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In such a time of economic uncertainty comes the overwhelming need for re-invention. That is, one must find a way to express ones self and take on the burden of independent creation. In lamens terms – you must adapt to survive by creating for the masses something new and exciting which will be sought in high demand and thus spoil you with riches OR in the very least, help you pay you rent.  The latter is what my endeavors usually lean more towards! BUT, with this talk about re-invention and discovery, comes my main purpose with sharing my voice with you today.  That purpose would be an advantageous and imaginative Vanessa of Crafturday.
Re-purposing and creating jewelry since college, Vanessa has taken her craft in a new direction combining her love of vintage aesthetic with modern details such as fringe and studs. While this may sound familiar to you, Vanessa’s jewelry, unlike many other retailers, is not crafted for the usual limbs such as your ear, finger or neck, but for a more unlikely culprit – your arm.  Yep, that’s right, your soon to be tanned bicep is getting a makeover.  And why not? You accessorize every other part of your body! And Vanessa’s fringed armlets are the PERFECT summer accessory.  How stellar would you look sporting your crop top and high waisted cut off vintage Levi’s with one of Crafturday’s studded fringed armlets?  Or perhaps strutting on the sand with your new ruffle top bikini with a dyed fringe armlet? I mean, who wouldn’t shoot you a look and ask you where you got that fabulous piece of jewelry on your arm? I know I would!
I know I have you interested now or at least curious enough to keep scrolling down to view some of Vanessa’s creations and my interview with her! Enjoy!


When did you get the idea for Crafturday?
I came up with the idea for Crafturday while in college at UC Santa Barbara. My favorite days were always the ones spent making things with my hands. In the beautiful and always sunny Santa Barbara, I’d spend hours outside on the lawn with my friends letting my creativity run wild. My boyfriend and I dubbed my Saturdays spent crafting as “Crafturday”.

How long have you been making jewelry?
I’ve been making jewelry since junior year of college. It started out as something just for fun, and then by senior year I was doing consignment at a local boutique. I love taking trendy elements and twisting it into something new. It makes it unique, different, and have a one-of-a-kind feel.

How did you come to the idea of armlets?
I’ve always felt that armlets are very bold and powerful looking. They draw attention to a woman in a good way when wearing a tank top!

What materials inspire you the most?
Right now I’m feeling fringe. I love using recycled materials as well—old chains, stones and shells. I really am getting into dying as well. It’s been so fun thus far mixing different colors together and dip-dying the ends of the fringe for an ombre look.

Do you have a “creative process” or do you prefer to just begin creating and see what your project turns into?
I usually start with a basic idea, but it often transforms. I think it’s important to set a couple hours aside to just create and try out a bunch of different concepts.

What do you want your jewelry to say to your customers?
I want it to say above all FUN, whimsical, and light-hearted. I’ve never been a believer in fashion being super serious. The best part about fashion, to me, is the creative and handmade aspects involved. I love figuring out different ways to pair accessories and knowing that an individual made it with their own hands is a huge plus.

Who do you see wearing your armlets?
These armlets are best for girls who are fashion-forward and fearless! They are also a great look for festivals because they’re bold and bright. Look for me at Sasquatch at the end of May!

 Where do you see Crafturday going as a company?
I would like it to evolve. Armlets are a style I’m digging right now, but in the future I’d like to incorporate different materials and expand my accessories line to jewelry as well.



All the Colors of the Rainbow…

Call it intuition, call it dumb luck, whatever it is, I have stumbled upon a recycled fashion trend for your summer in the sun!  The ever psychedelic TIE-DYE.  I bet you didn’t expect that one!  Truthfully, I was wearing a tie dye t-shirt when I came to this conclusion, but hey, I’d like to think that I came up with it all my own! Not only is Tie-Dye by nature unrestricted and free, but it’s just plain fun! With so many possibilities of color combinations and designs, no one Tie-Dye  item is the same. Check out the goodies I found:


Duct Tape Rose Ring- Tiedye (Blue)

Duct Tape
Rose Ring

What the Seller Says:

This listing is for a tie dye print duct tape rose ring on an adjustable band! This is one of my favorite rings, mainly because every one will turn out different! I love the way it looks and it is also super comfortable!
Ring measures a little over an inch.
Perfect for small gifts or just for fun!
Feel free to message me with any questions or business inquiries 🙂

Grateful Dead Steal Your Face Tie-Dye Earrings
Greatful Dead
Tie-Dye Earrings

What the Seller Says:

Handmade Grateful Dead pick earrings.

