Your Summer Maxi!

There is always a constant that clutches at the hems of the fashion industry; rejuvenating itself time and time again refusing to be stuffed into a Manhattan Mini Storage Box to be forgotten forever.  The latest culprit in my book? The Maxi dress. A style that has ceased to find its way to the pearly gates of fashion heaven and since the 70s has remained on the runways in some shape or form.  You may or may not agree with me, but you have to acknowledge the fact that this fashion trend is in desperate need of a makeover….

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Stripes Are The New Black!

So, I was poking around Facebook a few weeks ago and came across a post from one of my fashion buddies that I found to be rather interesting.  Apparently, and I totally missed the boat on this one, VERTICAL stripes are in! NOT horizontal, VERTICAL. Who would’ve guessed it, right? I was not prepared for that one at all.  Of course I remained a bit skeptical as I hadn’t yet seen any evidence to support this fashion prediction, BUT the MINUTE I went shopping I was attacked by stripe fever! They were everywhere! How I didn’t know about this before, I have no idea.  Maybe it is because I’m not really a stripes person.  But, fashion is fashion and it is my job to keep you not only informed, but to find fabulous vintage pieces for the fashion present.  Kudos to you, Cara Bloom of Me So Savvy for bringing this style to my attention!


70s Multicolor
Highwaisted Skirt

What the Seller Says:

What an interesting skirt! So fun and full of life – we couldn’t help but pair it will all black. A white tee in the summer would also be superb!

Features Red yellow blue colors, Midlength, Clasp waist, Veritical stripes. Tag says Size 6. Fits like S/M
100% Poly. Requires a slip 🙂

60s Striped
Mod Mini

What the Seller Says:

Adorable vertical stripe vintage dress. Super comfortable and light weight. Features: Two front pockets, two side belt loops at the waist, and front/ sleeve button closures. Has the original ILGWU tag still attached.

*Brand: Suburban Corner
*Approximate size: Small
*Great condition
*Color: multi colored

Vintage Striped
B&W Blazer

What the Seller Says:

Vintage 80’s black and white vertical striped blazer. The blazer is double breasted with four buttons in the front. It also has two pocket in the front. The sleeves are long and tailored to be cuffed. The fabric has a linen texture and the jacket has shoulder pads that can easily be removed if desired. The jacket is in good vintage condition.



Vintage Beige
Striped Skirt

What the Seller Says:

Dead stock vintage high-waisted, beneath the knee length skirt. A very flattering design. Vertical stripes in biege, blue and gray. It has front pockets.
Zip and button closure on the side A unique, sophisticated, 70´s flavoured look. Size M.

Vintage Multicolor
Striped Blouse

What the Seller Says:

Dead stock vintage multicolour striped blouse. It has a cute mao collar. A colorful, girly and versatile garment that can give a unique touch to any look!
Brand: Reyna. Made in Spain
It is made of a combination of polyester and cotton.
Fits as either a large or a medium, depending on how you would like the garment to fit.
Please check the measures. Sizes are for guidance.

60s Vertical
Striped Dress

What the Seller Says:

Super cute a line dress with multi-color vertical stripes.

Size: best fits size S/M (ask about measurments)
Material: polyaster
Condition: perfect!


Vintage Navy
Striped Sweater

What the Seller Says:

A super cozy navy and white striped sweater with red embroidery on the front.
Brand: LizSport
Listed Size: L
* Please note vintage sizes offer differ from today. Always check measurements for the best fit.
Length: 27 in
Sleeve length: 25 in
Waist: 20 in

Vintage Striped
Silk Tank

What the Seller Says:

100% silk sleeveless blouse

*Tag size: Medium
*Approximate size: Extra Small / Small / Medium
*100% Silk
*Good vintage condition

60s Mod Navy
Striped Mini

What the Seller Says:

Vintage 60s sleeveless navy blue and white space age mod shift dress with all over circle texture, white stripe across the shoulders and down the center front, and a zipper down the back to close. In excellent vintage condition. Shown belted in first photo.

