (as you will come to find out!) and to state it plainly, presents to many styling options! Which is great when you think about it.  Buy one dress, get multiple outfits! So, going with that, I decided not to torture myself any longer and do both Punk and Classy.  And, as you can see, I had so much fun! Check out what I came up with:

(What would you do with this dress?)

I am absolutely in LOVE with this 50’s/60’s Vintage Peach Cocktail Dress from RococoVintage!  It’s so amazingly unusual!  Clean, simple lines with an adorable cap sleeve in front and then in back, a dramatic plunging back with dramatic waterfall ruffles. This dress will elicit stares of lust and longing wherever you tread! Perfect for upscale cocktail parties, for weddings, for romantic (and sultry) evenings out, or for any other especially special event. Unique, daring, and truly darling all at once!

I am ALWAYS on the search for a pair of good Roper Boots.  Especially ones that are actually in my size! Which, is extremely hard.  There are plenty of 9’s, 10’s, even 8’s, but when it comes to 7/7.5 FORGET IT! It’s like finding a needle in a haystack! HOWEVER, last night I got lucky when I stumbled on these 7 1/2 Classic Vintage Black Roper Boots from GrannysBootery (Love that shop name!). It’s the small things that make my heart flutter! These no fuss, straight up plain old roper boots are what I consider a “wardrobe essential.” Tim Gunn would probably argue with me, but these would be my staple and I would wear them with EVERYTHING. In great condition, you’re search (or mine if you’re not quick!) is over if you’re on the look for one of these beauties!

Favorite feature on this Vintage Elastic Belt from LarkVintage? The butterfly clasp! It’s so adorable and unique. Usually when I am looking for belts on Etsy, especially black ones, I get a lot of studded leather belts or woven belts, which I love, but I was looking for a belt that was different and not indicative of the accessories I usually feature with outfits.  And that’s exactly what I thought when I saw this vintage beauty. It’s charming, eclectic and actually puts a smile on your face when you see it.  It could go punk or classy and you don’t have to worry about it wearing down because it is elastic! Now that I think about it, I have a friend who LOVES butterflies and she would be head over heels over this!

Besides my love of owls, antique keys and Polaroids, I adore long chain necklaces with wing pendants.  I know, it sounds odd and I can’t explain, I just know I love it.  Although, now that I think about it, it might have something to do with the fact that I loved studying Ancient Roman/Greek history and their mythology in school and when I see wings I always associate it with Pegasus….. Ok, that was probably more information than you ever needed to know about me and why I love wing necklaces! More about the actual necklace: It is a Silver Angel Wing Long Chain Pendant by ZaraTaylor, a jewelry maker on Etsy (who I will be doing an interview with and posting soon!).  It comes with no clasp as it is long enough to go over your head, which I prefer! It just makes it easier when you’re getting dressed! Perfect for any boho or rocker outfit!

1940s + Suede + Pumps = Vintage Treasure.  That would be the best word to describe these leather soled Vintage 1940s Pumps in buttery soft chocolate brown suede from RococoVintage. An absolute Treasure.  The seller describes them better than I can! Here’s what she says: This classic pair of pumps from the 1940s are just breathtaking — they are some of the most perfect shoes from this era that I have ever seen! In a deliciously rich shade of chocolate brown, these shoes will provide the finishing touch to a whole variety of outfits, while the metal taps on the heels will create the most satisfyingly audible sound as you walk and dance! Absolutely wonderful, and in just shy of pristine condition! This beautiful designer shoes were made over 60 years ago and are in phenomenal condition — they are truly a treasure and very rare!!

So, I had to go Handmade on this belt.  I was looking for something super specific because I knew I wanted a bow belt to tie together an adorable outfit perfect for work or a classy night out.  This Soft Leather Bow by ManoBello fit that bill.  It’s simple, easy and versatile.  It’s not to “kidish” and won’t make your perfectly pink ensemble match your 5 year old niece’s favorite dress! And it’s not so obnoxious that it takes away from the outfit.  It’s just right.

This Freshwater Pearl Necklace by VirginiaGeigerJewels is labeled as a “Wedding Necklace,” BUT I think they can be worn with either your new “Pretty in Pink” outfit or any one of your fun, girly ensembles.  I appreciate the spaces between the pearls, giving it a lighter, more romantic appearance rather than the heavy or bulky look that sometimes full pearl necklaces can have.  And the small gold leaf just adds to the charm of the handmade necklace.  Here’s what the seller says: This lovely golden flower pendant is wire wrapped off center with large freshwater pearls and is completed with a delicate gold fill chain. Also available is silver!