Fabric Bangle Set-Blue Green Tie-dye

Fabric Bangle Set
Blue Green Tie-dye

What the Seller Says:

Fabric jewelry is everywhere this season. Get the look with this set of 5 fabric wrapped bangles that can be worn together, mixed with other bangles or individually.
Created from vintage t-shirt shreds and thin metal bangles.
The bangles are 2 1/2 inches (6.5 cm) across.


Fabric Rosette Headband - Purple, Tyedye Purple and Blue and Lime Green

Fabric Tie-Dye
Rosette Headband

     What the Seller Says:

This simple fabric rosette headband has a black cloth band and three charming rolled rosettes that are made from reclaimed cotton in purple, tyedyed purple and blue and lime green and have a felt backing. This item is one of a kind, OOAK.
Easy to wear and great for day or night.
This headband is perfect size for kids, teens and adults.

Tiedye Blue Green and Orange Feather Headband

Tiedye Feather

What the Seller Says:

please include the measurement of your head in the comment so i can make sure it fits, it slips on to sit on the head

Tie-Dye Scarf Necklace

Tie-Dye Scarf

What the Seller Says:

This great addition to any wardrobe is a tie-dyed braided scarf necklace. It can be paired with a cute tank or a long sleeve in the winter to add a little wow to a cold day! It has a 14 inch opening and is 32 inches in circumference.


Unique IPad case

Unique Ipod

What the Seller Says:

Protect your iPad with an original and urban cover. You’ll feel better knowing you carry securely your new gadget everywhere with you either in backpack, messenger bag, briefcase and ideal when you are not using it.

This is a modern iPad sleeve with a black water tank print hand screen printed. The sleeve is made of pale tie-dye style bleached denim. The transformation of the fabric is handmade by us so each piece is unique. It also has a piping detail all around and it closes with a tab and velcro.

The cream lining is a soft material that protects the iPad from scratches and makes easy handling. The poly foam padding is adequate to protect the device from modest drops and bumps.

Vintage Tie-Dye Iphone Case

Tie-Dye Iphone Case

What the Seller Says:

Designed and printed in my home studio. Each design features my own photography or graphic designs…

Each iPhone case is embellished with my original designs one at a time using a unique printing technique that allows me to permanently instill an image into a thin aluminum insert on the back of the molded plastic case. The insert is heated to over 400 degrees, cooled, and then permanently adhered to the phone case. The result is a vibrant, permanent imprint.

This custom made snap-on case is designed to fit all of the iPhone 4 and 4S models. With ample openings for all the buttons and the camera lens, this lightweight case is the perfect phone accessory – instantly customizing any iPhone with color and style.

All of my cases are available with BLACK, WHITE, or CLEAR sides. Unless you ask for one of these specific colors in your order, the default BLACK. So if you want one of the other options just leave a note in the “message to seller” section.

My products are shipped from my Massachusetts studio within 3 to 5 business days and sent via first class mail, so it’s at your door fast! I am also happy to ship international!

high waist dip DYED denim

High Waist Dip
Dyed Vintage Shorts

What the Seller Says:

From a new collection of vintage cut offs, i have hand bleached/dyed/distressed/studded.

these are a vintage pair of high waist Guess jeans. i dip bleached them, then dyed them yellow , leaving a a green top half and yellow lower.. distressing through out and finished with gold studded detail on rear pocket and hip. pre-washed and ready to wear!

Label Mermaid Soup
waist 27″
hip 36″
inseam 1 1/2″
rise 12″

One Dress, Two Dress

Usually when I find the base inspiration for my vintage outfit creations I know exactly what I want to do with them.  But, when I stumbled across this amazing 1950/60’s wiggle dress I was completely stumped. One side of my brain was screaming PUNK! while the other CLASSY! This dress is so versatile (as you will come to find out!) and to state it plainly, presents to many styling options! Which is great when you think about it.  Buy one dress, get multiple outfits! So, going with that, I decided not to torture myself any longer and do both Punk and Classy.  And, as you can see, I had so much fun! Check out what I came up with:

(What would you do with this dress?)

