Time to Crop that Top!

Yep, they’re back! Crop tops! A style forced into the spotlight by Madonna in the mid-80s and worn by teeny boppers everywhere in the 90s; courtesy of pop stars Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. Mothers everywhere are cringing I”m sure at the thought of cut-off tees and tight bustiers on their darling daughters.  But, honestly, I’m sort of digging this upcoming trend and am even debating purchasing a crop top of my own.  I know, some of you are screaming at the computer right asking me, “WHY? Why would you do this!?” I actually asked myself that same question.  However, when I started scoping out retailers sites I found that while some crop tops were defiantly too young and, for lack of a better word, too trashy for me I did find some that were more mature while still exuding a fun, free spirited exuberance.  Likewise, these tops can be easily molded to suit your personality. If you are a more traditional girl, but still like to add a little zest to your outfit, pair your bold top with a solid high waisted skirt.  More of a bohemian? Go for loose and flowly; perfect for your active lifestyle. Check out some of my top choices for summer crops and click on their image for more info….You might be more into it than you think!

Crop Tops


gaia crop top  Daydreamer LA Snap-Front Swing Tank Top
 Taupe Crop Top Hakuna Matata Crop Top
 Mesh Well Crop Top Caprice Crop Top
Short Stop Crop Tee Deathly Hallows Crop Top

Mary Janes: Not Your Childhood Shoe

When you were a little girl if your mom was anything like mine, she tended to dress you in Mary Janes because she obsessed over how adorable you looked in them.   You on the other hand (if you were a tomboy like me) passionately disagreed.  They were uncomfortable, shiny and an accessory when brought out reminded you that with them would come a frilly dress or some ghastly floral patterned top and skirt.  Oh yeah, leggings too. And not cute leggings like kids where now-a-days, but those uncomfortable sock leggings that were made out of god knows what fabric and made you itch like hell.  I squirm when I think about it now.  I think Easter was probably the worst.  On top of the leggings, shoes and the ghastly dresses came the gloves.  White gloves may I add.  And a dinky, wide brimmed straw hat with a pink ribbon tied around it.  I unfortunately have pictures to prove it and when I see them I always ask my mom, “What were you thinking?!” To which she would reply, “What? I thought you looked so cute!” ::Cringe::

But, now as I am getting older and have started to appreciate fashion, I am finding that I am re-attracted to the shoe that I disdained so much as a child.  Sure, they are not the low heeled, patent leather abominations of my day, but the Mary Jane style is still the same.  Low cut front and a strap secured tightly around your ankle or around the lower half of your foot. Sometimes a T-strap follows behind.  Fairly basic style that can be easily manipulated into your shoe of choice; platform, heel or wedge.  Sure there are still bonafide Mary Janes out there, but when I say Mary Jane I am using using the term very loosely.  When I am looking for these I am searching for a pair of taps that fit the basic terms of the MJ, but still have their own special flair.  Check out some of these vintage MJ’s I discovered:

Check out these FABULOUS Mary Janes!


Vintage 80s Suede
Mary Janes

What the Seller Says:

Vintage 1980’s brown suede mankiller goth mary jane / pilgrim heels. Round toe shoes lead to a high pilgrim “T” style strap with a side buckle and finished with a shapely stacked 4″ heel.

Vintage 60s
“Monkey Girl” Janes

What the Seller Says:

These cute, chunky heels made me want to put on a barely there mini dress and wild tights – they’re so funky and fun! Made by Sweet Steps, I love everything about them, from the carmelized color to the t-strap, and fun high heels. I think you will, too!

These shoes are in very good condition. They have been worn, but remain in great shape with no issues I can find to note.

Vintage 70s
Peep Toe Janes

What the Seller Says:

1970’s beige leather peep toe heels with teardrop cut outs adorning the toes. Stacked heel and ankle strap.

Excellent vintage, there are a lot of small scuffs and marks and the straps are a little brittle. Still very wearable.


Vintage 70s Caramel
Mary Janes

What the Seller Says:

Vintage 1970s browned butter leather mary janes with chunky curved wood heels. round toe with raised top stitch detail, ankle strap with copper tone buckle. Chocolate brown stacked wood heel.

