Bring Spring In!

With Spring in the air, the time has come for backyard barbeques, afternoon gardening sessions and hour long bike rides with your beau. And for those of you who love to decorate as much as I do, you may even take the time to spruce up your back decks with a coat of fresh paint and a set of brightly colored patio furniture.  You may even get around to planting some of those delicate Tulips to line your perfectly paved walkway! And while we tend to spend most of our time outside underneath the warm rays of the sun, competing with our neighbors for best curbside appeal, what about the inside? Why not bring the Spring in? Isn’t the inside of our home just as important as the outside? Is this not where we spend our evenings with families, rainy days with close friends and personal time relaxing on our chaise lounge with a good book? It seems to me that the outside of our home should be an extension of the inside. We should feel as much happiness and glee as we do outside, inside and important attention should be paid to the chi of our humble abode.  That said, with Spring comes bright colors, floral patterns and whimsical home decor.  Check out some of these home decor options perfect for your Spring home!
spring1. Spring Floral Plates from World Market… 2. Cancun Floral Pillow Cover from West Elm…3. Plum &  Bow Half Dot Rug from Urban Outfitters…4. Gray Vintage Floral Reading Chair from World Market…5. Test Tube Chandelier from PaniJurek


Crafturday’s New Way to Accessorize..

In such a time of economic uncertainty comes the overwhelming need for re-invention. That is, one must find a way to express ones self and take on the burden of independent creation. In lamens terms – you must adapt to survive by creating for the masses something new and exciting which will be sought in high demand and thus spoil you with riches OR in the very least, help you pay you rent.  The latter is what my endeavors usually lean more towards! BUT, with this talk about re-invention and discovery, comes my main purpose with sharing my voice with you today.  That purpose would be an advantageous and imaginative Vanessa of Crafturday.
Re-purposing and creating jewelry since college, Vanessa has taken her craft in a new direction combining her love of vintage aesthetic with modern details such as fringe and studs. While this may sound familiar to you, Vanessa’s jewelry, unlike many other retailers, is not crafted for the usual limbs such as your ear, finger or neck, but for a more unlikely culprit – your arm.  Yep, that’s right, your soon to be tanned bicep is getting a makeover.  And why not? You accessorize every other part of your body! And Vanessa’s fringed armlets are the PERFECT summer accessory.  How stellar would you look sporting your crop top and high waisted cut off vintage Levi’s with one of Crafturday’s studded fringed armlets?  Or perhaps strutting on the sand with your new ruffle top bikini with a dyed fringe armlet? I mean, who wouldn’t shoot you a look and ask you where you got that fabulous piece of jewelry on your arm? I know I would!
I know I have you interested now or at least curious enough to keep scrolling down to view some of Vanessa’s creations and my interview with her! Enjoy!


When did you get the idea for Crafturday?
I came up with the idea for Crafturday while in college at UC Santa Barbara. My favorite days were always the ones spent making things with my hands. In the beautiful and always sunny Santa Barbara, I’d spend hours outside on the lawn with my friends letting my creativity run wild. My boyfriend and I dubbed my Saturdays spent crafting as “Crafturday”.

How long have you been making jewelry?
I’ve been making jewelry since junior year of college. It started out as something just for fun, and then by senior year I was doing consignment at a local boutique. I love taking trendy elements and twisting it into something new. It makes it unique, different, and have a one-of-a-kind feel.

How did you come to the idea of armlets?
I’ve always felt that armlets are very bold and powerful looking. They draw attention to a woman in a good way when wearing a tank top!

What materials inspire you the most?
Right now I’m feeling fringe. I love using recycled materials as well—old chains, stones and shells. I really am getting into dying as well. It’s been so fun thus far mixing different colors together and dip-dying the ends of the fringe for an ombre look.

Do you have a “creative process” or do you prefer to just begin creating and see what your project turns into?
I usually start with a basic idea, but it often transforms. I think it’s important to set a couple hours aside to just create and try out a bunch of different concepts.

What do you want your jewelry to say to your customers?
I want it to say above all FUN, whimsical, and light-hearted. I’ve never been a believer in fashion being super serious. The best part about fashion, to me, is the creative and handmade aspects involved. I love figuring out different ways to pair accessories and knowing that an individual made it with their own hands is a huge plus.

Who do you see wearing your armlets?
These armlets are best for girls who are fashion-forward and fearless! They are also a great look for festivals because they’re bold and bright. Look for me at Sasquatch at the end of May!

 Where do you see Crafturday going as a company?
I would like it to evolve. Armlets are a style I’m digging right now, but in the future I’d like to incorporate different materials and expand my accessories line to jewelry as well.