Stripes Are The New Black!

So, I was poking around Facebook a few weeks ago and came across a post from one of my fashion buddies that I found to be rather interesting.  Apparently, and I totally missed the boat on this one, VERTICAL stripes are in! NOT horizontal, VERTICAL. Who would’ve guessed it, right? I was not prepared for that one at all.  Of course I remained a bit skeptical as I hadn’t yet seen any evidence to support this fashion prediction, BUT the MINUTE I went shopping I was attacked by stripe fever! They were everywhere! How I didn’t know about this before, I have no idea.  Maybe it is because I’m not really a stripes person.  But, fashion is fashion and it is my job to keep you not only informed, but to find fabulous vintage pieces for the fashion present.  Kudos to you, Cara Bloom of Me So Savvy for bringing this style to my attention!


70s Multicolor
Highwaisted Skirt

What the Seller Says:

What an interesting skirt! So fun and full of life – we couldn’t help but pair it will all black. A white tee in the summer would also be superb!

Features Red yellow blue colors, Midlength, Clasp waist, Veritical stripes. Tag says Size 6. Fits like S/M
100% Poly. Requires a slip 🙂

60s Striped
Mod Mini

What the Seller Says:

Adorable vertical stripe vintage dress. Super comfortable and light weight. Features: Two front pockets, two side belt loops at the waist, and front/ sleeve button closures. Has the original ILGWU tag still attached.

*Brand: Suburban Corner
*Approximate size: Small
*Great condition
*Color: multi colored

Vintage Striped
B&W Blazer

What the Seller Says:

Vintage 80’s black and white vertical striped blazer. The blazer is double breasted with four buttons in the front. It also has two pocket in the front. The sleeves are long and tailored to be cuffed. The fabric has a linen texture and the jacket has shoulder pads that can easily be removed if desired. The jacket is in good vintage condition.



Vintage Beige
Striped Skirt

What the Seller Says:

Dead stock vintage high-waisted, beneath the knee length skirt. A very flattering design. Vertical stripes in biege, blue and gray. It has front pockets.
Zip and button closure on the side A unique, sophisticated, 70´s flavoured look. Size M.

Vintage Multicolor
Striped Blouse

What the Seller Says:

Dead stock vintage multicolour striped blouse. It has a cute mao collar. A colorful, girly and versatile garment that can give a unique touch to any look!
Brand: Reyna. Made in Spain
It is made of a combination of polyester and cotton.
Fits as either a large or a medium, depending on how you would like the garment to fit.
Please check the measures. Sizes are for guidance.

60s Vertical
Striped Dress

What the Seller Says:

Super cute a line dress with multi-color vertical stripes.

Size: best fits size S/M (ask about measurments)
Material: polyaster
Condition: perfect!


Vintage Navy
Striped Sweater

What the Seller Says:

A super cozy navy and white striped sweater with red embroidery on the front.
Brand: LizSport
Listed Size: L
* Please note vintage sizes offer differ from today. Always check measurements for the best fit.
Length: 27 in
Sleeve length: 25 in
Waist: 20 in

Vintage Striped
Silk Tank

What the Seller Says:

100% silk sleeveless blouse

*Tag size: Medium
*Approximate size: Extra Small / Small / Medium
*100% Silk
*Good vintage condition

60s Mod Navy
Striped Mini

What the Seller Says:

Vintage 60s sleeveless navy blue and white space age mod shift dress with all over circle texture, white stripe across the shoulders and down the center front, and a zipper down the back to close. In excellent vintage condition. Shown belted in first photo.

Will best fit a size LARGE
No size marked

No tag
Feels like 100% polyester

Desert Boho Style..

With the anticipation of warm weather coming (I know, I’m jumping the gun here!) I am becoming more obsessed with finding the perfect outfits for the summer.  And sticking with my new favorite southwestern print, I scoured Etsy to try and find some amazing pieces and succeeded! Check it out!

Adorable vintage 90s crochet top from Heirra Vintage . What the seller says: Functioning crochet buttons down the front. Label: DKNY Jeans. Size tag: Medium. Modern Size: Small, Medium. Fabric Content: 53% Cotton, 47% Rayon. Care: Hand Wash. Vintage Condition: Excellent.

