Killer Closet Via Tobi…

Scouring Facebook as I burned time before work, I happened to stumble onto an ad for a fun, urban clothing company, Tobi.  Curious by nature, I decided to follow the ad to Tobi’s homepage and what I found made me happier than a kid in a candy shop!  Not only are Tobi’s clothing and accessories current and eclectic, but amazingly well priced. With constant sales, a girl can always find a great deal without sacrificing style! And being that trends seem to change overnight, Tobi gives a girl a chance to keep up.  Honestly, who wouldn’t love the chance to refresh their closet with trendy new clothes? I’ll be the first to admit that I would! Which is exactly what I did! Well, virtually that is! Check out some of the fabulous items from Tobi I added to my virtual closet….

 Southwestern Vibe Muscle TankI don’t know what it is about Southwestern prints, but I gravitate towards them like a fish to water! Maybe it’s the Native American in me calling out to the robust tribal prints or it could just be that their unique, eclectic nature adds personality to any plain tee. Which is exactly what this black and white skeletal  image does for this basic muscle tank!  Can’t you see yourself sporting Tobi’s  Southwestern Vibe Muscle Tank with tattered cutoff shorts or skinny jeans complete with black moto boots and feathered hair clips? You know you love it…

 Striped Envy SweaterTrendy or not, oversized sweaters are my thing.  I can’t give it up! It’s the one style that sticks with me through each season.  They’re perfect both in winter when all you want to do is cuddle up with your love and sit by a warm fire or in spring when all you need is a light cover up over your cut-off Levis.  They’re versatile, comfortable and I highly doubt that you don’t have atleast ONE in you wardrobe.  And if you don’t, maybe you should give it a try with Tobi’s Striped Envy Sweater. Light and easy, this stylish sweater with colorful arm stripes can be dressed up with pumps and skinny jeans or even used as a cover up for your new bikini. However you use it, I guarantee your friends will want to know where you got this trendy top from!

 Acid Washed Skinny JeansLet me be the first to say that I am just as surprised as you are that I am posting about acid wash jeans. But, the more I see them store after store, the more I find that they have a certain mysterious appeal. However, it is important to mention that shopping for the perfect acid wash jeans comes with some extremely important rules.  NEVER buy acid wash in any cut but skinny otherwise it will look like you borrowed your mom’s jeans from when she was in high school.  NEVER buy a light acid wash jean unless you want to look like someone from the boondocks.  And lastly, NEVER go vintage when it comes to acid wash. I know, I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to bust your vintage bubble. Adventurous enough to try them? Check out this pair from Tobi.

 Twist to Open DressI am in love with Tobi’s Twist Open Dress in mint! Available also in red and white, this dress appears simple from the front, but flip it over and it is a completely different dress.  Slit down the back and the twisted to the side this dress is not only practical on a hot day, but emits from its unassuming shape a sexy confidence. With open arm holes, this dress pairs perfect with a simple accessory such as a thick bracelet or a single pendant long chain necklace.

Thunderbird NecklaceThe Thunderbird; a symbol of strength, grace and resilience. A perfect charm to adorn your neck as you take on the challenges of the day.  Available in antique silver and gold this lovely pendant will add a little pepper to your sizzling outfit! Check it out here!

tobi5So, I’m thinking there is a reoccurring theme here! I honestly am not trying to go Southwestern on you here, I guess it’s just my style.  Which is why I am probably doting on these Etch Pick Earrings from Tobi.  This arrowhead shaped earring features geometric engravings and comes both in antique silver and gold.  A powerful design, these earrings are for those ladies who aren’t afraid to show their more brazen side!

 Chinese Laundry Strawberry Fields BootiesWhile I am usually more into moto boots, I have to say that these Chinese Laundry Booties  are absolutely adorable! What I like most about them is that you can sport them with anything in your closet.  Whether dress, skirt or jean, these lilac suede boots will match perfectly.  Lighthearted, whimsical and really, just plain fun, these booties might be your next perfect accessory! And lets be serious, the accessories are what make the outfit.