I am absolutely in LOVE with this 50’s/60’s Vintage Peach Cocktail Dress from RococoVintage!  It’s so amazingly unusual!  Clean, simple lines with an adorable cap sleeve in front and then in back, a dramatic plunging back with dramatic waterfall ruffles. This dress will elicit stares of lust and longing wherever you tread! Perfect for upscale cocktail parties, for weddings, for romantic (and sultry) evenings out, or for any other especially special event. Unique, daring, and truly darling all at once!

I am ALWAYS on the search for a pair of good Roper Boots.  Especially ones that are actually in my size! Which, is extremely hard.  There are plenty of 9’s, 10’s, even 8’s, but when it comes to 7/7.5 FORGET IT! It’s like finding a needle in a haystack! HOWEVER, last night I got lucky when I stumbled on these 7 1/2 Classic Vintage Black Roper Boots from GrannysBootery (Love that shop name!). It’s the small things that make my heart flutter! These no fuss, straight up plain old roper boots are what I consider a “wardrobe essential.” Tim Gunn would probably argue with me, but these would be my staple and I would wear them with EVERYTHING. In great condition, you’re search (or mine if you’re not quick!) is over if you’re on the look for one of these beauties!

Favorite feature on this Vintage Elastic Belt from LarkVintage? The butterfly clasp! It’s so adorable and unique. Usually when I am looking for belts on Etsy, especially black ones, I get a lot of studded leather belts or woven belts, which I love, but I was looking for a belt that was different and not indicative of the accessories I usually feature with outfits.  And that’s exactly what I thought when I saw this vintage beauty. It’s charming, eclectic and actually puts a smile on your face when you see it.  It could go punk or classy and you don’t have to worry about it wearing down because it is elastic! Now that I think about it, I have a friend who LOVES butterflies and she would be head over heels over this!

Besides my love of owls, antique keys and Polaroids, I adore long chain necklaces with wing pendants.  I know, it sounds odd and I can’t explain, I just know I love it.  Although, now that I think about it, it might have something to do with the fact that I loved studying Ancient Roman/Greek history and their mythology in school and when I see wings I always associate it with Pegasus….. Ok, that was probably more information than you ever needed to know about me and why I love wing necklaces! More about the actual necklace: It is a Silver Angel Wing Long Chain Pendant by ZaraTaylor, a jewelry maker on Etsy (who I will be doing an interview with and posting soon!).  It comes with no clasp as it is long enough to go over your head, which I prefer! It just makes it easier when you’re getting dressed! Perfect for any boho or rocker outfit!

1940s + Suede + Pumps = Vintage Treasure.  That would be the best word to describe these leather soled Vintage 1940s Pumps in buttery soft chocolate brown suede from RococoVintage. An absolute Treasure.  The seller describes them better than I can! Here’s what she says: This classic pair of pumps from the 1940s are just breathtaking — they are some of the most perfect shoes from this era that I have ever seen! In a deliciously rich shade of chocolate brown, these shoes will provide the finishing touch to a whole variety of outfits, while the metal taps on the heels will create the most satisfyingly audible sound as you walk and dance! Absolutely wonderful, and in just shy of pristine condition! This beautiful designer shoes were made over 60 years ago and are in phenomenal condition — they are truly a treasure and very rare!!

So, I had to go Handmade on this belt.  I was looking for something super specific because I knew I wanted a bow belt to tie together an adorable outfit perfect for work or a classy night out.  This Soft Leather Bow by ManoBello fit that bill.  It’s simple, easy and versatile.  It’s not to “kidish” and won’t make your perfectly pink ensemble match your 5 year old niece’s favorite dress! And it’s not so obnoxious that it takes away from the outfit.  It’s just right.