Super comfy Boho Hacienda Style Highwaisted Gaucho Skirt Shorts from BadJamesVintage. What the seller says: We LOVE these. Not quite shorts, not quite a skirt. But 100% RAD. A western boho flare for a super hip chick. Features red, black and ivory color, side button waist and POCKETS!

Vintage 70s Bohemian Etienne Aigner T-Strap Sandal from FiveStonesVintage. What the seller says: A resort-worthy pair of vintage designer sandals! Classic t-strap thongs in a honey brown leather with a khaki canvas trim.
Gold Aigner A logo on the front with a buckle closure on the back strap.Labelled a Size 6M, fits a 5.5, 6 or 6.5 well.
Insole length is 9.5″.

Vintage western silver hearts wide leather belt from OmniaWears . What the seller says: Wide chestnut saddle leather belt with burnished metal heart medallions – each has a different engraved pattern. Rounded southwest metal buckle and end cap. The metal has patina and discoloration; leather is worn in but very strong. Fits a S/M on the waist.

Vintage 1960s Sterling Turquoise Ring from LuckyVintageSeattle. What the seller says: Vintage 1960s hand crafted sterling silver southwestern ring. Chunky green matrix turquoise marbled stone. Rope and circles design. Pretty etched band. Unmarked but tests positively for sterling. Excellent pre-owned condition. Recently polished. Size- 6 1/2.

Vintage 60s Silver and Turquoise Necklace from Thrush. What the seller says: Vintage 1960’s necklace with a large faux turquoise center pendant and four smaller side pendants. Strung on a long silvertone chain. The chain is 24″ long and the pendant is 2.5″ long. In excellent vintage condition.

The Vintage God of a Dot Com World

So, I know I have been SUPER lazy with my posting lately and I feel SUPER bad! It’s the wedding! I’m telling you the truth! It’s sucking all the spare time out of my life! Which, while I am enjoying all the painstaking planning of minuet details, I miss being able to sit down in front of my computer and share all my favorite vintage finds with you guys. So, until I get my time back I’m going to make mini posts. Short, sweet and to the point! Hope you still enjoy them as much and I promise to get back to my usual vintage self after my little fiasco is over!

But, back to the actual post! I was shuffling through my favorite online vintage shop, Thrifted and Modern, and I was once again amazed at their vintage selection. They offer so much in the way of eclectic and one of a kind vintage accessories and clothing. I’m sure as you can guess from the post title, I consider them the PREMIER shop of the vintage net and if I was rich I would be spending most of my funds here! Every item stands out, has a distinct personality and is definitive of the girl who picks it up. Absolutely special this store is; taking the time, the care, and the effort to only pick those items which define their store. A bit about them: Thrifted and Modern is an online vintage and independent designer women’s apparel retailer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We began in 2009, selling a few vintage pieces from our own closet, and have quickly become a staple for fashion insiders with a growing list of celebrities, stylists, and high-profile designer clients. Emphasizing rare and unique hand-selected vintage pieces, we offer some of the best cutting-edge and fashion-forward vintage clothing found anywhere on the planet. Our vintage collection is hand-selected for personality, pre-screened for quality, and is updated daily with one-of-a-kind items that are guaranteed to turn heads.

Check out a couple of my favorites:

Gorgeous 1950s black silky full circle party dress with a full sweep. Unlined. Side metal zip closure. Good vintage condition with minimal signs of overall wear. No tears, stains or damage.

$85 (ABOVE)

Hand knit wool fisherman sweater in cream. Unlined. Good vintage condition with minimal signs of overall wear. No tears, stains or damage.


Heavy duty oversized cardigan sweater coat. Unlined. Single front button closure. Front pockets. Good vintage condition with minimal signs of overall wear. No tears, stains or damage.

Oversized black and white cardigan sweater sure to keep you warm in the colder months! Unlined. Front button closure. Front pockets.Good vintage condition with minimal signs of overall wear. No tears, stains or damage.


Heavy duty all wool Navajo-inspired blanket coat by Woolrich. Concho detailing with genuine leather fringe tassels. Partially lined. Shoulder pads may be easily removed, if desired. Front snap closure. Good vintage condition with minimal signs of overall wear. No tears, stains or damage

A-line coat in cranberry wool with a beautiful fox fur collar. Total vintage ice princess coat. Fully lined. Front button closure. Side pockets. Embroidered monogram “MMD” on the lining. Genuine fox fur collar with wool body. Good vintage condition with minimal signs of overall wear. No tears, stains or damage.