Will best fit a size LARGE
No size marked

No tag
Feels like 100% polyester

Styles to Covet: Southwestern Prints

Lately as I’ve been scouring all my favorite online vintage shops I have been seeing a ton of vintage clothing from the 70s/80s with Southwestern/Navajo influence.  It’s not unlikely that one or two shops may have a few items of this style, but from what I have been seeing EVERY one of my favorite shops has pieces with southwestern patterns.  Maybe it’s just coincidence.  Maybe there is some southwestern vintage god that has an overflow of 70s cardigans and jackets and has just poured them into these shops to get rid of them! Or maybe, this style is making its way back. Sure, we had a definite glimpse of it last season, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. If my vintage shops are telling me anything, it’s that this Fall/Winter is going to produce a heavy flow of Southwestern/Navajo/Tribal inspired clothing and accessories.  But, hey, I could be wrong!  It could definitely have been just by chance which wouldn’t be totally unfeasible. Either way, I ADORE this style!! I love the prints, the colors, the flare, the vintage aesthetic and the way in which the style itself evokes a feeling of being close to mother nature.  And I fear that one day if my obsession continues I will only own this one style! Hopefully my fiance will help me come to me senses! Until then, though, I will remain engrossed! Check out some of these genuine Southwestern styles from the 70s I found!  Tell me you don’t love it!

Definition of Class: The Vintage Parasol

(Below the ramble are some amazing vintage pics!)

There are many accessories that I adore from past eras: Hair Combs, Hats and Jewelry.  But, there is one accessory that I think epitomizes class and elegance in the 19th and early 20th century.  It’s elegant, stately and on a bright, sunny day conveniently functional.  What is this vintage accessory that I find so intriguing? It is none other that the Parasol.  A vintage version of our modern Umbrella.  I know, it doesn’t sound very exciting, but I am telling you, it breathes sophistication and on a day when you desperately want to keep your skin from crisping, you’ll be happy that you brought it along.

I realize that the day has passed where it was thought acceptable and normal to carry with you this frilly accessory; that it has had its century of being in the forefront of fashion. But, being a lover of all things vintage, I can’t help but wonder how exciting it would be for the Parasol to once again become a staple.  Imagine all the possibilities that would come with dressing your Parasol to your outfit.  This day in age you would be privy to an infinite number of prints, fabrics and colors that could either match your paisley purple top to your paisley purple Parasol or even allow you to get a bit creative and accessorize with a bright orange Parasol to match with your all white outfit.  Going to a benefit or in need of a more pristine and proper Parasol? No worries, purchase one that is decorated with delicate French Lace; silky, pale and light.  Even better, vintage lace.  One that has had the wear of time and that would enhance your already elegant gown.  I can just imagine how many “oohhs” and “aahhs” you would receive when you enter the room!

Generally speaking, it is apparent that if the Parasol ever did make a comeback I envision it would appear within the English upperclass.  I say this only because the English seem to be the only culture which still abides by such things as afternoon tea and whose upper crust still holds fast to the proprieties of over a century ago.  Gloves are still required at social outings and hats still provide an outwardly account of your success.  I imagine that carrying a Parasol to match with your camel colored Yves Saint Lauren dress suit with crisp cotton gloves would be in line with certain expectations. It’s sort of glamorous, really, when you think about it.  To have the ability to get all gussied up and go out in public with century old fashions and still be in line with everyday fashion.  How terribly exciting! For the English, it must be an experience to know how to enter into the public properly and sip your tea in the must demure of manners all whilst being fashionably vintage modern!  I’m romanticizing this I know!  I think I’m in love with the prospect of the Parasol! 

Check out how Men and Women in the 19th and 20th Centuries sported the Parasol:

2011 Accessory Trends Go Vintage!

Every fashionista knows that her outfit is not complete unless she finishes it off with some killer accessories! Of course for us vintage lovers that holds even truer as we love to adorn ourselves in as much unique accessories as we possibly can. This only adds to the character of the overall outfit. So, since I dedicated a whole post to vintage “modern” fashion yesterday, which I hope you had a chance to read 🙂 , I thought it only fitting to find some fashion forward vintage accessories to go with our trendy outfits. Check it out!

