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I have been reading A LOT about sun protection lately and honestly, I find myself more lost now than ever. Apparently,  it’s not as easy to keep your skin protected as I thought it was.  In the past, my mom would just go to the drug store, grab the first thing that said the word “Sunscreen” on it and hope that it had at least an hour of water resistance! So, naturally, this is how I went about shopping for myself as an adult. I mean, sunscreen is sunscreen, right…..

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Wish I Could Have Seen…

The Golden Age of Broadway

Styles to Covet: Southwestern Prints

Lately as I’ve been scouring all my favorite online vintage shops I have been seeing a ton of vintage clothing from the 70s/80s with Southwestern/Navajo influence.  It’s not unlikely that one or two shops may have a few items of this style, but from what I have been seeing EVERY one of my favorite shops has pieces with southwestern patterns.  Maybe it’s just coincidence.  Maybe there is some southwestern vintage god that has an overflow of 70s cardigans and jackets and has just poured them into these shops to get rid of them! Or maybe, this style is making its way back. Sure, we had a definite glimpse of it last season, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. If my vintage shops are telling me anything, it’s that this Fall/Winter is going to produce a heavy flow of Southwestern/Navajo/Tribal inspired clothing and accessories.  But, hey, I could be wrong!  It could definitely have been just by chance which wouldn’t be totally unfeasible. Either way, I ADORE this style!! I love the prints, the colors, the flare, the vintage aesthetic and the way in which the style itself evokes a feeling of being close to mother nature.  And I fear that one day if my obsession continues I will only own this one style! Hopefully my fiance will help me come to me senses! Until then, though, I will remain engrossed! Check out some of these genuine Southwestern styles from the 70s I found!  Tell me you don’t love it!

Vintage Storage for Your Modern Jewels..

I was looking through one of the million bridal magazines (I know, more bridal stuff!) that I am rapidly collecting the other day and came upon a unique ring idea that I thought was very fitting for my (or your!) vintage wedding.  Now, usually I don’t read to many of the articles in these magazines because I tend to just get entirely to overwhelmed with ideas and end up confusing myself.  I sort of only buy the magazines for the pictures! Is that bad of me? Anyway, I happened to glance over a particular article discussing ring bearer ideas and my eye was caught by a pair of antique ring boxes.  Interest was definitely peaked, so naturally I began to investigate.   And I was stoked with the information that the writer was giving me!  Her uber-creative idea for a vintage wedding was to put the wedding rings in antique/vintage ring boxes and have the ring bearer carry these down the aisle to the bride and groom.  Even cuter was the idea to put these ring boxes on a piece of crumbling brick or rustic wood to complete the vintage look.  I thought that this was such a creative twist on the traditional ring on the pillow get up and very fitting for my personal style.  Truthfully, my wedding isn’t exactly conventional by any means and it’s fun to put my mark on even the smallest of things!  So, with this in mind I am on the search for some one-of-a-kind ring boxes!!  Check out some of the ones I’ve already found! (And ladies these shouldn’t just be used for weddings!  Stuff your own fabulous jewelry in them!!)

What caught my eye about this little trinket is the beautiful raised cabbage rose against the white hinged lid.  Not to mention the delicate raised scrolls that line the silver metal box.  So romantic and lovely.  An award winning combination that oozes vintage and immediately captures the imagination. Perfect for storing wedding rings in!  Or any of your favorite rings!  Vintage Ring box is from the 70s and supplied by MikasTreasures.

A true gem. This Antique Blue Velvet (yes, velvet!) Ring Box dates to the early 1900’s where it used to hold a very special ring. Talk about a dream!  Imagine housing your jewelry (or wedding rings!) in a piece of history where over a hundred years ago it was used to profess one’s love for another.  ::Sigh:: Yes, I know, super mushy.  But, besides the history, just look at it.  Deep blue velvet,  satin interior and a dainty Mother of Pearl open/close button.  How can you not fall in love with it! (From VintageBroad)

I love how this Vintage Silver Ring Box from AntiqueCombray has a turn of the century feel to it, but is modernized by the addition of a brown gemstone top.  From the 80s, it appeals to that antique/vintage enthusiast who likes their collectibles with a punch of eclecticism. I know I do.  And while it’s easier to put a twist on clothing, sometimes it becomes a bit more challenging when doing it with accessories.  But, fortunately with this punkster ring box, no work need be done! Just enjoy!