D.I.Y Your Vintage Crate…

If you are anything like me, you never tire of a good d.i.y project. Especially when the tools for that project can be found in any junk shop or antique store! Since my wedding I have been infatuated with antique wooden crates.  Not only did they decorate my dessert table which propped up such goodies as mini cheesecakes and fruit tarts, but which also housed handmade programs and other rustic decorations. But, besides weddings these vintage boxes are perfect for home d.i.y projects which even the most unhandy can do! From shelves, bookcases and even tables, vintage crates add unique character to your home.  Get inspired with some of the original uses I found for old crates on Pinterest below or if you’re strapped for time and want to have a touch of rustic in your home you might just love some of the designs I found on Etsy! And if you’re really ready to start your project, I have something in store for you too!

1. Crate Shelves via From Scandinavia With Love….2. Fresh Lavender in Vintage Crate via…3. Bathroom Crate Shelves via HGTV…4. Crate Fixture via Project Decor…5. Crate Fixture via Ebay…6. Crate Wall Storage via Pin For Your Home…7. Vintage Crate Stairs via Impulsive



1. Antique Wood Box Crate Table via SimoneandBros…2. Shipping Crate Side Table via Modernarks…3. Crate spice rack via WoodenCrateGallery…4. Six Drawer Pine Crate Storage Bin via TheShadeTreeCrafts…5. Wine Rack via RchristoperDesigns…6. Nautical Wood Crate iPhone Dock via UncommonAndNice…7. The Picasso via DavisCratesandCo



1. Sealtest Sheffield Dairy Shipping Crate from AgeAndBeauty…2.  Kirkman’s Borax Soap Wooden Crate from RaggedRustyVintage…3. Vintage Soda Crate from Brimfieldfinds…4. Old Coke Crate from AngelPaws6…5. Vintage Pepsi Crate from Thevrose…6. Dr. Pepper Wooden Crate from Midtnantiquesuniques

Time to Crop that Top!

Yep, they’re back! Crop tops! A style forced into the spotlight by Madonna in the mid-80s and worn by teeny boppers everywhere in the 90s; courtesy of pop stars Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. Mothers everywhere are cringing I”m sure at the thought of cut-off tees and tight bustiers on their darling daughters.  But, honestly, I’m sort of digging this upcoming trend and am even debating purchasing a crop top of my own.  I know, some of you are screaming at the computer right asking me, “WHY? Why would you do this!?” I actually asked myself that same question.  However, when I started scoping out retailers sites I found that while some crop tops were defiantly too young and, for lack of a better word, too trashy for me I did find some that were more mature while still exuding a fun, free spirited exuberance.  Likewise, these tops can be easily molded to suit your personality. If you are a more traditional girl, but still like to add a little zest to your outfit, pair your bold top with a solid high waisted skirt.  More of a bohemian? Go for loose and flowly; perfect for your active lifestyle. Check out some of my top choices for summer crops and click on their image for more info….You might be more into it than you think!

Crop Tops


gaia crop top  Daydreamer LA Snap-Front Swing Tank Top
 Taupe Crop Top Hakuna Matata Crop Top
 Mesh Well Crop Top Caprice Crop Top
Short Stop Crop Tee Deathly Hallows Crop Top

Killer Closet Via Tobi…

Scouring Facebook as I burned time before work, I happened to stumble onto an ad for a fun, urban clothing company, Tobi.  Curious by nature, I decided to follow the ad to Tobi’s homepage and what I found made me happier than a kid in a candy shop!  Not only are Tobi’s clothing and accessories current and eclectic, but amazingly well priced. With constant sales, a girl can always find a great deal without sacrificing style! And being that trends seem to change overnight, Tobi gives a girl a chance to keep up.  Honestly, who wouldn’t love the chance to refresh their closet with trendy new clothes? I’ll be the first to admit that I would! Which is exactly what I did! Well, virtually that is! Check out some of the fabulous items from Tobi I added to my virtual closet….

 Southwestern Vibe Muscle TankI don’t know what it is about Southwestern prints, but I gravitate towards them like a fish to water! Maybe it’s the Native American in me calling out to the robust tribal prints or it could just be that their unique, eclectic nature adds personality to any plain tee. Which is exactly what this black and white skeletal  image does for this basic muscle tank!  Can’t you see yourself sporting Tobi’s  Southwestern Vibe Muscle Tank with tattered cutoff shorts or skinny jeans complete with black moto boots and feathered hair clips? You know you love it…

 Striped Envy SweaterTrendy or not, oversized sweaters are my thing.  I can’t give it up! It’s the one style that sticks with me through each season.  They’re perfect both in winter when all you want to do is cuddle up with your love and sit by a warm fire or in spring when all you need is a light cover up over your cut-off Levis.  They’re versatile, comfortable and I highly doubt that you don’t have atleast ONE in you wardrobe.  And if you don’t, maybe you should give it a try with Tobi’s Striped Envy Sweater. Light and easy, this stylish sweater with colorful arm stripes can be dressed up with pumps and skinny jeans or even used as a cover up for your new bikini. However you use it, I guarantee your friends will want to know where you got this trendy top from!