Fringe With Benefits

Summer is fast approaching and I’m on a mission to find the perfect bathing suit to bask in.  That being said, I decided that I am in the market for an unique bathing suit.  I mean, nothing super crazy, but something that I’ve never tried before.  I have so many of the same boring solid halter top bikinis whose bottoms now dawn a resemblance to my nephews soggy diapers.  Not the most attractive of looks I dare say! My research however led me to a trend that not only adds a bit of spice to your normal everyday suit, but also reflects your adventurous, fun loving side! The trend? FRINGE! I know, we had a preview of this textured style last year, but this season it’s hit the ground running! So, don’t be to surprised if you see a fellow beach bum sporting this tasseled trend. But, to keep you ahead of the games, here are a few unique styles I found for your summer of fringe…


Button2Love this fabulous fringed one piece from PacSun.  Code name Malibu by Lira, this one piece is both adorable and sexy! With a low V-cut adorned with matching lengthy tassels, this onesie also features an open back and adorable hip-side bows.  Just think how cute you would be taking a walk in this sensuous sun suit! Check it out here!

Button3Purple, Tye-Dye and Fringe oh my! How could I not want to purchase this bathing suit immediately? My favorite color and awesome design styles? This is really a no brainer.  Not to mention that this is also a bandeau top, which is one of my personal favorites.  It may not be the best for you more endowed ladies, but for someone like me who was not as blessed, this top is extremely comfortable.  Visit Swell to view some more specs on this beach beauty!

Button4So, I know that this royal blue onesie is similar to Malibu by Lira, but I couldn’t help but feature this exquisite swim suit.  I adore how designer Monica Wise of L Space embellished the fringe around the plunging neckline and like Malibu kept the suit’s back open.  This suit however, definitely requires a lady who is a risk taker and unafraid to try something a bit more adventurous! If you think you are her, check out this gorgeous suit at Urban Outfitters!

Button5This multi-colored bikini just screams fun to me! Maybe it’s the tasseled bottom or the psychedelic print fringe, but either way I wouldn’t mind sporting this halter bikini! What I love the most? The extra long fringe looks great paired with cut off shorts or maxi skirt! Check out these contemporary suit at Macy’s!

Button6Boys and Arrows hit a home run with this hippie bandeau top! How much do you love the creamsicle color? I know I do? Another cool thing about this top?  The thick cut fringe continues all the way to the back! With a braided feature along the top and removable straps, how could you not see yourself frolicking in the sun in this bright bikini. Check it out on Swell!

button7Basic with a twist would be the perfect way to describe this halter bikini by L Space. You can’t really go wrong taking an already comfortable shape and adding a bit of sizzle to it! Next to the bandeau, this is my favorite type of swimsuit. Easy, uncomplicated and the best thing is that you don’t have to worry about it coming down when you get hit by a killer wave! Check out more about this suit here!

One Dress, Two Dress

Usually when I find the base inspiration for my vintage outfit creations I know exactly what I want to do with them.  But, when I stumbled across this amazing 1950/60’s wiggle dress I was completely stumped. One side of my brain was screaming PUNK! while the other CLASSY! This dress is so versatile (as you will come to find out!) and to state it plainly, presents to many styling options! Which is great when you think about it.  Buy one dress, get multiple outfits! So, going with that, I decided not to torture myself any longer and do both Punk and Classy.  And, as you can see, I had so much fun! Check out what I came up with:

(What would you do with this dress?)

I am absolutely in LOVE with this 50’s/60’s Vintage Peach Cocktail Dress from RococoVintage!  It’s so amazingly unusual!  Clean, simple lines with an adorable cap sleeve in front and then in back, a dramatic plunging back with dramatic waterfall ruffles. This dress will elicit stares of lust and longing wherever you tread! Perfect for upscale cocktail parties, for weddings, for romantic (and sultry) evenings out, or for any other especially special event. Unique, daring, and truly darling all at once!