Vintage burgundy leather lace up roper boots by Justin. Hard leather made to last! Leather interiors. Good vintage condition with signs of overall wear. Heavy scuffing to the bottoms and some wear to the interiors.

A Turkey Day Outfit Good Enough To Eat!

Everyone is on the search for their perfect Thanksgiving Holiday outfit and I believe that I just found mine!  Fitted in a bed of browns and oranges (and my fave birdy!) this outfit is the perfect ensemble to eat some delicious holiday Turkey! Check out some of the amazing vintage I pieced together:
(BTW…sorry for the short post today! Super busy with Thanksgiving and work but HAD to show you this outfit! Promise I’ll get back to my old self after Turkey day!)

Check Out That Vintage!


Vintage 60s Mod
Orange Button Dress

What the Seller Says:

 Tag reads “DW3 Fashions Inc.”  Lovely soft linen/poly blend woven fabric in a bright orange. There is a great texture to the material. Fitted waist, slight a-line skirt with two pleats in the front. Awesome heavy duty metal buttons with matching orange middle. Sleeveless, high neck with sharp pointed collar.
Covered zipper down the back of the dress, and built in “belt” that buttons in behind. Great vintage condition


Vintage 70s Choc.
Leather Jacket

What the Seller Says:

Vintage jacket.  Boho hippie.  Gorgeous deep plum/brown genuine leather with a dark espresso faux shearling over sized lapel.  Deep v, patch pockets.  Belted.  Petite fit.  Lined.

Browns-tone and
Mood Tights

What the Seller Says:

You’ve decided to lock yourself into your row apartment all afternoon to force yourself to work on your novel. You cross your legs, clad in these thick, deep navy-based stockings by Hansel from Basel, reminding yourself yet again what your first writing teacher told you about style. You cultivate the basis for this next chapter and decide to create a character around your outfit – the independent, LA-based company that this colorblocked legwear comes from is one that conveys quirky everyday elements in fun, uncommon fashion, and these facets are all defining characteristics of this individual. With a salmon-colored top to match the middle blocks of these tights, as well as a black A-line skirt, the tone of your outfit is sure to inspire a creative chapter!


Vintage 70s
Snakeskin Platforms

What the Seller Says:

Extremely rare vintage EVA platform pumps with twotone patterned snakeskin upper and OH-SO-HIGH heels. The platform measures almost one inch! Very high quality shoes as you can see from the insoles – all leather and very well made.

These heels most likely date from the 1970s (maybe early 1980s) but they also have a 1940s touch. Just classical! The condition is excellent – these babies look barely worn.

Vintage 60s Mixed
Metal Owl Necklace

What the Seller Says:

Long mixed metals vintage hinged Owl pendant necklace by Chickenlittlejewelry. This fun vintage pendant measures 5” top to bottom and features a detailed silver tone head with glowing topaz cabochon eyes then a body and tail in “feathers” of bright finish gold tone. He is hinged at the neckline and thought the body and tail and suspended on a multi linked 24” necklace chain.

Vintage 50s/60s Mod
Lucite Bracelet

What the Seller Says:

Outstanding vintage lucite spiral bracelet, 1950s – 1970s. Tapering, thick amber brown lucite was molded into a modernist abstract sculpture for the wrist.
Beginning with an end 3/4″ wide, the lucite wraps about two-and-a-half times around the wrist, narrowing to just over 1/4.” The vintage lucite is about 1/4″ thick. About 2-9/16″ x 2-1/2.”
The amber spiral truly is wearable art, and an abstract modernist sculpture that probably made its way down the runway.
Unusual and rare, and in very good pre-owned and used condition, with no cracks, no chips, no stress fractures like you can find in old lucite.
Modernist barbaric splendor, a vintage treasure.

The “Jenny” Jacket

Sometimes to get a little inspiration for my weekly posts I “window shop” my favorite online vintage stores.  Usually after looking through a couple of them I begin to form loose ideas about what I want to write about.  And last week when I reverted to this in order to avoid an oncoming writer’s block I stumbled across a fabulous trend for winter. Now it may be just pure coincidence that my fave shops were carrying similar things OR like the southwestern prints post, it could be that this vintage 70s trend is making a come back. (BTW I was out shopping last week and I saw southwestern prints everywhere! I was so proud of myself!)