I am so excited about this trend; the Cat Eye!  Its so glamorous and just oozes 50s Movie Star! And I totally feel like one when I wear them!  Especially if I was sporting those uber fashionable and sheek Prada glasses on the left! Gorgeous! But, even better than that are these vintage glasses I found on Etsy that are just as fabulous and impactful! The ones on the top right hand side were a no brainer when I spotted them!  These vintage 70s Helena Rubenstein sunglasses at VintageTreasureShop are delicious! I love the golden white rims with the white accent on the “cat eye”.  The best thing about them? They are new old stock! Meaning that they have never been worn and are in perfect vintage condition! Designer glasses for only $78? Check please! Next come a pair of bright red vintage 80s cat eye with floral rim print at GPNexxus (BTW this store has a TON of specs!). So adorable! I love the little flowers on the edge! Completely adds a different character to the specs! These also are from new old stock and are selling for only $27! And it must be my lucky day because the last pair, a fabulous vintage 80s geometric cat eye from Kokorokoko, are also in like new condition with stickers still on the lens! I love the exaggerated 50s cat eye frame on this pair on sunglasses and of course get a kick out of the bold pattern.  I think that a modern day Jackie O would sport this! And for only $26 I would too!  Check out my friends little work up she did on Cat Eye’s!

I don’t know if I could ever really jive with this new fascination with “Belt Purses,” or as I like to call them, Fanny Packs, but I guess when it comes to fashion, you can never say never.  As I have been shopping around in this cyber mall, I find myself slowly warming up to this new summer trend.  I mean, who doesn’t think that the Jaeger London bright yellow belt purse (left) isn’t cute? So, checking out some vintage Etsy stores I happened to stumble on a couple of FANNY PACKS (level with me fashion world, this is what they are) that might help change my mind (and won’t cost me an arm and a leg!).  Take for instance the first bag on top.  It is a beautiful vintage hand tooled leather fanny pack (Loucella) which would make any leather lover faint.  A beautiful example of high quality craftsmanship this pack It comes with an adjustable belt strap and is selling for $45.  Next speaks out to the hippie in us all! A vintage 80s leather patchwork pack from SnootieSeconds that reminds of some jeans I used to have a few years back!  So, I guess this one was just a funny connection, but I still think its awesome!  I love the fact that it is made up of a soft leather and if I happened to fall of my bike with it on it probably wouldn’t hurt it to much! Plus, I love bags that have a mix of brown colored patches! I automatically flock towards them. Only $34!

Yes ladies, clogs are back and better than ever! There was a time not to long ago that these wooden cloppers were back, but unfortunately were not available in the most stylish of forms! Fortunately that is not the case anymore as you see from the fit for a Queen clogs from Chanel (left).  And it’s just not designers who have these delectable clogs, but vintage sellers are also carrying some fine examples! I love the first pair of clogs (top right)! These vintage 70s wooden leather platforms from PineAppleMint are to die for! They are in beautiful condition and I love the black detail rimming the wooden platform! So cute! I also adore Old Age’s Vintage 70s suede wooden clogs (bottom). I know clogs usually have a covered front, but hey we don’t have to stick to specifics here! These are in mint condition and are running for only $64.

Usually when I buy cuff bracelets or really any sort of jewelry I always try and find vintage pieces right off the bat.  Reason being that if I’m going to spend $20, then I would rather spend it on something that has lasted already for 20yrs and has character than on a piece of metal coated in paint that will likely chip off within a few wears.  Now, if I were to purchase the colorful Marc Jacobs’ bracelet (top right) then I would be assured that quality wouldn’t be an issue, just the $80 price point! So, as usual I went searching for a few vintage ones and here are a few I found! The first being the oh so shiny vintage silver cuff from WillowsSecretGarden.  I love the tribal print on the face of the bracelet and also how the cuff has a unique hourglass shape to it.  In amazing condition this cuff is a steal at $18! If you’re like Madonna and like to layer your bracelets (which I totally do!) then you’re going to love the BanginBangles wooden & lucite collection of vintage bangles.  A cool combination of different textures, the colors mesh perfectly with each other and would definitely look awesome with your summer Maxi Dresses! Last, but not least, is a vintage 60s root beer plastic bangle from AtlasFalcon.  So, I love Amber and the color of this bracelet reminds me of that fact and it’s hard for me not to want it! The swirl in the plastic is totally unique and drew my attention right away! Only $35!

2011 Summer Trends Go Vintage!

2011 is bringing to the fashion world some sensational summer trends! Overflowing with bright neon colors, floral prints, and whimsical sheer fabrics there lies a style for every fashionista.  With the welcome back of the 60s and 70s, modern hippies can enjoy again wide leg bell bottoms, sheer Maxi Dresses, and sexy lace crochet tops.  Born with a little punk in you, not a problem as this season includes inspirations from the biker grunge generation.  My favorite of which is the biker jacket with its zippered sleeves, its tightly pulled smooth black leather and the occasional silver studs outlining its sharp lines. Delicious!  But, with this season waving all these delectable looks in our faces is it possible for us vintage connoisseurs to adapt our eco-friendly wardrobe to reflect summer trends?  Ummm…YES! It  may take a bit of searching, but let me tell you I found some amazing vintage that won’t stretch your wallet! And with this year’s fashion so engrained in former decades it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be!  Take a look at some vintage that could walk hand in hand with year’s runway creations and look just as amazing!