 Acid Washed Skinny JeansLet me be the first to say that I am just as surprised as you are that I am posting about acid wash jeans. But, the more I see them store after store, the more I find that they have a certain mysterious appeal. However, it is important to mention that shopping for the perfect acid wash jeans comes with some extremely important rules.  NEVER buy acid wash in any cut but skinny otherwise it will look like you borrowed your mom’s jeans from when she was in high school.  NEVER buy a light acid wash jean unless you want to look like someone from the boondocks.  And lastly, NEVER go vintage when it comes to acid wash. I know, I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to bust your vintage bubble. Adventurous enough to try them? Check out this pair from Tobi.

 Twist to Open DressI am in love with Tobi’s Twist Open Dress in mint! Available also in red and white, this dress appears simple from the front, but flip it over and it is a completely different dress.  Slit down the back and the twisted to the side this dress is not only practical on a hot day, but emits from its unassuming shape a sexy confidence. With open arm holes, this dress pairs perfect with a simple accessory such as a thick bracelet or a single pendant long chain necklace.

Thunderbird NecklaceThe Thunderbird; a symbol of strength, grace and resilience. A perfect charm to adorn your neck as you take on the challenges of the day.  Available in antique silver and gold this lovely pendant will add a little pepper to your sizzling outfit! Check it out here!

tobi5So, I’m thinking there is a reoccurring theme here! I honestly am not trying to go Southwestern on you here, I guess it’s just my style.  Which is why I am probably doting on these Etch Pick Earrings from Tobi.  This arrowhead shaped earring features geometric engravings and comes both in antique silver and gold.  A powerful design, these earrings are for those ladies who aren’t afraid to show their more brazen side!

 Chinese Laundry Strawberry Fields BootiesWhile I am usually more into moto boots, I have to say that these Chinese Laundry Booties  are absolutely adorable! What I like most about them is that you can sport them with anything in your closet.  Whether dress, skirt or jean, these lilac suede boots will match perfectly.  Lighthearted, whimsical and really, just plain fun, these booties might be your next perfect accessory! And lets be serious, the accessories are what make the outfit.

One Dress, Two Dress

Usually when I find the base inspiration for my vintage outfit creations I know exactly what I want to do with them.  But, when I stumbled across this amazing 1950/60’s wiggle dress I was completely stumped. One side of my brain was screaming PUNK! while the other CLASSY! This dress is so versatile (as you will come to find out!) and to state it plainly, presents to many styling options! Which is great when you think about it.  Buy one dress, get multiple outfits! So, going with that, I decided not to torture myself any longer and do both Punk and Classy.  And, as you can see, I had so much fun! Check out what I came up with:

(What would you do with this dress?)

I am absolutely in LOVE with this 50’s/60’s Vintage Peach Cocktail Dress from RococoVintage!  It’s so amazingly unusual!  Clean, simple lines with an adorable cap sleeve in front and then in back, a dramatic plunging back with dramatic waterfall ruffles. This dress will elicit stares of lust and longing wherever you tread! Perfect for upscale cocktail parties, for weddings, for romantic (and sultry) evenings out, or for any other especially special event. Unique, daring, and truly darling all at once!

I am ALWAYS on the search for a pair of good Roper Boots.  Especially ones that are actually in my size! Which, is extremely hard.  There are plenty of 9’s, 10’s, even 8’s, but when it comes to 7/7.5 FORGET IT! It’s like finding a needle in a haystack! HOWEVER, last night I got lucky when I stumbled on these 7 1/2 Classic Vintage Black Roper Boots from GrannysBootery (Love that shop name!). It’s the small things that make my heart flutter! These no fuss, straight up plain old roper boots are what I consider a “wardrobe essential.” Tim Gunn would probably argue with me, but these would be my staple and I would wear them with EVERYTHING. In great condition, you’re search (or mine if you’re not quick!) is over if you’re on the look for one of these beauties!

Favorite feature on this Vintage Elastic Belt from LarkVintage? The butterfly clasp! It’s so adorable and unique. Usually when I am looking for belts on Etsy, especially black ones, I get a lot of studded leather belts or woven belts, which I love, but I was looking for a belt that was different and not indicative of the accessories I usually feature with outfits.  And that’s exactly what I thought when I saw this vintage beauty. It’s charming, eclectic and actually puts a smile on your face when you see it.  It could go punk or classy and you don’t have to worry about it wearing down because it is elastic! Now that I think about it, I have a friend who LOVES butterflies and she would be head over heels over this!

