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Scouring Facebook as I burned time before work, I happened to stumble onto an ad for a fun, urban clothing company, Tobi.  Curious by nature, I decided to follow the ad to Tobi’s homepage and what I found made me happier than a kid in a candy shop!  Not only are Tobi’s clothing and accessories current and eclectic, but amazingly well priced. With constant sales, a girl can always find a great deal without sacrificing style! And being that trends seem to change overnight, Tobi gives a girl a chance to keep up.  Honestly, who wouldn’t love the chance to refresh their closet with trendy new clothes? I’ll be the first to admit that I would! Which is exactly what I did! Well, virtually that is! Check out some of the fabulous items from Tobi I added to my virtual closet….

 Southwestern Vibe Muscle TankI don’t know what it is about Southwestern prints, but I gravitate towards them like a fish to water! Maybe it’s the Native American in me calling out to the robust tribal prints or it could just be that their unique, eclectic nature adds personality to any plain tee. Which is exactly what this black and white skeletal  image does for this basic muscle tank!  Can’t you see yourself sporting Tobi’s  Southwestern Vibe Muscle Tank with tattered cutoff shorts or skinny jeans complete with black moto boots and feathered hair clips? You know you love it…

 Striped Envy SweaterTrendy or not, oversized sweaters are my thing.  I can’t give it up! It’s the one style that sticks with me through each season.  They’re perfect both in winter when all you want to do is cuddle up with your love and sit by a warm fire or in spring when all you need is a light cover up over your cut-off Levis.  They’re versatile, comfortable and I highly doubt that you don’t have atleast ONE in you wardrobe.  And if you don’t, maybe you should give it a try with Tobi’s Striped Envy Sweater. Light and easy, this stylish sweater with colorful arm stripes can be dressed up with pumps and skinny jeans or even used as a cover up for your new bikini. However you use it, I guarantee your friends will want to know where you got this trendy top from!

 Acid Washed Skinny JeansLet me be the first to say that I am just as surprised as you are that I am posting about acid wash jeans. But, the more I see them store after store, the more I find that they have a certain mysterious appeal. However, it is important to mention that shopping for the perfect acid wash jeans comes with some extremely important rules.  NEVER buy acid wash in any cut but skinny otherwise it will look like you borrowed your mom’s jeans from when she was in high school.  NEVER buy a light acid wash jean unless you want to look like someone from the boondocks.  And lastly, NEVER go vintage when it comes to acid wash. I know, I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to bust your vintage bubble. Adventurous enough to try them? Check out this pair from Tobi.

 Twist to Open DressI am in love with Tobi’s Twist Open Dress in mint! Available also in red and white, this dress appears simple from the front, but flip it over and it is a completely different dress.  Slit down the back and the twisted to the side this dress is not only practical on a hot day, but emits from its unassuming shape a sexy confidence. With open arm holes, this dress pairs perfect with a simple accessory such as a thick bracelet or a single pendant long chain necklace.

Thunderbird NecklaceThe Thunderbird; a symbol of strength, grace and resilience. A perfect charm to adorn your neck as you take on the challenges of the day.  Available in antique silver and gold this lovely pendant will add a little pepper to your sizzling outfit! Check it out here!

tobi5So, I’m thinking there is a reoccurring theme here! I honestly am not trying to go Southwestern on you here, I guess it’s just my style.  Which is why I am probably doting on these Etch Pick Earrings from Tobi.  This arrowhead shaped earring features geometric engravings and comes both in antique silver and gold.  A powerful design, these earrings are for those ladies who aren’t afraid to show their more brazen side!

 Chinese Laundry Strawberry Fields BootiesWhile I am usually more into moto boots, I have to say that these Chinese Laundry Booties  are absolutely adorable! What I like most about them is that you can sport them with anything in your closet.  Whether dress, skirt or jean, these lilac suede boots will match perfectly.  Lighthearted, whimsical and really, just plain fun, these booties might be your next perfect accessory! And lets be serious, the accessories are what make the outfit.


Desert Boho Style..

With the anticipation of warm weather coming (I know, I’m jumping the gun here!) I am becoming more obsessed with finding the perfect outfits for the summer.  And sticking with my new favorite southwestern print, I scoured Etsy to try and find some amazing pieces and succeeded! Check it out!

Adorable vintage 90s crochet top from Heirra Vintage . What the seller says: Functioning crochet buttons down the front. Label: DKNY Jeans. Size tag: Medium. Modern Size: Small, Medium. Fabric Content: 53% Cotton, 47% Rayon. Care: Hand Wash. Vintage Condition: Excellent.

Super comfy Boho Hacienda Style Highwaisted Gaucho Skirt Shorts from BadJamesVintage. What the seller says: We LOVE these. Not quite shorts, not quite a skirt. But 100% RAD. A western boho flare for a super hip chick. Features red, black and ivory color, side button waist and POCKETS!

Vintage 70s Bohemian Etienne Aigner T-Strap Sandal from FiveStonesVintage. What the seller says: A resort-worthy pair of vintage designer sandals! Classic t-strap thongs in a honey brown leather with a khaki canvas trim.
Gold Aigner A logo on the front with a buckle closure on the back strap.Labelled a Size 6M, fits a 5.5, 6 or 6.5 well.
Insole length is 9.5″.

Vintage western silver hearts wide leather belt from OmniaWears . What the seller says: Wide chestnut saddle leather belt with burnished metal heart medallions – each has a different engraved pattern. Rounded southwest metal buckle and end cap. The metal has patina and discoloration; leather is worn in but very strong. Fits a S/M on the waist.

Vintage 1960s Sterling Turquoise Ring from LuckyVintageSeattle. What the seller says: Vintage 1960s hand crafted sterling silver southwestern ring. Chunky green matrix turquoise marbled stone. Rope and circles design. Pretty etched band. Unmarked but tests positively for sterling. Excellent pre-owned condition. Recently polished. Size- 6 1/2.

Vintage 60s Silver and Turquoise Necklace from Thrush. What the seller says: Vintage 1960’s necklace with a large faux turquoise center pendant and four smaller side pendants. Strung on a long silvertone chain. The chain is 24″ long and the pendant is 2.5″ long. In excellent vintage condition.

Styles to Covet: Southwestern Prints

Lately as I’ve been scouring all my favorite online vintage shops I have been seeing a ton of vintage clothing from the 70s/80s with Southwestern/Navajo influence.  It’s not unlikely that one or two shops may have a few items of this style, but from what I have been seeing EVERY one of my favorite shops has pieces with southwestern patterns.  Maybe it’s just coincidence.  Maybe there is some southwestern vintage god that has an overflow of 70s cardigans and jackets and has just poured them into these shops to get rid of them! Or maybe, this style is making its way back. Sure, we had a definite glimpse of it last season, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. If my vintage shops are telling me anything, it’s that this Fall/Winter is going to produce a heavy flow of Southwestern/Navajo/Tribal inspired clothing and accessories.  But, hey, I could be wrong!  It could definitely have been just by chance which wouldn’t be totally unfeasible. Either way, I ADORE this style!! I love the prints, the colors, the flare, the vintage aesthetic and the way in which the style itself evokes a feeling of being close to mother nature.  And I fear that one day if my obsession continues I will only own this one style! Hopefully my fiance will help me come to me senses! Until then, though, I will remain engrossed! Check out some of these genuine Southwestern styles from the 70s I found!  Tell me you don’t love it!

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