I’m sure you can easily guess what this trend is!  This is what the fashion world is calling “Biker Chic,” a collaboration which consists of key elements such as the leather moto jacket, pant, and boot to form one fierce outfit.  Take this sheek quilted leather jacket from Burberry with its zippered sleeves and cinched waist; gorgeous, yes, but would run you a pretty penny.  A perfect option?  How about this vintage 80s black quilted leather jacket from TigerlilyFrocks?  Does it not define the moto style to a T? With enough zippers to start your own personal collection combined with the quilted shoulders and belted waist, I’d say Burberry stole their inspiration directly from this moto jacket!  It doesn’t stop there though, those sizzling hot black leather pants from Burberry you see there, love them, but lets get serious, at this point in time in my life not possible!  My vintage option? How about these 80s black high waist (yummy!) leather moto pants at American Archive? I love their sleek, straight leg look and I’m sure the soft leather would be comfortable enough to carry you through your long day (or night!). And talk about some killer biker boots to top it of with!  I LOVE these vintage black leather boots from RebelBelleVintage!  So amazing with their eagle adorned studded boot strap! Would you not think that I owned a Harley and hung out with all the Bikers from your local watering hole? The best part about them? Their only $46! Need I say more?

Hello my beautiful high waisted, wide-legged bell bottoms and irresistible dainty lace crochet tops! How I love you and how I am sure your vintage devotees have missed you!  But yearn for no longer my faux 70s children (and even the real ones) these favored items are back!  (Mom: Aren’t you mad you threw those bell bottoms out now? I told you they would come back!) And back with a vengeance they are as they are being sported by top designers such as the Mother of the smartly patterned beauties on the left, Chloe.  But, before you swoon to hard over these ( I know, it’s difficult) rest your eyes on its vintage equivalent.  A fabulous pair of 70s METALLIC high waisted bell bottoms that would be sure to make any co-worker in your office jealous! From IndieCultVintage, these pants, with their subtle hints of blue shining out from soft gold fabric, make for a perfect marriage between day and night. Wear them with a blousy top or a slimmer top tucked in with colorful belt! Speaking of tops, how great does that vintage cream shag blouse from Spanish Moss look with with our 70s pants! Sublime! I love the fact that this top is so intricate in its weaving with the delicate crochet.  It comes off strong and so versatile! You could wear it with some leather moto pants to mix it up!

The Maxi Dress.  Next to bell bottoms, one of my favorite past trends. They’re simple, beautiful and versatile.  You can sport them at the beach with some flip flops or glam them up with some chunky platforms and slim belt.  Either way they look great (and on your “I feel bloated” days, make for good mid section coverup)!   This year, however, Maxi’s have been taken to another level that I haven’t yet seen on retail racks in the past.  The style this year: Sheer, sheer, and what’s that? Oh yeah, sheer.  Expect to be seeing Maxi’s like the one on the left rustling back and forth as they swoosh by you on the sidewalk any day now.  Want one? Check out this exquisite vintage 70s sheer lace maxi from RockPaperVintage.  Affordable at only $25 (It’s on Ebay, so it will probably go up a little), this scalloped beauty screams summer perfection.  I absolutely adore this dainty, yet sexy dress and I love the 20s inspired drop waist.  Why buy new when you can have the real thing at a fraction of the cost?

You know what’s funny about this grunge inspired fishtail fashion trend?  That I was literally just yesterday looking through my favorite vintage sellers, lusting after these same styled vintage dresses.  I mean, how more on point could vintage fashion be?  Here comes summer and boom my vintage shops are magically selling the same styles as TopShop (on left), Dennis Basso and Alessandro Dell’Acqua! Awesome! Generally hitting between mini/midi length to midi/maxi length, fishtail dresses are an unique way to add a playful, edgier look to the everyday. And  staying within the 2011 trends, I found a couple of lovely vintage options! The first is a fun 90s floral printed fishtail dress from BustownModern.  With a button up front, side pockets and bright floral prints (2011 trend statement) you’ll be looking sharp in platforms for only $26 (on Ebay, bid fast!)! That striped beauty you see (stripes are also a trend this year!) is a vintage 80s fishtail delight from TinRoofVintage (a fav. shop of mine!)  Wear it with a belt to cinch the waist or let it go free, this deep pocketed dress is perfect for a hot summer day!