If you love anything having to do with the 60s, then you will be enamored with this Vintage Ornate Ring Box from SellOriginals.  My favorite thing about besides it antique hue and intricate floral design?  The heart.  It adds a whimsical character to the already personable box.  Not to mention the delicate dotted outline which makes your eye draw immediately to the box.  I also think the legs are adorable and definitely unusual!  It reminds me of antique bathtubs with the clawed legs!  Another fun fact? This box is lined in old red felt. Very fitting, don’t you think?

Unique.  That is probably the best word to describe this Wooden Jewelry Box from WillowontheWater.  Artfully crafted from two different pieces of wood, this ring box was made in the 1970s and has a smooth, glossy finish.  I love that it looks like a treasure box, considering that you are putting your own “treasure” in it.  So cute!  Perfect gift for the friend who loves a more modern approach to vintage!

Another amazing gem kept alive and well from the 1930s.  This Antique Mosaic Ring Box from HappyMoonDesigns was handmade in Italy.  Which, judging by the intricate mosaic design, you could have guessed on your own!  It was the mosaics that drew me to this one-of-a-kind box. I’ve never seen anything like this before and coming from someone who owns a ton of jewelry (and jewelry boxes) that says a lot!  It may be that work like this just isn’t done anymore or just the fact that it may only be done in Italy.  Whatever the reason, this box is a unique find and if I were you, I’d pick it up real quick!

Wish I Could Have Seen…

100 Years of Hair

In celebration of my new haircut, which I shall unveil soon, I thought it would be fun to look back at the last 100 years of haircuts.  I thoroughly enjoyed taking a step back in time to the early 1900s to see what styles were and how they are influencing us even today.  It’s funny how styles really never go away, but instead hibernate until someone has the courage to revive them in a new and uniquely distinct way.  But, I guess that’s what fun about fashion! Enjoy!!

Is That A Feather In Your Hair?

Recently, I did a post about a fabulous shop, LarkinandLarkin, which features amazing stone jewelry.  But, aside from their unique jewels they also carried fun feather hair accessories which I just fell in love with.  And ever since then I’ve been seeing people and even some of my friends sporting them in their locks.  I don’t know if I just never noticed it before or perhaps it’s becoming more of a trend now, but I’m completely obsessed with them now! They are so whimsical and elaborate in their arrangements, evoking the boho, hippie feel of the 60s and 70s. Some are big and fluffy, which looks awesome in shorter hair, and some long and skinny, which is great for longer hair.  All in different colors; some a medley of the rainbow and others a mix of earthy tones. Whatever they look like they all do the same thing; add some serious ‘tude to your ‘do! Here are some fun ones I found on Etsy (and I totally just realized they were all browns and yellows! Whoops!):

I am love with this feather extension from FloozeesDoozees! The earthy colors are perfectly matched together and I love that all the feathers are different sizes to create one long extension.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I like long feathers, but I just think these multiple short feathers are clumped together very creatively and are so adorable! Plus, the kitty charm just adds to the allure of this extension and secretly my favorite part about it.

I know I usually say my own two cents about the items I find, but LadyPancake defiantly describes her Long Feather Hair Extension better than I ever could! Here’s what she has to say: “Fun to wear without the commitment of salon extensions, this feather clip extension is…piled with three layers of natural feathers and attached I to real leather…This is a lightweight and comfortable to wear clip in feather extension. All my feathers are hand wrapped in silver wire and finished with painted wooden bead accents. The leather is then attached to an easy to place clip. The main colors are naturalized yellow, brown, and black.”

I’m so sad I just cut my hair short because I would buy this lovely Ginger Hair Extension from xVelvetx! These long natural feathers with their intertwining reds and browns would have looked so fierce in my dark brown hair! (By the way, if you have red hair, this extension will really pop on you.) I guess I’ll just have to wait until my hair back out!

I love the dotted feathers on this easy clipin feather extension from EMarieDesigns3.  I feel like I should clip them into my tresses and frolick through the woods with Bambie! Over dramatic, I know, but they are very “I am one with Nature” are they not?  I love that primal, free quality about them. (And I love that I could go climb a tree and it wouldn’t fall out!) What the seller has to say:  “..a lovely extension made up of three strands, each comprising of a gold & black spotted guinea feather, a gold turkey feather, and brown and black accenting feathers. Each suede strand is finished with coordinating beads.” Lovely.

Mystic is used to describe this long feather extension by seller FancyThatAccessories and I would have to agree.  The colors are so bright and vibrant, yet subdued by the help of the white feathers which creates a bit of mystery.  Plus, I love that these feathers are not long and skinny but puffy with their ends frayed out; almost as if someone had taken a brush to them.  It gives them a unique quality; screaming for adventure and begging to be worn in unkempt locks. To wear these you would have to be a girl ready and unafraid for any challenges that may come her way.  Up for it?

