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I want to THANK YOU for taking the time out of your day to stop by my little vintage blog! I appreciate it dearly!  I love spreading the word about amazing vintage and the shops that provide them.  And to be able to keep writing like I do and to one day devote my entire time to it, I need your support!  So, if you’re in the market to sponsor a blog or in the need for a well-written shop review, check out what I have to offer. If you are interested, please contact me at grlfashionista[at] with any questions you may have! Once again, thanks for stopping by during your busy day!


$15 (Generally 250×100, but I really make it as big as possible!)

Shop Review:

$50 (In depth review with history and pictures)

Homepage Takeover:

$150:  Includes 8 posts (within the month; 2 posts a week) which mention your store and product and that link back to your shop.  Also, one of those posts would be a review of your shop that would also include products linked back to your store.  You would also have the top spot on my blog over all other sponsors so that your shop would be easily seen.

For more information about Blog Stats, Facebook Stats, Twitter Stats and all other social marketing information, please email me at grlfashionista[at]  Thanks you!


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