I am ALWAYS on the search for a pair of good Roper Boots.  Especially ones that are actually in my size! Which, is extremely hard.  There are plenty of 9’s, 10’s, even 8’s, but when it comes to 7/7.5 FORGET IT! It’s like finding a needle in a haystack! HOWEVER, last night I got lucky when I stumbled on these 7 1/2 Classic Vintage Black Roper Boots from GrannysBootery (Love that shop name!). It’s the small things that make my heart flutter! These no fuss, straight up plain old roper boots are what I consider a “wardrobe essential.” Tim Gunn would probably argue with me, but these would be my staple and I would wear them with EVERYTHING. In great condition, you’re search (or mine if you’re not quick!) is over if you’re on the look for one of these beauties!

Favorite feature on this Vintage Elastic Belt from LarkVintage? The butterfly clasp! It’s so adorable and unique. Usually when I am looking for belts on Etsy, especially black ones, I get a lot of studded leather belts or woven belts, which I love, but I was looking for a belt that was different and not indicative of the accessories I usually feature with outfits.  And that’s exactly what I thought when I saw this vintage beauty. It’s charming, eclectic and actually puts a smile on your face when you see it.  It could go punk or classy and you don’t have to worry about it wearing down because it is elastic! Now that I think about it, I have a friend who LOVES butterflies and she would be head over heels over this!

Besides my love of owls, antique keys and Polaroids, I adore long chain necklaces with wing pendants.  I know, it sounds odd and I can’t explain, I just know I love it.  Although, now that I think about it, it might have something to do with the fact that I loved studying Ancient Roman/Greek history and their mythology in school and when I see wings I always associate it with Pegasus….. Ok, that was probably more information than you ever needed to know about me and why I love wing necklaces! More about the actual necklace: It is a Silver Angel Wing Long Chain Pendant by ZaraTaylor, a jewelry maker on Etsy (who I will be doing an interview with and posting soon!).  It comes with no clasp as it is long enough to go over your head, which I prefer! It just makes it easier when you’re getting dressed! Perfect for any boho or rocker outfit!

1940s + Suede + Pumps = Vintage Treasure.  That would be the best word to describe these leather soled Vintage 1940s Pumps in buttery soft chocolate brown suede from RococoVintage. An absolute Treasure.  The seller describes them better than I can! Here’s what she says: This classic pair of pumps from the 1940s are just breathtaking — they are some of the most perfect shoes from this era that I have ever seen! In a deliciously rich shade of chocolate brown, these shoes will provide the finishing touch to a whole variety of outfits, while the metal taps on the heels will create the most satisfyingly audible sound as you walk and dance! Absolutely wonderful, and in just shy of pristine condition! This beautiful designer shoes were made over 60 years ago and are in phenomenal condition — they are truly a treasure and very rare!!

So, I had to go Handmade on this belt.  I was looking for something super specific because I knew I wanted a bow belt to tie together an adorable outfit perfect for work or a classy night out.  This Soft Leather Bow by ManoBello fit that bill.  It’s simple, easy and versatile.  It’s not to “kidish” and won’t make your perfectly pink ensemble match your 5 year old niece’s favorite dress! And it’s not so obnoxious that it takes away from the outfit.  It’s just right.

This Freshwater Pearl Necklace by VirginiaGeigerJewels is labeled as a “Wedding Necklace,” BUT I think they can be worn with either your new “Pretty in Pink” outfit or any one of your fun, girly ensembles.  I appreciate the spaces between the pearls, giving it a lighter, more romantic appearance rather than the heavy or bulky look that sometimes full pearl necklaces can have.  And the small gold leaf just adds to the charm of the handmade necklace.  Here’s what the seller says: This lovely golden flower pendant is wire wrapped off center with large freshwater pearls and is completed with a delicate gold fill chain. Also available is silver!

Weekend Wardrobe…

I was walking out the other day with my fiance when it dawned on me; I haven’t done a “Weekend Wardrobe” post in a while!  Here I am all dolled up (which honestly is a very rare thing!) and I wasn’t even going to do a photo session with one of my fave outfits!  For shame! So, I quickly made my fiance take some snapshots before heading out to the movies.  Here’s what I sported this weekend:



Top: Free People
Coat: Free People
Slip: Free People
Boots: Born
Jewelry: Vintage

I know!! So much FP! I used to work there for about a year and a half, so forgive me if I tend to sport FP!