So, what is this item that I am so elated about?  I’m sure you’ve already been able to guess, but it’s a suede 70s jacket.  BUT not just ANY suede 70s jacket..the “Jenny” Jacket (as I’ve so cleverly coined it!). “Jenny” coming from one of my fave movies “Forrest Gump” where her hippie character is seen on more than one occasion sporting a suede brown maxi jacket with fur trim.   Anytime I see this certain type of jacket I think of Jenny and her 70s hippie self!  So, you can imagine how many times my brain processed this thought enough to make me want to dedicate a whole post to it! I desperately hope the “Jenny” jacket is coming back.  It’s such a sleek style.  Tight fitted with voluminous fur framing the face, smooth suede or leather toasting your body and (in some cases) a wrap around belt to cinch at your waist.  Just thinking about what I have in my wardrobe to go with this statement piece fills me with childish giddy excitement! I might have to get one even if it’s not back in style!  And it might have to be one of these amazing “Jenny” jackets I found among some of my fave sellers:

Check out these FABULOUS “Jenny” Jackets!


Vintage 70s Suede
Boho Jacket

What the Seller Says:

Gorgeous suede coat from the 70s. buttery soft pumpkin colored suede with giant faux fur collar. Beautiful stitching on coat breast with tan leather woven stripes. Self fabric covered buttons. Fully lined, inseam pockets at hips. great condition but there is wear and spots (could possibly come out with a professional cleaning), and there is a missing belt (belt loops on hips)..

Vintage 70s Faux
Fur Hippie Jacket

What the Seller Says:

Vintage 70’s Nutmeg color Suede Leather Hippie Boho Coat Jacket. Light/Midweight Suede. Faux Fur collar and cuffs. Zipper up front. Tiny skinny slim fit. Fully lined on the inside with a light quilted lining. Super cool!

Vintage 70s
Chocolate Jacket

What the Seller Says:

Amazing vintage 70s suede jacket! The HUGE comfy faux fur collar will keep you warm for sure! Soft and pliable chocolate suede with caramel colored collar, two front buttons, attached belt and two front pockets. Chevron stitching design on the chest, back and pockets. Quilted lining. In great condition with no odors, lining is in great condition as well. Made in Argentina of cow hide suede.


Vintage Lola
Suede & Shearling Coat

What the Seller Says:

Vintage 70’s perfectly fitted suede & shearling mini coat. Princess seaming. High waist. Hook closures. Looks like under one arm was hand stitched up. Excellent condition.

Vintage 70s Sienna
Suede Jacket

What the Seller Says:

Vintage 1970s sienna shearling fur jacket. Soft suede jacket features a zip up front, shearling fur trim. Two front pockets. Lined. Excellent Condition.

Vintage 70s
Fur Princess Jacket

What the Seller Says:

Vintage 1970s sienna shearling princess coat. Soft shearling fur coat features a tailored princess fit, hook eye closure front, two front pockets. Shearling fur lined.


Vintage 70s
Leather Jacket

What the Seller Says:

Foxy Brown Leather Jacket from JC Penney. Removable fake fur collar. Size sm. Great condition. Button front with leather tie belt. I think this could easily be unisex. Wonderfully broken in vintage condition… a coat to last a life time.

Vintage 70s
Double Breasted Coat

What the Seller Says:

awesome vintage suede leather jacket – bohemian chic with soft plush lambs wool collar, full quilted lining, double breasted front closure and tie belt… coat has front slouch pockets with gold buckle details… while this little coat is in very good vintage condition, it does show very slight discoloration distress along edges of cuffs and along front edge… adds to her character – she’s awesome!

Vintage 70s
Fitted Suede Jacket

What the Seller Says:

This coat is so retro and so amazing!!! It is tan colored suede with leather zip-up, stitched on pockets and a zipper close. Big bushy faux fur surrounds the cuff as well as the collar and it is lined with quilted orange fabric. The coat in good condition, however has a slight spot on the front right side.