Besides my love of owls, antique keys and Polaroids, I adore long chain necklaces with wing pendants.  I know, it sounds odd and I can’t explain, I just know I love it.  Although, now that I think about it, it might have something to do with the fact that I loved studying Ancient Roman/Greek history and their mythology in school and when I see wings I always associate it with Pegasus….. Ok, that was probably more information than you ever needed to know about me and why I love wing necklaces! More about the actual necklace: It is a Silver Angel Wing Long Chain Pendant by ZaraTaylor, a jewelry maker on Etsy (who I will be doing an interview with and posting soon!).  It comes with no clasp as it is long enough to go over your head, which I prefer! It just makes it easier when you’re getting dressed! Perfect for any boho or rocker outfit!

1940s + Suede + Pumps = Vintage Treasure.  That would be the best word to describe these leather soled Vintage 1940s Pumps in buttery soft chocolate brown suede from RococoVintage. An absolute Treasure.  The seller describes them better than I can! Here’s what she says: This classic pair of pumps from the 1940s are just breathtaking — they are some of the most perfect shoes from this era that I have ever seen! In a deliciously rich shade of chocolate brown, these shoes will provide the finishing touch to a whole variety of outfits, while the metal taps on the heels will create the most satisfyingly audible sound as you walk and dance! Absolutely wonderful, and in just shy of pristine condition! This beautiful designer shoes were made over 60 years ago and are in phenomenal condition — they are truly a treasure and very rare!!

So, I had to go Handmade on this belt.  I was looking for something super specific because I knew I wanted a bow belt to tie together an adorable outfit perfect for work or a classy night out.  This Soft Leather Bow by ManoBello fit that bill.  It’s simple, easy and versatile.  It’s not to “kidish” and won’t make your perfectly pink ensemble match your 5 year old niece’s favorite dress! And it’s not so obnoxious that it takes away from the outfit.  It’s just right.

This Freshwater Pearl Necklace by VirginiaGeigerJewels is labeled as a “Wedding Necklace,” BUT I think they can be worn with either your new “Pretty in Pink” outfit or any one of your fun, girly ensembles.  I appreciate the spaces between the pearls, giving it a lighter, more romantic appearance rather than the heavy or bulky look that sometimes full pearl necklaces can have.  And the small gold leaf just adds to the charm of the handmade necklace.  Here’s what the seller says: This lovely golden flower pendant is wire wrapped off center with large freshwater pearls and is completed with a delicate gold fill chain. Also available is silver!

Handmade Stamps For the Handmade Heart

I have recently decided that I have an inappropriate obsession with stamps. I love them. I want to put them on everything and  I’m sure if I could I would design some sort of crazy contraption that I could transfer my handwriting to and stamp for the rest of my writing life! I know, it’s that serious.  But, it’s not my fault! It’s the wedding! All I can think of is crafting and thinking of fun and unique ways to create all of the “little things.” A.k.a Save the Dates, Invitations, Placecards, yada yada yada!  The one I’m working most diligently on now is my Save the Dates. For the past couple of weeks I have been avidly searching in stores and on Etsy for the PERFECT stamps to cover my Kraft paper envelopes.  Finally after hours of painstaking research and tear you heart out decisions I FINALLY found stamps on Etsy that I loved.  Well, I found dozens that I loved, but I had to choose just one! Check out some of the shops I found along the way and see what stamps I went with!

AmpersandityWhat drew me to this amazing shop?  The adorable “to” stamp with package tape! So cute and perfect for any occasion envelope (especially a rustic wedding!).  Seriously, I almost bought this stamp for my Save the Date envelopes, BUT I needed it a bit sooner than could be arranged.  ANYWAY!  You would not believe how difficult it was to find a shop that had already designed “deliver to” stamps.  And this was after I already shopped around some of your usual craft big box stores.  I guess you could buy a “t” and an “o,” place them side by side, draw some lines for the address and call it a day, but who wants to do that! Why not buy a fun stamp and cut the work in half! Ampersandity offers you just that and is one of the only shops on Etsy that carries these pre-made “to” stamps.  You can choose from a few styles, all rustic in design and there is even a Christmas “to” stamp!  How cute would that be on your handmade Christmas Card! Order early though because these handmade stamps take  a couple of weeks to carve and ship.  Besides the “to” stamps, Ampersandity also carries some beautifully hand carved address stamps.  Quirky, original and rustic the address stamps come in unique designs and prints.  Oh the prints!  They’re precise, unique, fun and 100% custom! Trust me, if you like things that have a vintage feel to them, you will love these stamps! Something to keep in mind about this shop: Custom orders are welcome and the owner is happy to work with you to meet your specific design needs.  Check them out! is only one word to describe this shop…ADORABLE! Seriously, check Cupcake Tree out and you will see what I mean.  Olga, store owner, has made the shopping easy for you; creating equally cute categories to match her sweet handmade stamps.  Animal stamps (owls!), food stamps, teacher stamps, you name it, she has it!  The cutest category? MINI STAMPS! You will seriously grab your heart and gasp when you see these mini-me stamps.  It’s not just their size that makes them so irresistible, but it’s what Olga does with them that makes you say,”Now that’s different.” Check out this mini-stamp set and you will see what I mean: Mini Cupcake Set.  If you don’t want to buy that just to play with it, then you may want to get your heart checked!  But besides Olga’s fun handmade stamps shaped in simple, joyful shapes, Olga can also make custom stamps.  A fact that I know to be very true because she made one for me!  Like I mentioned before, I was in a desperate search for a “to” stamp and could not find one that I could get shipped ASAP.  So, I asked Olga to carve one for me and she so generously did AND she did it EXACTLY how I wanted it! And talk about fast! Oh my goodness, I received my proof the same day and Olga had it carved and shipped within a day and a half and I got in the mail within 3 days.  You know if you are a bride or have been one, time is of the essence. So the faster, the better!  How did I find out about this awesome shop? Funny you should ask! Olga actually helped me with my Save the Dates.  Coordinating with another seller, MonkeysontheRoof, a shop that crafts tree stump magnet Save the Dates, Olga created a personalized stamp for my fiance and I to go on our tree stump magnets.  I just got them in the mail last week and let me tell you, I was beyond ecstatic and I am so excited to send them out!  Bottom line is, you need to check this shop out.  Olga is super nice and will work with you on anything you need.  And lets face it, what can this woman not do with stamps!  Happy shopping 🙂  [Check out the end of this post for pics of my stamps and Save the Dates!]