If you are ever inside and feel the need to gaze at a sunset, all you would have to do is stare at this bright orange hair extension by FlourishSalon and you will feel sufficed.   Does it not remind you of the sun in the movie poster from “Empire of the Sun?!”  I love it! Such a vibrant and powerful color! You would have to be a super confident gal to wear this extension! Fun for a night out on the town this would look great either pinned up or swimming free in your loose frocks. Would match perfectly with that dark pallet of eyeshadow from Mac you’ve been dying to wear! And yes, a mini dress would be appropriate with this, preferably worn with boots.

If you’re looking to apply your craftiness to creating your own feather hair extensions, then check out these awesome kits from TreasureImports that will help you do just that. Coming in a variety of colors to choose from, each kit comes with multiple feathers, crimping beads, application wires and a set of instructions.  You can also choose from sets depending on your hair length as TreaureImports provides not only long extensions, but short and medium as well! Yay for me since I just chopped all my hair off! You can also order party packs which come with 70 feathers, 20 beads and 20 wires.  Perfect for parties or a fun get together! (I would totally do this when for a late night of Sex and the City and Wine with my girls! How much fun would that be!) Also, if you’re more of a visual person as far as instructions go (which I am!), check out the video below I found to help you piece together your feather hair extension! Super informative!

A D.I.Y Wedding

Last weekend I was delighted to be included as a bridesmaid in my friend’s wedding.  After a year of planning and stress, family and friend’s watched as she wed her best friend of a decade.  It was absolutely beautiful.  And not only in the romantic, sweet, and tearful way in which the couple delivered their vows, but beautiful also because bride, groom, and families’ hands marked the walls, tables, food, maids/men with unique and personable D.I.Y accessories.  There was no Wedding Planner, no Florist, and no Designer to decorate.  And besides those sometimes necessary helpers such as the caterer, DJ, and bartender everything was reminiscent of the Bride and Groom.  Even their photographer was a close friend and as a wedding present offered her and her husbands services for the wedding.  In this way, as you will see through the photos below, a great deal of love and care was taken in assuring that her wedding was captured to be forever remembered.  Another treasure about this wedding is that the Bride, like myself, is a vintage enthusiast!  She not only picked a vintage inspired dress, but accessorized with some amazing vintage jewels. Check out some of the fun ideas and hard work that went into creating her D.I.Y (and vintage inspired!) wedding!

~The Happy Couple~

~The Dress~

I am in love with my friend’s pick for a wedding dress!  It reminds of wedding dresses from the 40s and I adore the intricate beading on the back and front of the dress.  It’s not super sparkly and over decadent, but it’s just enough to make your eyes pop and go “Wow.”  The day she tried this dress on I told her she looked like the Chrysler building from the back!  A beautiful shape that fit her like a glove, my favorite part was defiantly the ruffled train and the detail on the backside of the dress.  And I love that the front is so unassuming and simple…you wouldn’t even suspect that when she turned around you would get an eye full!

~The Accessories~

My favorite accessory? The vintage starburst earrings! Gorgeous!  They were PERFECT with the dress; defiantly added to the “Chrysler” feel to the dress!  And never mind the missing jewel, she just put a little grey paint in it and you couldn’t even tell.  That’s a vintage lover for you!  Curious where she bought these? If I remember correctly she got these in a vintage store downtown called Flashbax Vintage, a must stop shop that is also available on Etsy.  I am also a fan of the vintage inspired hair comb.  It reminds me of Lily Millicent vintage jewelry and matched perfect with the entire ensemble.
How beautiful are these bouquets? The white is obviously the brides and ours is the yellow (her colors were yellow and grey).  And would you believe that these lovely rose bouquets were not done professionally, but by the Bride, her mom and her friends.  Talk about D.I.Y!  They came out beautiful and I loved my bouquet so much that I took it home and put it in a vase.  They smelled so good! Also, I don’t know if I should give away her little secret, but here’s a little inside about the flowers:  You think that all of those roses would be expensive to purchase seeing that most people would get them from a florist…DON’T!! If there is a Sam’s Club around you, order from there! They carry beautiful flowers and if you are planning on doing the bouquets yourself, you’ll save a lot of cash!