Studs and Lace with a Side of Rock and Roll…

I’m finding it unbearably hard not to purchase every item in the outfit I have created for you dear readers.  It’s actually hard for me to look at it because I so desperately want to sport it!  It’s like one of those times when you buy your favorite fashion magazine and as you scan each stylish page after the other you undoubtedly find those pieces that your heart just beats for.  It almost feels criminal not to desire them! So for fear that you will empty out your bank account in one swoop you toss the magazine to the farthest reaches of your apartment where you won’t be able to catch even the slightest glimmer of it.  “Out of sight, out of mind” becomes your motto as you wait for recycling day to come along.  (I know someone just gasped here at  the mention of recycling magazines that consists of such “bibles” of Vogue and Elle.  It’s okay you can keep them.  I do!)  We have all had our moments and I believe, for me, this is one of them!  Check out the outfit that I am trying to convince myself I can live without!

I am loving this Vintage 70s Taupe Crochet Mini Dress from MamaStoneVintage.   This type of dress is my ultimate favorite.  It’s quintessential Boho:  simple, light and easy.  And because of its simplicity, this dress can also be easily manipulated to fit any style.  Feeling a little dainty one day?  Pair this cut- out knit dress with a fitted jacket and your favorite pumps.  Feeling a little punky the next? Pair with leather jacket and Jeffrey Campbell platforms and you’ll be set.  Whatever the look you can be sure that you will be turning heads in this lovely piece of vintage! (Oh yeah, don’t you just love the sleeves?  So relaxed!)

Talk about avante garde!  How awesome is this Vintage 80s Draped Wool Maxi Jacket from MintMallStore? I LOVE the hood!  It’s so voluptuous and mysterious.  The whole jacket holds a bit of mystery to it; hiding whatever lays beneath its black blanket of slouched fabric.  (Feeling like a secret agent now?) Simple as it may be with its over sized cloaked hood, long sleeves and buttoned pockets there’s no end to the possibilities.  Like the dress in its shade this versatile jacket can be worn with the frilliest of dresses or the spikiest of shoes, your choice.  It’s a definite statement piece, for sure.  Plus, the fact that it’s fully lined and made of wool ensures that you will stay toasty warm on the chilliest of days.

If there is one thing that is essential to my fall/winter wardrobe it is the legging.  I cannot even begin to tell you how many leggings I have in my possession as of right now b/c my cheeks would turn bright red from embarrassment.  What can I say? They’re easy, comfortable (especially on those days when you’re not exactly fitting into your jeans if you know what I mean), match with everything and come in a multitude of colors and designs.  Why wouldn’t you love them?  Slap on a favorite dress or baggy sweater, pop on some bright tights overlaid with a sheer patterned one, zip up your favorite boots, throw on your vintage leather jacket and you’re good to go!  That took all of 7 secs and you look killer!  Have I convinced you yet?  Well if I have then you need to check out these AWESOME vintage 80s black shredded rocker leggings from HoneyMoonMuse.  So sick! Love that hard rocker look to them! These would be the perfect pair of leggings (especially when it gets colder) to put a solid colored legging underneath.  Such an interesting look!

The Roper Boot.  A definite choice favorite of mine among boots.  The worn leather, the bent fringe,  the skinny laces that go all the way up to your ankles combine together to form THE absolute style.  If it has hand punched studs? Even better. Check out these Vintage Studded Roper Boots from MetropolisNYCVintage.  They are the culmination of everything I love in a roper boot.  They’re vintage number one!  But they carry with them a tangible weight meaning when you put them on a certain persona takes over.  You walk tall.  You walk proud.  You stomp when you step and you apologize for nothing. You are complete.  And besides making you feel like the dot on an exclamation point, they’re also comfortable.  With every step you take you feel the worn leather mutate to fit the curves of your ankle.  Your toes able to take a relaxing vacation due to the unique boat shape of the boot.  MMMM…I could wear these with everything! Besides, they’re just awesome and go with any look!

MetrolpolisNYCVintage you do not disappoint! Not only do you have amazing studded boots, but you have the bags to match! Check out this rock inspired Vintage hand STUDDED leather COACH bag! Do you not swoon over it?  They go perfectly with the awesome roper boots we found! And when have you ever found yourself in a situation when you found matching shoes and bag and not been able to purchase both?  Ugh! You tug at my heart strings Metro!  You know I can’t resist the studding, but to cover a stellar vintage coach bag in them is just pure evil! You know I can’t resist!  Readers! Help! I am in dire need of stud intervention!  This bag may have just done me in!

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