SavethedateSavethedate is another shop, like Ampersandity, that specializes in  lovely self-inking and wood handle address stamps.  They were actually the first shop that caught my eye when I was searching for address stamps for my Save the Dates mainly because I loved their designs.  They’re not especially grand or anything, but their simplicity is utterly adorable and the print is the main attraction. If you are like me and like that vintage look that exists with typewriter print, rigid lines and simple shapes, then you will know what I mean when you view the stamps.  Understated and unique, I had a ridiculously hard time choosing what stamp design I wanted.  There were just to many that I would of been happy with and that would fit with my vintage theme wedding.  Not only that, but my Kraft paper envelopes (which I also got off of Etsy)! So in my desperation, I actually brought my fiance in and asked him what his favorite was! And would you know it,  I ended up buying the one he liked!  Go figure.  Then from there I designed my “to” stamp which Savethedate also custom designed for me! (I know, I have two “to” stamps! I wanted a bigger one and a smaller one. What gives! I’m a bride, I can do what I want! Hehe..) Tiffany, one of the store owners, was unbelievably patient with me considering I changed the design like 50 times and she had to keep proofing it! But, she was super fast about it and when all my stamps were finalized and carved, she had them shipped and I had them within a week.  Which, I was surprised about because I was under the impression that it was going to take longer!  I did mention a few million times I needed them ASAP, so Tiffany may have pushed it through faster, but either way, I am a satisfied customer.  The best part is that my stamps look exactly like the product shown on Etsy and how I proofed it was how it was handcrafted.  And talk about quality! Fabulous! I’ve never had a self-inking stamp before and it is so addictive!  I highly recommend taking a gander at Savethedate if you are in the market for address stamps! [Check out my stamps below]

My Stamps!

One Sheet…A Million Possibilities!

On my search for quality handmade paper for my Save the Dates (I know! More wedding stuff! It has consumed me!) I came to the harsh realization that either you buy expensive handmade paper from an independent retailer OR you buy your basic cardstock from a Big Box store such as Michaels.  Neither of which obviously appealed to me at all and I began to give up on the idea I would be able to find affordable handmade paper.  But Alas! There is hope! In a last ditch effort, which I don’t know why it wasn’t even my first thought, I signed on to Etsy and searched for my desired scrolls of papyrus.  Of course it was no surprise when 10000 products popped up! But when I specified my search a bit more, I stumbled upon some beautiful paper and some must mention stores. And not only beautiful, but affordable! I mean, really, what doesn’t Etsy have?  I think I’m just going to start shopping for all my needs there! Check out the amazing products I found and find out which one I bought to create my Save the Dates!

FYI: There are endless possibilities when it comes to paper. Scrapbooking, Card Making, Sign Making, Place Cards…name it and you can do it!

recycled yellow pages paperHow awesome is this handmade paper from torielliot! Made from recycled yellow pages paper, this handmade paper comes in packs of 4 and is perfect for scrapbooking.  Original and ornate, these sheets of collaged scraps of paper are in themselves a work of art.  To beautiful for you to write on?  Stick them in an old frame and spruce up your walls.  Imagine the conversations that would arise from them!  The best part about these colorful sheets is that they are super affordable.  Have a piece of handmade awesomeness for only $3.50 a pack!  Amazing!