~The Reception~

Those colorful lanterns you see were not put up by some hired decorator, nope they were bought and strung up by the Father of the Bride with son for help.  And it looked simple enough when you saw it, but let me tell you what took hours to put up, took only minutes to take down. What was neat about the hand cabled globes was that her dad had bought these battery operated lights to attach on the inside so when it became dark they glowed.  It was so pretty!  The table?  Of course you had the D.I.Y flowers, but what made it were the vases that the Bride purchased at a thrift store and then spray painted white.  How handy is that? You also had the candles which were bought and filled with white tea lights and the table cloths that had to be steamed, ironed, and laundered before use! Talk about work! 
THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART ABOUT THE WEDDING!  This reads the Bride 100%! What better way to solve the problem of seating assignments than to buy frames at a thrift store, spray paint the glass with chalkboard paint, paint the frame white and then write the table seating on them?! I love it! And I love that they were hanging on the brick wall.  I had a couple of apartments in NY that had an exposed brick wall and I loved it: very old and visceral.  So, now every time I see exposed brick I think of vintage NY and all my fond memories.  ANYWAY!  How cute are those table stands? Once again found by Bride and then handwritten out for each table! Love it!
Who says you have to have some fancy cake topper? I much prefer something like this! A hand painted topper by future husband!  How cute are these wooden impersonators? Totally representative of the two and their unique personalities!  These are something I would keep and treasure forever.  So much care and love went into these and I would so much rather have something that was made by my husband, knowing he took his time painting and making it as perfect as he could, then purchase a topper from a store. Imagine showing your kids these one day!  And that delicious cake that they’re eating? A Red Velvet cake made by a friend!

~The Invitation~

What makes this invitation so special?  That they were handmade by the Father of the Bride!  That’s right! The Bride told her dad what she would like her invitations to look like and her talented Printer of a Dad went to work creating his daughter’s invites and for a SUBSTANTIAL amount less than it would have cost her to order them from a company.  Those cute little bows?  Painstakingly tied and sized by a stressed out Bride!  But they came out great!
*Photos taken by Mr. and Mrs. Dahlquist (except for that last one!)

Vintage Studs and Stripes!

I know that all I have been going on about is how excited I am about summer and all the fabulous vintage that I would love to add to my wardrobe.  BUT, when I thought of this outfit, I just had to travel back into time to that chilly season when I strolled the streets of NYC in black leather and knee highs.  A favorite time of mine, I have to admit.  Even though some days it felt like you were standing in the middle of an ice cube and you couldn’t feel any of your extremities due to the minor frostbite from the bone chilling breeze.  Or, if you were like me and took the subway everywhere, how it seemed always colder on the platform even though you were underground and how from the minute you left your apartment until you arrived back and sat up against your screaming radiator, you were endlessly chilled.  Despite that, I still loved it.  The good things being curling up with a good book and a heavy blanket, a hot Chai Tea Latte from your coffee shop, and lots of good soup! Oh yeah, and that fashionable chance to layer as many clothes as you possibly could and still look awesome! Here’s a winter time dream (add on a scarf and perhaps two pairs of socks!):

I love this Vintage 80s Plaid Dress with the edgier look given by NoirOhio.  Such a great play against the sweet nature of the pleated collar and light pastel colors of the plaid.  I can totally picture this being worn back in the day by the “16 Candles” popular senior girl. I imagine she would of worn white pumps and pearls with Farrah Fawcett styled hair and a cute little brown leather shoulder bag.  And now, here I am wanting to stud it up and wear it with lace up grunge boots!  So funny how one garment, like ourselves, can go through just as many changes in style! Nice to know that I can wear it anyway I want no matter my style mood!

I have died and gone to vintage heaven with the finding of this Vintage Leather Studded Bomber Jacket from Girl On A Vine!  My two loves of leather jackets and studs combined, oh my! It’s almost to much to take on!  I swear to you I would sport this jacket year round no matter how hot it was just to be able to wear such a fabulous jacket.  It would go with everything.  Sweaters and jeans, dresses and even a tight short skirt, it works. Upcycled with the studs, this vintage bomber is in great condition and I can promise you won’t be around for long!

You can never have enough boots and I would create more room in my closet for these Alaredo Lace Up Boots from Metropolis.  I love the old world feel to these modern boots.  They almost feel like they would be at home in a Jane Austen novel or the ever favorite “Little Women.”  My favorite thing about them are the tasseled area under the laces and the way the laces sew up tight the whole way up the boot.  I would wear these leather boots with everything that I possibly could!