Ok, I have never worn a jumpsuit before; probably because the ones I’ve seen have been tight denim or military inspired and that’s just not my cup of tea.  But, from what I’ve been seeing on the runway and in stores, this years jumpsuit is completely different! From a more tailored sophisticated look to a free flowing hippie inspired ensemble, there is a suit for everyone this season!  And like the fishtail trend, jumpsuits are in no short supply when it comes to vintage.  Take this vintage 70s sheer jumpsuit from IndieCultVintage, a dainty, soft wide leg stunner with a bit of a sexier edge.  You’ll stay nice and cool during summer in this fully laced head turner! Pop in some chunky turquoise jewelry and you’ll be good to go!  Love bright colors? How “in” will you be when you’re strutting around town in Hipster’sPlaygroundVintage’s burgundy 80s wide leg playsuit I love the bright color of this suit and the adorable buttons down the front! At a “Buy it Now” price of only $88 why wouldn’t you jump at the chance to own a piece of fashion history!

An Ode to Vintage Lace

Since I’ve been finding myself obsessed with vintage lace lately, I thought it would be nice to dig up some vintage photos in its honor! Enjoy!

A Psychadelic Trip

A lover of those trippy, psychedelic eras of the 60’s and 70’s? Then you are going to LOVE this sexy little concoction that I’ve cooked up courtesy of some out of sight vintage sellers!  So it’s not a problem if you didn’t get to experience it personally since you’ll experience it via Vintage! Enjoy!

I am in LOVE with this Vintage 70’s Cream Mini Dress from ThriftWares! A true hippie dress, this flashback to the past is covered in delicate scalloped crochet and is made of soft acrylic knit.  And not only do I love this feature, but those gorgeous bell sleeves just make me love this sexy sheer dress even more! Selling on Ebay for $112, this amazing find is going in 3 days!! Put your bid in quick before I snatch it up!!

So I’m sure you can guess the brand of these amazing black velvet platforms! Jeffrey Campbell!! Only one of my favorite shoe designers! I swear I can’t get enough of JC and no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to search for any other shoe but Jeffrey! These particular ones I found at NastyGal, a top carrier of this brand and one of my go to sites for unique shoes.  I love the way these JC’s look with the delicate lace of the tent dress; the way the toughness of the leather soled wooden platform works with the sweetness of the sheer fabric. So sexy and fun! Reasonably priced at $162 they also come in multiple colors and I’m sure would look awesome with any outfit you put together!

How adorable is this Janis Joplin inspired floppy hat Beautifully crafted out of felted wool and featuring a knotted tassel on the side, this wide-brimmed wonder can’t help but invoke your deepest adoration. Selling on ModCloth for only $24.99, this fashionable piece is super affordable and easily accessorized!

I am a fanatic about turquoise jewelry which makes me gaga for this Native American Vintage Glass Necklace on Etsy at ChicDeuxChic.  So gorgeous and cheap!  I am in love with its flawless design and timeless quality! And who would think you could have a piece of the 70’s for only $25.00!

A new favorite find of mine, I am obsessed with ThriftWares, an Ebay based Vintage store.  Maintaining since 2004 that they “offer the finest selection on the face of the earth for fashion forward vintage clothing,” I would have to say that after combing through their vast selection, that I would have to agree!  Thriftwares offers some of the most delicate, beautiful, and unique clothing that I have seen and I am so excited to see what they find next!

was founded in 2006!  Nasty Gal offers a wide selection of the most desirable and coveted vintage clothing and accessories available online, as well as unique new designer pieces. A bit more on the edgier side, but I love it!  Nasty Gal Vintage also sells new vintage inspired clothing and accessories.  Check out their About Us for more info on this Cali based seller!

Modcloth was founded by high school sweethearts, Eric Koger and Susan Gregg Koger, and built on a foundation of love for vintage and retro clothing!  A great go to for anything you need, ModCloth provides vintage inspired clothing and accessories too.  But if you want to shop their vintage, you have to be quick about it and get it early in the day b/c it goes super fast!  It’s totally worth it if you catch it!

is an Etsy based shop that has been selling vintage jewelry since 2007.  Dedicated to helping save the Earth by providing customers with recycled vintage, ChicDeuxChic, picks up its vintage on its road trips around the states!