Handmade Paper - CoffeeFreshly brewed coffee paper! I loved reading that description when I stumbled across this coffee dyed handmade paper by secondhandwhimsy. It made me feel all warm and cozy on the inside just thinking about freshly brewed coffee.  Well, more the smell really considering I don’t drink coffee.  But not for a lack of trying! I just never took to the taste. Back to the paper though! Handmade from recycled office materials (talk about conserving!) these parchment sheets can be made with or without grounds embedded.  Sold in packs of five and hand tied with twine.  How cute!

Recycled Handmade PaperBesides being pretty, these beautifully twined handmade sheets of paper put the “eco” in “eco-friendly.”  Combining the usual leftover scraps of our paper worked lives, this lovely stationary includes a rather unique feature….flowers.  Yes, dried flowers.  That’s what those little specs of color you see are.  How cool is that? Not to mention that sheepstreetdesign also creates its handmade papyrus with tea; an indulgence that I could not live without! Perfect for scrap booking, card making or whatever fun project you may have in mind!

Handmade paperBare witness, my friends! These are the sheets of handmade goodness that started this whole debacle! I was in a desperate search for paper that would make my Save the Dates POP! And cardstock was just not giving me the effect that I wanted at all.  Way to rigid and it was just not fitting in with my vintage theme! So, I realized that I needed some amazing handmade paper…something that would scream rustic.  And after searching in shops, I realized I should just try Etsy and VOILA I find my perfect match at WhiteDragonPaper! Made from 100% cardboard, paperboard, and scraps of magazine pages this set of brown handmade paper is 4×5 and comes in a range of pack sizes.  To give you an idea, I got 40 sheets for $10! How amazing is that! I never thought that I could get quality handmade materials for affordable prices! So excited to get started on my Save the Dates when it arrives! Fun detail about shop: If you accumulate lots of scraps, send them to me for up to 25% off any item in my shop!

Cotton Paper Handmade If I was a goat, this delectable handmade cotton paper would be my Filet Mignon!  Available in 5 delicious colors, these sheets are ” solid,” as the seller puts it.  What the seller says: These papers are what we call luster, which means they glisten just slightly, nothing too overpowering, but enough to add the wow factor to any project you might be working on. Paper size is 19″ x 25″ and has 4 natural deckles. The paper is one hundred percent cotton, internally sized and buffered, a heavy wight paper great for a range of artistic purposes. Just imagine the possibilities!

Handmade Paper JournalJournal writing is a favorite past time of mine and I always challenge myself when finding a new journal to purchase something unusual and unique. Just like me 🙂 I love buying leather bound or handmade journals, but they naturally be super expensive.  So when I stumbled across this handmade paper journal from hyperdoggie I was relieved! Beautiful and priced well, this journal is handmade inside and out. The book has a lovely cover with natural paper made from gourd vines, and decorative papers and beads have been added in natural tones to dress up the cover. 20 pages inside are sewn as signatures, and each has graceful deckle edges. Lovely.

Tori Elliot


Sheep Street Design

White Dragon Paper



Because Even Your Phone Should Have Style…

Before you step out for what I am sure is a busy day during your work week, you remember key accessories to go with your outfit. Am I right?  You take your scarf, your hat, your gloves and if need be, your umbrella.  And before throwing on your vintage wool pea coat you study your ensemble one last time in your full length mirror (which for some reason is still leaning against the wall) to double check your stylistic choices.  Earrings? Check.  Favorite long necklace? Check.  Strategically placed vintage rings? Check.  Vintage Brooch? Check.  And last but not least, your mom’s Navajo bracelet that she passed down to you? Check, check.  All is in place and you’re ready, finally.  And it only took you nearly an hour. Or in some cases, two. (I have had those two hour days, my friends.  I admit it.)

Here’s my point: If we spend all this time on accessorizing ourselves, why not take a little more time out and accessorize our accessories? Confused? I know, I used “accessories” way to many times in once sentence.  What I mean to say is that our devices, our “stuff” (phones, cameras, books…etc) deserves just as much attention as our outfits acquire.  Are they not an extension of our personality?  You see it with school kids all the time.  You know what interest them in one glace.  Harry Potter, Disney, Dora.  They wear it not only head to toe, but their book bags, pencils, shoelaces and trapper keepers are covered in their favorite characters.  So, why should we not daine to do the same? We should have just as much fun and put just as much personality into the extensions of ourselves as possible.

Take your cell phone for example.  How much fun would it be to find a cover that expressed who you were as a person? Are you quirky, spontaneous or a little dangerous even?  Do you like animals, bikes or butterflies?  You’ll be amazed how much fun you will have searching one out. Not to mention you’ll have the cutest phone in town! Check out some adorable options I found to dressing up my favorite digital accessory…my Iphone4!