Weekend Wardrobe Goes Downtown

I have to tell you, this “Weekend Wardrobe Post”  is by far my favorite!  My boyfriend and I went downtown and I had so much fun taking pictures of all the old buildings, store fronts and the Intracoastal Waterway.  I noticed things I never did before just because I was looking for interesting things to snap.  Rustic signs hanging on crumbling brick facades, century old bars and historical markings.  Not to mention the antique stores and the colossal spanish style mansions.  I could walk for hours just looking at those circa 1800 houses.  It’s like walking through a Jane Austen novel, except you’re in the US and not among rolling hills! And through my mini treasure hunt, I found time to take pictures (well, my boyfriend did!) of my outfit.  Hard when all I wanted to do was get an ice tea and sit for hours reading “Angel of Darkness” in an old bookstore.  But, seeing as I was out and about I relished in the opportunity to make a post out of my downtown adventure! Check it out:

Top: Urban Outfitters
Bottom: Free People Denim
Shoes: Pair of old Boat Shoes
Bag: Vintage
Jewelry: Combo Vintage and Modern

Weekend Wardrobe

It’s that time of the week again!  The time where I can get dressed up and go out for a night on the town and hopefully pop out a new outfit I haven’t tried before! I mean, isn’t that what we all love about the weekends?  Hanging out with your love and friends over drinks and good food, all gussied up looking stylish and confident, talking about your week and sharing laughs.  Finally breaking free of your work week, of all your required garb and schedules and being yourself with people you love being around.  It’s almost like a therapeutic regime that is essential to your weekend happiness.  Actually, just your happiness in general.  You have two days to play.  What are you going to do with them? Me, I’m going out. And I’m going out in this:

What am I wearing you ask?  Well, let me tell you!  The polkdot grey tunic that I am wearing (which by the way I love period because it has what ladies? POLKADOTS!) I picked up from Francesca’s for only $30 (which is amazing to me).  I’m sorry, but I just have to say that I love Francesca’s! Such amazing and stylish clothing with the added bonus of affordable prices! Anywho, I also love this top because it is super light and airy which makes it ridiculously comfy.  It feels like you’re not even wearing anything! And for someone like me who doesn’t like to wear things that are to tight, this dress is perfect.  It has a nice cut to it so even though it is drapey on your body it doesn’t make you look heavy. The other added bonus to this fabulous dress/tunic? POCKETS!!!  How do you not love something with pockets?

That awesome jacket you saw? It’s an upcycled vintage men’s jacket tailored for the ladies.  It’s actually an old Perry Ellis jacket I believe and the back flap was inserted and bordered with striped fabric by hand.  This is probably my favorite piece! I am totally in love with it and during the fall I pair it with anything I can.  I also adore the mismatched vintage buttons in the front and the inside pocket that I can so conveniently put my cell phone!  Since I hate carrying a purse half the time, these inside pockets defiantly come in handy!

Another favorite piece of mine? My awesome vintage Fedora that I picked up at some random vintage hole in the wall. I actually think it is a man’s hat, but I don’t care, it’s stupid cute and it fits my head! Correction, it fits if I wear my hair how it is pictured, otherwise it falls off my head! My boyfriend is constantly stealing it from me and tells all my friends it’s his! Always trying to take the glory!

Weekend Wardrobe

So, this past weekend my boyfriend and I ventured out for one of our “date nights.” You know that fun night where you and your partner do the simple things that you used to do when you first started dating; a.k.a dinner and a movie.  I will never tire of this! Probably because of the fact I obviously like to eat, but also because I adore going to the movies! Something about their ability to bring you into another world and for a couple of hours you don’t have any worries and you are free to enjoy chocolatey treats, over buttered popcorn and a nice cold beverage. Simple and absolutely delightful. And besides the prospective joy of getting a belly full of good food and watching a flick on the silver screen, what also gets me excited is the chance to get dressed up! I don’t get that opportunity on a daily basis so when the chance comes, I jump at it! I don’t get crazy with it and get my nails and hair done or anything, but I do dig through my wardrobe endlessly to find the perfect casual, yet cute date night outfit. Keep in mind I live at the beach so I’m not going to be breaking out any Marc Jacobs accessories or stiletto shoes, but some vintage accessories and gladiator sandals fit the occasion just right! Let me know what you think!