Very good condition – they have some normal scuffing to the leather from wear and some dark smudges on the inside of one heel. not too noticeable when worn, but definitely not perfect. we LOVE them anyway!

Vintage Peep
Toe Mary Janes

What the Seller Says:

Bright red Mary Jane style heels with a peep toe style front with cut out design. So beautiful! The heel is approximately 1/2” thick and there is a buckle to adjust the size of the strap in front. Shoe appears to be made of a leather or leather-like upper and suede in front (there is no material tag). They are in ggreat vintage condition with some small scuffs on the back heel

Vintage 80’s
Two-Tone Mary Janes

What the Seller Says:

1980s mary janes pumps with a 1920s/30s style. Grey and cream leather uppers. Leather soles.The maker is Anne Klein. Leather insoles and lining.

Overall excellent condition. Light wear on the soles. A few tiny scuffs on the heels.


Vintage Leather
Mary Janes

What the Seller Says:

Beautiful brown leather peeptoe heels! Gold tone leather trim. Low cut peep toe at toes. Ankle strap with side buckle

Vintage 40s
Suede Mary Janes

What the Seller Says:

Stunning vintage 1940’s rich black suede platform pinup pumps with a very tall heel and platform fronts. Buckled strap at the heel for the perfect fit. Peeptoe, slingback shape and cutouts at the toe. Excellent Condition!

Vintage Wooden
“Mary Janes”

What the Seller Says:

blood red leather strappy platform sandals with criss cross straps over the foot, delicate ankle strap with gold toned buckle and gorgeous curved platform wood soles. foam rubber bottoms with a plastic heel tap.

shoes are in good vintage condition. some wear, no flaws to report.

Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night…

So I know that Winter is on the backside and I should be rejoicing about the oncoming of Spring and celebrating with bright colors, but I can’t help but maintain my love of Black! And not necessarily just black, but that mystery the color conveys. That edge, that fire, that independence. The way it makes you feel when you walk down the street; in complete control and unafraid.  You can choose by wearing it whether to shade yourself from the world, or to make a statement. What will you choose?

Light as a feather cotton Vintage 80’s striped collared blouse on Etsy at ViralThreads! This pastel button up is perfect with denim or even tucked into your favorite high waisted skirt! With its billowy poet sleeves and stiff collar, this lovely blouse can play any role in your wardrobe! Pick it up for only $18!

Perhaps one of my favorite jeans: Cheap Mondays! SUPER comfy and TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT to your curves! Makes you feel super sexy without hindering your movement (Did I mention they have stretch?)! These high waist Cheap Mondays at Urban Outfitters are absolutely sinful! Black as night and tight as spandex (which they actually have!), these CM’s are sure to make an impression in a crowd! Only $65 at Urban!

Everyone needs a good hat and this 20’s style wool hat at Urban Outfitters is a perfect addition to your wardrobe! Now I usually search endlessly on vintage sites for these types of hat, but I have to say that this hat just got to me! It’s so adorable with it’s peacock feather! How could you deny such a charming accessory for only $34?

Ok, so I am a bit OBSESSED with Urban tonight! Considering that these  BDG Skinny Black Suspenders are also from Urban Outfitters! But I can’t help it! I luv Urban and I luv suspenders! I know, I sound like an old man, but I am telling you, they are soooo much more comfortable than belts! And they keep your pants up! Yes, I know that belts do the same thing, but for me they are just not as efficient! Point being that not only do suspenders have a practical use, but as an accessory they add a unique look to your outfit. $20 at Urban!

So not only do I simply luv these fabulous Jeffrey Campbell “Brit Boots,” but I own them! And let me tell you, they are simply to die for! I wear them with everything! A dainty paisley dress or my tight black denim, it doesn’t matter, they work with all! And if you’re like me and you love to put a bit of edge in your outfit, then these will fit in perfectly with you. You can readjust the buckles so you can either wear the top of the boot open as to flip the lips over, or your can tighten them to wear the boot tight against your leg! Find them on Shopbob for $230! I know it’s steep, but JC stands for amazing quality and these have lasted me nearly a year!

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