Talk about adorable! I love the color and print on this Handmade Phone/Ipod/Whatever Case from Luminaceous.  Such a childlike pattern that reminds me of running through fields whilst picking dandelions and sunflowers.  Ah, those summer days when we were once young…..REALITY CHECK…..Lets bring it back to the NOW! Check out what the seller says: This case is hand made of an amazing, all natural cotton/linen fabric by designer Heather Ross, lined with soft soft fleece, which also CLEANS your screen, and reinforced with interfacing. The linen is strong and wears beautifully, getting even softer to the touch with use.  Yes, even when it comes to my phone case, I want quality!

If you haven’t already figured this out about me, next to my owl obsession is my overwhelming affinity with the Sock Monkey! Yes, the Sock Monkey.  Literally a sock with a monkey on it! It’s just so adorable! And lately I’ve been finding my little friend being made into my favorite accessories.  Just last post he was made into a pair of mittens and lord knows that I’m going to be going after that one! So, you can imagine how ridiculously giddy I was when I stumbled across this Handmade Sock Monkey CELL PHONE holder from LoopedWithLove4U.  It’s beyond my friends.  Just look at those cute little ears, those beady eyes staring at you, a slight smile apparent in their gleam and the adorable purse like red handle.  What’s not to love about this hand stitched monkey? I’m sold!

Ummmm….who doesn’t love a good PopTart every once in a while?  I actually had one this morning! Cinnamon bun if I’m not mistaken.  But, unfortunately I can’t eat this delicious looking PopTart Phone Case from PurlTarts.  Hand knit to resemble your favorite tart don’t be surprised if someone tries to grab it out of your hand for a bite!  Multiple favors available.

I’m sure you can guess why I picked this adorable Owl Cell Phone Cover from KylieB.  If you guessed it’s because owls are one of my favorite animal accessories, then you’ve earned yourself a gold star!! But, I also happen to adore this particular owl accessory because of its bright color combos.  I am a purple enthusiast and if I didn’t have a rational Fiance I would have painted every wall in my house purple; along with assuring that every fork, spoon and knife were shades of my fave color! Plus. those wide white eyes are enough to melt my little ole’ heart.

Monsters! Run! Hehe….Just kidding! It’s only a Monster Cell Phone Case from GSpotDesign! The only scary about this little guy is how scary cute he is! Big sparkling eyes, funny little mouth and those arms, oh those arms! Their just reaching out to you! They’re saying, “Buy me! Love me!”  How could you deny this little monster’s wish to help shelter that Droid of yours?  You know his little hand knit wool body would keep your social plug nice and warm while ensuring optimal comfortability. Doesn’t your Iphone deserve the best?

I LOVE photography and am always on the search for beautiful pictures.  I try to take them if I can, but sometimes it’s hit or miss! Then again, I am still learning.  But, as a camera lover you can see why I would be taken with this Retro Camera Phone Case from CrankCases.  It actually reminds me of an old school point and shoot that your mom would take out at every single family event.  Or when you and your friends would have sleepovers and take silly pictures of each other.  So I guess that my adoration of this case comes from an emotional bond, but  I have to say that I just think it’s really cute too! What the seller says: Made from very durable, long-lasting and scratch-free felt with a thin fade-resistant coating on top it has a unique style and will last a lot longer than an ordinary felt case. Good to know, huh?

Bring on the Mits!

What are the first things you grab for when you start to feel that chill of Winter?  For me, it’s my beanie, scarf and mits.  My three absolute do not walk out of the house without winter essentials.  Because if I do, I WILL regret it.  Now, granted it may not be such a horrible occurrence if I happen to forget one of these items now since I have a car and that wonderful thing called heat.  But, when I used to live in NYC, it was like forgetting to put on your pants.  That first gust of icy air would be enough to make you run all the way back up the five flights of stairs you just barreled down because, as usual, you are running late.  Trust me though, the prospect of being chilled to the bone the whole day far outweighs the probability of being late.  Needless to say I learned that lesson QUICK!

Now, as all fashion lovers know, these pieces of cloth not only play an important part in keeping are bodies toasty, but also contribute to our overall style.  To me, these three essentials should be an extension of my wardrobe, showcasing my personality as much as my vintage leather handbag and moto boots.  And why not?  Are these not items that I have to live with; items that I have to be seen in public with?  And I say to the population who have to wear suits to work, why not have fun with these items? Take the serious out of your day and dare to add a touch of humor.  I’m not saying that you have to go out and buy the most outlandish pair of mittens or even the most expensive, but just that you should purchase something that puts a smile on your face. Trust me, you’ll need that smile when you’re standing in 18 degree weather!

So, since I already took on the challenge of the scarf in one of my earlier posts this month, I thought I’d go on a search next for some unique and cheerful mittens!  Check out some of the ones I found:

Hot tea, fingerless mittens and the smell of snow; the perfect combination for a joyous winter season.  At least that’s what is conjured up when I look at this picture of Hand Knit Fingerless Gloves from Annerstreet!  Very wise marketing my fellow handmade enthusiast.  Who wouldn’t want to buy a pair of comfy tweed gloves after seeing them pictured with a hot cup of coffee? Not to mention that these gloves also have Angora running through its threads, guaranteeing  a layer of toasty warmness.  Another fun fact? You can choose from a list of 25 additional colors other than the pictured neutral beige.  Ummmm…check please!