I am in love with this outfit and I can’t wait to wear it again! It was a no mess, comfy ensemble which kept me thinking about the fun night and not about readjusting myself! The skirt is probably my favorite element (not to mention I have never worn it before, so I may be a little biast) and is from a cute little boutique called Francesca’s Collections.  I was obsessed the minute I saw it!  Totally reminded me of something Julia Roberts would have worn in “Pretty Woman” and I love the fact that it is high waisted (I got it a size bigger so it would droop a bit). Another selling point, besides being super soft, was that it came with a belt.  How awesome is that? No having to shop around for a perfect belt to fit! A no brainer purchase.  The soft cotton tank is from Free People, where I worked, and I swear I have it in three colors.  I love the racer back effect and I wear them with everything! That bright orange halter thing you see under my shirt is actually a bra and is probably the single best apparel purchase in my life!  From Free People, these halter bras are the solution to all wardrobe woes and even if they do show, who cares! They are so adorable and unbelievably comfortable! And who wants to wear a bra in the summer, not I!

If you read my other Weekend Wardrobe post, you would know that my jewels are like my children.  I love them and cherish them, no matter what price point and if I ever lost them I would be utterly crushed.  Dramatic I know, but to me  it would be similar to a painter losing his paints. Heartbreaking.  Most of my jewelry is vintage or handmade, so you see where in lies the dilemma I would encounter! So, what I am wearing?  The silver ring with the blue dots is just something small my mom purchased me from Lucky Brand.  I love it because of its wide face and intricate designs engraved in the silver.  Both bracelets are vintage and perhaps my favorite in my small jewelry collection.  The first, the large silver one with the turquoise stones, was a purchase that I made from an old hippie at a street fair raising money for Aids research.  She was selling all of her jewelry and I wish I could have purchased more, but they were a bit out of my student money range and this was the only one that I could afford.  That and she gave me a bit of a discount since I interviewed her for a piece I was doing in my journalism class.  Hers was an amazing story of being a hippie during the 70s and if I can find it I will post it for you!  The next bracelet is actually a hand me down from my mom and is an authentic handmade Native American bracelet that her dad gave her when she was a little girl.  Having Indian roots I cherish this bracelet and knowing that it connects me to my mom I hold it close to my heart.  Maybe I’ll be able to pass it on to my daughter one day.  The last piece, the silver turquoise ring, was a gift from my step dad and has more sentimental value than anything.  This is probably the one thing that he has bought me that has said to me that he looked at who I was as a person and purchased a gift with that in mind.  Pretty cool, huh?

My boyfriend gets so upset with me when I take this vintage 70s bag with me on date night!  The reason being that I can’t fit any snacks or drinks into it to sneak into the theater! My bad! Sorry I pick fashion over function! I mean, how cute is this vintage bag from Urban Outfitters? I love its worn look and the simple diamond pattern. And for only 10 bucks, how would you be able to say no?  The scarf too is from Urban and the fact that I can wear it on a cool summer night is always a plus.  Lightweight and adorned with a lovely plaid blue pattern this scarf is a perfect substitution to a long necklace and defiantly helped pull my entire outfit together.  Who said because its summer you can’t wear a scarf!
Normally I am one to just throw on my old tattered hemp Rainbow sandals or some Havaianas and be on my way.  But, in this special case, I threw those sandals aside and reverted to some more stylish ones.  These brown gladiator sandals from Steve Madden were actually a purchase by my mom (Go Mom!) and matched perfectly with my ensemble! I have to admit that I was worried they would hurt my feet, but to my amazement I ended a late night with not an ache or sore!  That is perhaps the best feeling a gal can have!  New shoes that don’t have to be broken in and that don’t needed to be padded up with expensive soles! Jackpot!
My boyfriend showing off his inner fashionista! Got to love him!