This Freshwater Pearl Necklace by VirginiaGeigerJewels is labeled as a “Wedding Necklace,” BUT I think they can be worn with either your new “Pretty in Pink” outfit or any one of your fun, girly ensembles.  I appreciate the spaces between the pearls, giving it a lighter, more romantic appearance rather than the heavy or bulky look that sometimes full pearl necklaces can have.  And the small gold leaf just adds to the charm of the handmade necklace.  Here’s what the seller says: This lovely golden flower pendant is wire wrapped off center with large freshwater pearls and is completed with a delicate gold fill chain. Also available is silver!

A Beautiful Lark..

From the small town of  Providence, Rhode Island rises the uber-talented shop of  LarkinandLarkin.  A shop based within the earth, its visceral elements of stone, wood and metallics take their wearer back to simpler times.  A time when you hunted off the land, cooked over fires and built your home by hand. Or, even sooner still, back to a time before the 80’s when free love and free speech weren’t just coined words and the free spirit embellished their bodies with unique and natural jewels.  LarkinandLarkin defines the individual, bringing to them handmade jewelry produced from eco-conscious materials.  Its collection is what jewelry to me should be; uncomplicated, understated and simple.  There isn’t much you will see on this makers jewels that is not necessary, which is extremely refreshing.  To often have have I seen accessories that are over embellished and as a result just become an ugly mess of tangled silver and gold.  The statement of the piece is lost and more than likely, if purchased, will not be worn the following year.  But, with LarkinandLarkin, that is not the case.  Every piece is made to perfection, with just the right amount of detail; creating jewelry you will wear and pass on. LarkinandLarkin includes in its constantly updated shop a variety of rings, necklaces, hair pieces and earrings, all of which are one-of-a-kind and speak to its buyer.  Their mission statement, “I make this stuff because I love you and I want you to look good.” What more could you ask from a jewelry shop? Check out only a few pieces from her collections:

A Sparkling Delight…

Not to long ago I was fortunate enough to stumble across an eclectic jewelry shop on Etsy called Sparkling Lotus Design.  This vintage/vintage inspired shop tugged immediately at my heart strings as I scrolled through its categories; Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings, some vintage, some not, but all with a Native American, Art Deco feel to them.  And all with stone elements from turquoise to lapis to agate with most embedded in aged sterling silver.  Absolutely delicious.  Just looking at S.L.D’s beautiful jewelry was almost to much as I wanted to purchase everything from the shop and then insist on wearing all of it at once! Could you imagine how much of a mess that would be!  But, this was enough to get me interested in the shop and to make it a weekly, if not a every other day, occasion to stop by and check out the merchandise.  What I discovered was that this particular shop is not the shop that will carry a ton of pieces, but the ones that it does carry are unique, stunning, and flawless in their aged perfection.  Usually these pieces do not last a long time in store as I never see too many of the same items twice, so you have to act fast if you really like something!  But, with reasonable prices the decision isn’t tough and more times than not you will be clicking that “Add to Cart” button!

So what is this store all about, you’re asking?  Why, besides the fact that they carry some of the most amazing Vintage Native American Jewelry I’ve seen at stellar prices, should you stop by?  Easy.  Because it is owed by a genuine, warm heated, caring soul who is not only invested in her store, but lives and breathes her passion.  Not only does express herself through the wear of her own personal vintage jewelry, but inspired by it she designs and crafts her own jewels.  Seen as an artistic expression, she aims to create (and sell!) pieces that connect her customers to their inner selves and hopes to inspire individuals in their daily lives. What better shop to visit than one who’s owner is someone that wants to help inspire and who truly believes and stands by her products quality and preservation?

And to prove just how generous and delightful this shop owner is I will just have to show you.  As you are aware, if you have to been reading my blog for a bit, I feature many Etsy and Ebay shops when creating fun vintage outfits or in posts about my favorite shops.  So, I happened to use SLD in two posts, one as a featured piece in an outfit and the other in a favorite vintage shop feature.  In these posts I used a certain piece of jewelry twice as I just loved it so much and I thought it was simply beautiful.  Now, I never ask for compensation if I just happen to use your shop or product without being asked and I never assume that I will ever get anything but a “Thanks” in return for doing so.  So, you can imagine my utter surprise (and giddy delight) when I received an email not only thanking me for the feature of her store, which I was grateful for, but stating that in appreciation of doing so that she would be sending me the piece of jewelry that I had featured twice! I mean how amazing and generous is that!? I was totally taken by surprise when she told me that! How amazing is that?  No more validation needed!  Check out my gift:

A Collection of Vintage Superstars

I think the title totally says it with this one and needs no detailed explanation!  I put together, in my opinion, a pretty solid and may I say, KICK ASS collection of superb vintage shops!  These are some of my absolute favorites, all for a very specific reason: they stay true to themselves.  Not only that, but they all stick to what they are good at; which you will come to understand as you read what I love individually about each one.  So, enough of this chatter!  Get to digging! I think you are going to find some keepers in this batch of “my favorite” sellers!