A Floral Obsession!

If you’re like me and you love clothing that is unique, fun, and speaks to your personality, then you’re going to want to check out HayRitaVintage!  A fairly new Etsy based store, HayRita began to come of age when its shop owner, a vintage lover since she could remember, found herself in Salsburg, NC shopping in an old general store only to discover some Vintage Betty Barclay dresses at her disposal! She snatched them up quick and as soon as her fingers touched the smooth delicate fabric she was hooked! As much as she loved vintage before, it was at that moment that she decided that she not only had to have it for herself, but that she wanted to sell it. To supply the masses with top quality vintage  at good cost and to help individuals fit their styles with a bit of vintage flair.  From there, it was all just a matter of going through that painstaking process of FINDING those perfect items.  But for her, this was part of the fun of it all, the discovery, the challenge.  I quote, “I realized how much fun it was to scout around estate sales and church yard sales for those impeccable pieces instead of having other people do all the searching for me.” Commendable I must say.  And in my opinion, unless your store is a coorporate company, the owners should be the ones hunkering down the responsibility of finding the product.  That is what makes vintage different. Vintage is not something that can be ordered in extreme bulk like a Gap or an Old Navy.  It cannot be labeled like mainstream American Eagle and Abercrombie and Fitch. No, it must stand on its own.  It must make the individual know that it is truly unique and by that person purchasing it that they become a part of fashion history and that part of the fashion movement that begs to break free of the monotonous style of the “brand name” clothing.  It is self expression.   Which is the exact reason why the shop owner should do the scavenging. Her store, her style, her name. Hats off to you HayRita!

Besides her will to find all of her own vintage clothing for her shop, the seller has also geared her store to uphold strong costumer service values.  Which, lets face it, in the retail industry there is nothing more important.  HayRita strives to provide her customers with unique 1930-1980’s vintage and hopes to add a bit of boldness to everyday life.  Not new to the business of customer service, HayRita has all the confidence that her shoppers will experience “prompt replies to clothing inquiries, amazing vintage finds and friendly conversation.” And I can tell you that I believe HayRita is a viable and honest vintage shop and I would, with all the confidence in the world, spend my hard earned cash on her spunky vintage.  As funny as it sounds, it was hearing her story of how her store’s name came to be that charmed me into wanting to bring my wallet out just to buy something! Apparently it was her crazy cat that helped inspire her to name her store HayRita.  Being that she always found herself yelling at her cat, Rita, to steer clear of the racks of vintage clothes as she measured and labeled her finds, she found it only appropriate to name her store after her cautious screams , “Hay Rita!!” Oh, well, of course it could have been the fact that she adores Rita Hayworth, but I find the cat story much more interesting and just plain funny!

Check out the cute outfit I made from HayRita’s floral shift dress and clipons! I love it!

ADORABLE 1960’s floral shift dress on Etsy at HayRitaVintage! I adore this dress! The pattern is so sweet and innocent and it reminds me of a warm spring day! Classy and elegant you could wear this to a formal luncheon with some pearls or for a walk in a park with your dog.  A piece of history for only $45!

Yummy butterscotch woven belt on Etsy at SkinnyandBernie! In beautiful condition, this vintage belt is made of thick soft and supple woven butterscotch yellow leather and is accented by a sturdy squared off gold tone metal buckle. Be original for only $24!

Radiant red ceramic rose CLIPONS on Etsy at HayRitaVintage!  Finally! Cute vintage clipons!! I swear I’ve been looking for them and haven’t been able to find any! And if you are in search of them check out HayRitaVintage!! These are one of my fav from her store! Match perfectly with the color and theme of dress! Feel cute for only $15!

A gorgeous vintage celluloid yellow rose in full bloom on a bobby pin on Etsy at lucylemonstand! Obviously by now you have realized that I have a secret obsession with flowers and this one is icing on the cake! And who doesn’t love a fashionable clip? A permanent rose for $8.50!

Comfortable 1970’s salmon slip-ons on Etsy at pistolpoppy! These vintage espadrilles are in great condition, size 8, and perfect for that upcoming warm weather! New wedges for only $22!