A Saturday Night Outfit

Let me just start by saying that I am no model and no photographer!  Only proven by the fact that when my boyfriend went to take these silly pics, we realized that our camera was dead and so we had to rely on his trusty dusty Droid to take pictures with!  But, considering that the pics of me were taken with a cell phone, I say the actual quality of them came out fairly well.  With that said, I’ve always seen some of my favorite blogs post their fun vintage or vintage-inspired outfits, so I thought that I would try it myself!  Seeing as I NEVER get ready, I though Saturday night was perfect for this endeavor since my boyfriend and I were heading out for drinks, food, and MINI GOLF!  Yes, Mini Golf!  (Try it!  Totally makes you feel like a kid again!)  Also,  if you happen to be around Wilmington and its beaches, you need to Google ‘Ocean Grill and Tiki Bar’ and set your GPS to GO! Amazing food and drinks and the best part about this restaurant is that it has a pier in the back with a colorful Tiki Bar where you can sit, drink, and exit right onto the beach.  How awesome is that?

Now, before this becomes a diary entry about my Saturday night, let me get back to the original point! My  outfit! Take a look and tell me what you think!

::Chuckling with sarcasm:: I’m sure you’re asking yourself right now, “What is she wearing!? It’s so amazing!”  To which I would have to reply, “Why, thank you!  I do my only my best!”  Oh what it is to live in such an enchanting dream! But, to cure those of curiosity who have made it this far, I will tell you.  The outfit itself is really super simple.  The tunic is actually from a J. Crew Outlet store in the Tanger Outlets, which my Mom luckily took me to when visiting!  I got it for only $21.50!  Crazy sale!  The woven thick belt is from an Urban Outfitters in NYC I got about 5yrs ago…not quite vintage yet!  The shoes, my favorite Docksiders! An essential for the beach! My sunglasses are from a little surf shop/restaurant where I live called ‘The Surf House,’ which is another one you need to look up if you are ever in the area! Delicious sandwiches and a great variety of brews! Oh yeah, and being the sweet toothed lady I am, I have to also say that if you love cupcakes and cake, the this would be a good place to order them!

Back to my sunglasses though! Aren’t they awesome? They are a brand called ‘Raen‘ and besides their unique styles, their quality lenses are perfect for keeping harsh rays out of your eyes while your reading on the beach. (I might have to do a post about them!) Now, my jewels, my jewels are my life.  That is, I would probably cry if I lost a couple of them!  The silver Navajo bracelet is a heirloom that my grandfather gave to my mom and my mom then gave to me.  My mom’s side of the family has Native American in it, I’m fairly certain Cherokee, and while on a reservation, my Grandfather picked this up for my mom.  Now, want to hear a cool story?  My great great (maybe great) grandmother was a Cherokee Indian and apparently fell madly in love with a white man.  This of course would be forbidden within the tribe, but it wouldn’t be a crime if kept secret.  The problem came when she got pregnant.  This would obviously not have been tolerated and as a result, she was banned and cast out from her tribe.  Brutal, huh?  But all was not lost as her and her lover stayed together, married and started there own family.  Eventually, I would come along.  And that’s why the bracelet is so important to me.  I know it’s not hers, but it is a symbol of her and my lineage.  And I like to think that I have some of her in me.

Back to the jewels! I’m sorry! I just get going sometimes!  The turquoise ring was a gift from my Stepdad and has crazy sentimental value.  The Amber bracelet I purchased when I worked at Free People and its a handmade bracelet with a massive chunk of Amber.  I’m totally in love with it. The hemp bracelet is just a little handmade thing that I never take off and I purchased at a street fair when I lived in NYC.  The necklace, I don’t remember what it is, but it’s another Free People purchase! This is what happens when you work at a retail store! You end up buying most of your wardrobe from them!

So, how’d you like my first official attempt at a “What I Wore” post?  I know it was lengthy and filled with unprofessional pics, but hey, it was me and that’s how I do things!  Wonder what I’ll come up with next!

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