I adore this super sweet vintage Ebay store! My favorite thing about them?  Amazingly hand-picked adorable dresses; one better than the next!  The definition of fun, outlined in bright colors and boldly underlined with a Boho pen!   You can definitely understand who these sellers are just by looking through all their picks.  Now, I never usually do this, but I love the way they describe their store and thought I should share it with you: At When Decades Collide, we are two sisters that are head over heels in love with EVERYTHING vintage!!! We hand-select pieces we adore from sources all across Southern California. We are smitten with everything from the beachy boho glam of the 60’s to the minimalist muted 90’s. I’ll be surprised if you haven’t already clicked on their banner!

Never in short supply of anything cute and vintage, The Kissing Tree Vintage is another Ebay favorite of mine!  Founded in 2010 KTV seems to have established a definite and permanent spot in the Vintage world with a wide range of items from the 50s-90s.  I really adore the fact that this shop has continued to surprise me with top quality vintage picks and, as mentioned, has never let its store be empty and ALWAYS has a multitude of vintage for the buyer to choose from.  Things they love : Florals. Polka Dots. High waisted skirts. Lace. Knee-high socks. Sequins. Party dresses. Rompers. More florals. Jumpsuits. Stripes. Prints. If you love any of that, then this might be the shop for you!

Santoki Vintage, an Austin based Etsy store, is one of my ABSOLUTE go-to stores for amazing vintage footwear!  Carrying some of the best vintage footwear from sandals to boots I’ve seen, this store has became a fast favorite of mine.  Their taste in vintage shoes is flawless without a doubt, but the condition of the shoes is what really makes then stand out.  Providing you with pictures of every angle, Santoki puts their customer’s minds to rest.  What you see is what you get! They are also constantly adding new items all the time and for someone like me who is always on the lookout that is definitely a plus.  They also carry some superb vintage clothing which may not come in such an abundance as their footwear, but nonetheless still are noteworthy.  Check them out before you run around crazy looking for a perfect shoe!

Jewelry Designs by Mona Abraham, an Etsy shop, is a very recent find of mine.  Actually, I can’t even take credit for finding it as the shop owner was the one to contact me via Facebook about it! And how happy I am that she did! I adore the whimsical and effortless nature of her handmade jewelry, many of which are crafted with vintage pieces.  I can just picture her romantic and dreamy beaded necklaces  being worn around the necks of women during the 20s and 30s; as they hold such an aged and mature value within their beaded and charmed chains.  Her art form and the way in which she so carefully constructs each individual piece is really just beautiful, ethereal even.  You can really see the love that she puts into her handmade gems and I’m sure that as a buyer, I would feel more than happy with a purchase from Mona Abraham.

If you are in the market for a stunning and unique vintage bag then look no further than Dandelion Daydreamer!  This Etsy shop, based out of France, holds a plethora of amazing vintage leather bags.  It’s enough to make your knees weak and heart skip like it did the first time you kissed a boy! Yes, it’s that good.  Run by an Irish chikadee who hand selects all of her beautiful vintage, Dandelion’s selection of bags ranges from your handy dandy hand bag to your business satchel to your travel luggage; which no doubt screams to be used for travels outside of your home country!  Honestly, if you asked me, I wouldn’t know which one to buy as all of their beautiful, stretched and worn leather seem to all scream at me! Dramatic, I know.  But, this is my weakness.  A good leather bag.  And while the bags, to me, are my favorite part about this shop, mind you that Dandelion does carry a fine selection of vintage dresses.  But, unfortunately, the bags tend to block this out and I find myself salivating over my computer at them! Check it out and you’ll see what I mean!

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