Lucylemonstand: Referring to herself as an “old magpie that lives in the trees collecting shiny things,” this Etsy seller’s specialty are her bright and colorful jewels! She strives for excellent customer service and as such constantly is updating her store! Keep checking in for her updates!

SkinnyandBernie: A Pennsylvania based Etsy store, this seller specializes in both Women’s and Men’s Vintage clothing and accessories! While this store does carry clothing, I would have to say that its strongest suit are its accessories.  This would be a great shop if  you’re in the mood to shop for belts and bags!

Pistolpoppy: An cute Etsy store that accommodates Women’s Vintage clothing and accessories! Everyone will be sure to find a piece in this store with its beautifully tailored pieces from the 40’s and 50’s  and it’s boho love from the 60’s and 70’s!

*Don’t forget to check out HayRitaVintage!!

Time to Spring!

It’s snowing outside and all I can think about is Spring!  Yes, Spring! Spring and its dandelions, its warm breezy days, and its…Spring Dresses! And not just any spring dress, but a truly unique vintage dress!  I just love that aroma that radiates from an aged dress, almost as if it was pressed inside of an old library book and left to ripen;  blending perfectly with natures smells and that warm feeling that immediately overtakes you as you take that first step into a sunny Spring day. So, as per the usual, I have searched to find the perfect dress for that occasion. The result: BrownBagVintage, a cute Etsy shop that offers its shoppers everything vintage from tops to accessories! Beginning its journey in Los Angeles, shop owner Michelle Delgado, has been an Etsy seller since 2008! Following her heart to Brooklyn, she currently resides in Brooklyn, where she  now conducts her business. When Michelle isn’t digging for her newest vintage finds, she is actually working for Etsy on their support team in Dumbo. And as she says, “…I’m very much looking forward to helping folks with all their thises and thats!”  Awesome!  Now, the hardest part about Delgado’s cute store, choosing just ONE  dress for my spring fantasy! But luckily I narrowed it down and found one in particular that I think that you will also fall in love with! Check it out!

White Dress: The winner of my Spring dress search! This sweet eyelet sundress is one of Etsy seller’s, Brownbagvintage, cutest! A fully lined cotton dress, this 1980’s spring dress is going for only $38 and is in excellent condition! Better be quick to scoop it up or else I will!

Other dresses I can’t resist from this seller:

Braided Belt: Courtesy of Ruche clothing, this braided belt is perfect for everything in your wardrobe! Wear it with your jeans or an oversized tee, you can wear it high and low! Going for only $14.99, where is the resistance?!

Tan Wedges: These adorable 1970’s wedges are a steal at $42! Featured on LaVintage, these wooden clompers are in superb condition with only minor scrapes! I am in love with the weaved look with the buckle closure! So cute!

Colorful Headbands: Who says headbands are not an essential accessory! They’re easy, fun, and serve a purpose in the prevention of flyaways! These 1980’s headbands are selling for only $4.99 on Modcloth and are in PERFECT condition seeing as they were found in a warehouse! Perfect for mix and matching!

Plastic Bangles: It must be fate that I found these while searching on Etsy! They match exactly with the headbands! Wear one or wear them all these lucite 1960’s bangles are selling for $19.99 on Etsy at AnnPrimRose!

Ruche Clothing: Check out my review of this shop on my post “Vintage Inspired

LaVintage is a vintage lovers gem!  A true pearl!  It specializes in everything from clothing to accessories from the 1940′s to 1990′s! Constantly updated there are always great new Vintage pieces, all in mint condition!  A vintage paradise!

Modcloth was founded by high school sweethearts, Eric Koger and Susan Gregg Koger, and built on a foundation of love for vintage and retro clothing!  A great go to for anything you need, ModCloth provides vintage inspired clothing and accessories too.  But if you want to shop their vintage, you have to be quick about it and get it early in the day b/c it goes super fast!  It’s totally worth it if you catch it!

AnnPrimRose: I can’t say it better than the shop, so…”Ann Primrose has it’s roots at a place and time that were arguably the pinnacle of American jewelry making, New England in the 1960‘s and 70’s. Established in 2010, we specialize in buying out inventories of vintage jewelry and manufacturing close outs. In a time where most fashion jewelry is outsourced and when unique designs are hard to find, The Ann Primrose Collection is unmatched in quality. We provide authentic vintage jewelry that is a part of American history and culture including bangles, bracelets, brooches, earrings, necklaces, and jewelry supplies.”

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