I love knee high socks!  Especially with a good pair of boots! And the best thing about them is that they go with everything! Shorts, skirts, dresses, you name it, it works! Ok, maybe not jeans,  but when its cold outside, I actually wear knees high socks under my jeans for warmth.  So, they work! Also, they add to the flow of your outfit!  Check out these Knee High Socks at Modcloth.  Comes in a couple of colors!

Sunglasses: a much needed accessory.  And if you’re going to buy some, why not go vintage?  How about these AWESOME Deadstock Vintage 80s Sunglasses at Stuck On Vintage?  I love the tortoise pattern (my fav!) on the lenses and I also am enamored with the amber colored lenses.  So pretty and unique! And guess what, they are 100% UVB and UVA protected! Hello, beach reading!  FYI SOV has TONS of amazing glasses!

My heart literally stopped when my eyes happened to set their gaze on this Vintage 70s Leather Fringe Hobo Bag from Sisters of the Black Moon!  With its super soft deerskin leather, this raw cut hobo styled bag has a long strap to comfortably set on your shoulder as you traipse around town (looking fabulous, ofcourse!).  I can just see myself walking down the streets of NYC, the bags fringe softly swaying in the warm breeze, passerbys stopping just to ask me where I found such an amazing bag.  ::Sigh:: “To sleep, perchance to dream.”

is a fabulous vintage Ebay store founded in 2005!  This is one of my favorite shops on the net and I am constantly stopping by to see what they have.  Every time I do there are always new products and I always find myself wanting them all!  A bit on the edgier side, this store is perfect for the 80′s/90′s lover or to find something tough to go with that lacey top you have.   And FYI, if you are in the market for anything plaid or a lumberjack-esque button up, then this should be your first stop!

Perhaps the best part of GirlOnAVine, are its Kimonos! Devine!  Sure, they also carry some other vintage not related to a cardigan or coverup, but I have to say that I have never seen such amazing vintage kimonos. All of them are equally beautiful, unique, and delicate as the next.  The taste of the shop owner is flawless and just scanning through what her store has to offer lets you know who she is.  A free spirit; a person who thinks for herself; a non-conformist.  You can see what she represents through the vintage she so carefully chooses and, likewise, what girl her pieces attract.  The strong minded, strong willed, and unafraid.  A passionate soul with an open heart.  A “hippie” by nature.  To purchase a piece from this shop would be a lifetime gift to yourself.  What more could you ask for?

Modcloth was founded by high school sweethearts, Eric Koger and Susan Gregg Koger, and built on a foundation of love for vintage and retro clothing!  A great go to for anything you need, ModCloth provides vintage inspired clothing and accessories too.  But if you want to shop their vintage, you have to be quick about it and get it early in the day b/c it goes super fast!  It’s totally worth it if you catch it!

Sisters of the Black Moon is a recent Ebay find of mine and I am so excited that I happened to stumble across them!  With amazing vintage finds, this store offers its boho clients with some of the best picks I have seen from the 60s and 70s.  Their garments would have been at home at Woodstock, in the streets of old San Fran, or in the gritty Lower East Side of vintage New York.  I love their edgier style and their consistent use of the darker side of the color spectrum.  Filled to the brim with vintage, you will never be short of finding something you can’t live without!

Stuck On Vintage is actually in my shop favorites in Etsy!  Based out of LA, SOV carries a wide variety of both men and women’s vintage.  And while I adore their super cute vintage clothing, perhaps one of my favorite things that they carry are vintage  sunglasses.  They have such a variety of vintage frames varying from the 1960s round “John Lennon’s” to the big, overstated lenses of the 80s.  What’s great too is that these fabulous sunglasses are all sorts of colors and some come with colored lenses! I love it! How original!  You should defiantly stop by SOV when you have a moment to spare!!

Believe it or not when I lived in NY, Metropolis (and Andy’s Cheepee’s) were essential shopping stops for my when I was downtown around St. Marks Place.  I would make any excuse to visit this shop, specializing in vintage shoes and boots, and make a day of it spending my time browsing through its beautiful racks and chatting with their friendly associates.  Not to mention that I would also stop by Pommes Frites for some Belgian Fries and sauces. Yummy! Metro is located in the East Village section of Manhattan, 3rd Avenue and 10th Street and was started in 1984 with selling vintage clothing in flea markets in Soho. New college students and seasoned fashionista’s have turned to Metropolis for their [vintage] fashion needs. As Metropolis approaches it’s 20 year anniversary, Richard [owner] hopes everyone will come and check Metropolis, a staple to the NYC vintage community, for themselves!  

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