I have always had an affinity for this type of glove! I don’t know what it is, but I think it has something to do with the fact that its multifaceted.  I can wear it either fingerless and if my hands get a bit nippy (which definitely happens more times than not!) then I have the option of covering them up!  It’s like a 2-for-1 deal and it’s great for that gal who loves both types of gloves!  A relief, huh?  One less decision that you have to make in the world! And lets face it, the less the better now-a-days.  Check out these Hand Knit Wool Gloves from MarineBi0Chic! (Comes is a range of colors)

I know, I know, more owls! But, come on, how do you not want to stick your freezing hands into these ADORABLE Knitted Wool Mittens from LaurasVeikals? Being referred to cutely as Mr. and Mrs. Owl, this pair of inseparable hooters would be a dash of extra originality on your winter outfits.  I wouldn’t be surprised if someone tried to snatch them right off your hands!  (Watch out! It might even be me!)  Favorite part about these mits?  Their unique triangular shaped finger tips and those big yellow eyes! Disgustingly cute.

Lets just get it out on the table.  The first thing I thought about when I saw these gloves was the movie Hannah.  Why, you ask?  What would make me think of such a grisly movie as Hannah? Well, just the fact that these Vintage Inspired Hand Knit Gloves from BirdaKnits are called Hannah.  And they TOTALLY look like something she would wear.  Especially since they have a stellar Swedish print (since the movie took place in some European county…right?).  I mean, just the fact that Hannah was a kick butt action-ista makes me want to buy these! Makes me feel like I can put them on and I would be endowed with all of her killer (no pun intended!) jiu jitsu, kung-fu or other crazy karate martial art!  I know, it sounds ridiculous but that’s what I think of.  Normal people would probably just be in love with the print and the fact they are 100% wool and would keep their hands warm in the middle of an arctic blizzard.  But, lets face it, I’m not exactly normal!

Yes! More Owls! You know you love it! And you’re especially going to love the fact that these Owl Mittens from SweaterScrapYard are made from recycled material.  I wouldn’t be able to explain these better than the seller could, so here’s what they say about these unique mittens: Felted wool mittens made from a brown/black wool/acrylic blend sweater and are embellished with a pair of cute little owls perched on a branch which have been hand embroidered with a running stitch around the edge and tiny black button eyes. These mittens are lined with a cotton knit lining (cozy & warm). The only thing that is “NEW” in our mittens is the thread. We recycle acrylic sweaters, fleece and cotton knit tops for the lining of our mittens. Sometimes we use buttons and, if so, they are either vintage or recycled from old clothing. Each design is unique.

Whose heart doesn’t melt when they seen accessories in animal shapes! Seriously, if these Crocheted Fox Gloves from WarmYourself came with matching hat and scarf, I wouldn’t think twice about buying them.  It’s just to adorable and really, just fun.  As adults, sometimes we take things a little too seriously.  So, it’s nice every once in a while to wear something that is lighthearted and almost childlike.  It’s almost therapeutic to tap back into that innocence; helps level you in this crazy world and reminds you that not everything has to be do or die.  Imagine the smiles you’ll get from your co-workers when you walk in with your business attire sporting these bad boys!

I know that these Upcycled Wool Sweater Mittens are very similar to the previous gloves from seller BirdaKnits, BUT I thought these were noteworthy because of their winter friendly striped pattern.  What the seller says: Felted wool mittens made from a grey/black/cream/blue striped wool/ramie blend sweater and are embellished with a pair of cute little owls perched on a branch which have been hand embroidered with a running stitch around the edge and tiny black button eyes. These mittens are lined with a soft, thick cotton knit lining (cozy & warm).

This is another favorite of mine; The Sock Monkey! I don’t know what it is, but I am drawn to it and when I see anything even remotely resembling Mr. Monkey, I jump on it.  So, I was super excited when I came across these Fingerless Sock Monkey Gloves by Tomdsue.  What a fun way to keep your hands nice and warm.  Just look at those big ears and pop out nose.  Those cute beady little eyes staring back at you as you go about your day.  It almost makes you feel guilty for not putting them on!  A definite must for the Sock Monkey lover!

What drew me to these Crochet Fingerless Gloves from TheHotchPotchShop was not just the impeccable knitting, but the rustic addition of the vintage buttons.  You know me, anything handmade and vintage have a direct line to my heart.  Put them together and I’m in heaven.  Made of 100% New Zealand Wool, these handmade gloves serve as insulation for your chilly hands.  And being that once you buy a pair of quality gloves  you want to be able to keep them for a long time, these gloves come with specific care instruction to guarantee just that.

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