Bring Spring In!

With Spring in the air, the time has come for backyard barbeques, afternoon gardening sessions and hour long bike rides with your beau. And for those of you who love to decorate as much as I do, you may even take the time to spruce up your back decks with a coat of fresh paint and a set of brightly colored patio furniture.  You may even get around to planting some of those delicate Tulips to line your perfectly paved walkway! And while we tend to spend most of our time outside underneath the warm rays of the sun, competing with our neighbors for best curbside appeal, what about the inside? Why not bring the Spring in? Isn’t the inside of our home just as important as the outside? Is this not where we spend our evenings with families, rainy days with close friends and personal time relaxing on our chaise lounge with a good book? It seems to me that the outside of our home should be an extension of the inside. We should feel as much happiness and glee as we do outside, inside and important attention should be paid to the chi of our humble abode.  That said, with Spring comes bright colors, floral patterns and whimsical home decor.  Check out some of these home decor options perfect for your Spring home!
spring1. Spring Floral Plates from World Market… 2. Cancun Floral Pillow Cover from West Elm…3. Plum &  Bow Half Dot Rug from Urban Outfitters…4. Gray Vintage Floral Reading Chair from World Market…5. Test Tube Chandelier from PaniJurek


D.I.Y Your Vintage Crate…

If you are anything like me, you never tire of a good d.i.y project. Especially when the tools for that project can be found in any junk shop or antique store! Since my wedding I have been infatuated with antique wooden crates.  Not only did they decorate my dessert table which propped up such goodies as mini cheesecakes and fruit tarts, but which also housed handmade programs and other rustic decorations. But, besides weddings these vintage boxes are perfect for home d.i.y projects which even the most unhandy can do! From shelves, bookcases and even tables, vintage crates add unique character to your home.  Get inspired with some of the original uses I found for old crates on Pinterest below or if you’re strapped for time and want to have a touch of rustic in your home you might just love some of the designs I found on Etsy! And if you’re really ready to start your project, I have something in store for you too!

1. Crate Shelves via From Scandinavia With Love….2. Fresh Lavender in Vintage Crate via…3. Bathroom Crate Shelves via HGTV…4. Crate Fixture via Project Decor…5. Crate Fixture via Ebay…6. Crate Wall Storage via Pin For Your Home…7. Vintage Crate Stairs via Impulsive



1. Antique Wood Box Crate Table via SimoneandBros…2. Shipping Crate Side Table via Modernarks…3. Crate spice rack via WoodenCrateGallery…4. Six Drawer Pine Crate Storage Bin via TheShadeTreeCrafts…5. Wine Rack via RchristoperDesigns…6. Nautical Wood Crate iPhone Dock via UncommonAndNice…7. The Picasso via DavisCratesandCo



1. Sealtest Sheffield Dairy Shipping Crate from AgeAndBeauty…2.  Kirkman’s Borax Soap Wooden Crate from RaggedRustyVintage…3. Vintage Soda Crate from Brimfieldfinds…4. Old Coke Crate from AngelPaws6…5. Vintage Pepsi Crate from Thevrose…6. Dr. Pepper Wooden Crate from Midtnantiquesuniques

Pick a Date, Any Date!

So, I have had a recent life-changing event and am finding myself totally engrossed with it! It’s not a baby if that’s what you’re thinking!  No, I actually just got engaged to my high school sweetheart! And I’m so excited to start planning my wedding.  Truthfully I wasn’t the little girl who had fantasies of what her perfect wedding would be like one day.  I was more of the type who was busy climbing trees, making forts and chasing frogs in the creek.  But, now that it is happening to me I find that my head is overloaded with an ambush of ideas! Almost to many actually! I don’t know really where I should even start.  I do know, with help from my fiance’s sister who just got married, is that the first thing I have to do is attack where and when I want to get married.  When is easy.  Fall!  I adore the fall! Crisp with a cool, yet warm breeze, open fires and vibrant colors. Yummy.  Where? Not so easy! I swear the day after I was engaged I was looking at every possibility! I knew I wanted to get married outside and I was trying to think of an unique place to do it.  Finally after painstaking research and appointments I discovered Magnolia Plantation.  I’m not going to bore you with the details, but let me tell you, it’s fabulous! (I’ll put a link to it at the end of this post!)

Anyway, this is where the when comes back into play and where it becomes a bit more difficult and frustrating.  In a perfect world as a bride, I could name a date and time and all would be well.  In reality, not so much.  What the venue has left is what you get and it’s not always the date that you had in mind.  I mean brides are lining up a year and a half in advance for venues!  Am I supposed to wait 2yrs to get married so I can have my perfect date?  And that’s what you have to ask yourself.  Wait or bite the bullet and pick a date that has the best potential.  And that’s what I did.  I debated, I paced and finally after HOURS of constant back and forth I decided on a date!  Let me tell you, at the moment you finally decide a weight is lifted from your shoulders!  And you realize that it’s not the date that’s important, but the fact that you’re getting married to your best friend. That sounded a little mushy didn’t it? 🙂

In honor of my date and of all dates big and small, I thought it would be fitting for me to search out some unique calenders.  With all the important dates that we set out for our days, don’t you think the calender we put them on should be just as fabulous?  Check these out and I think you’ll see what I mean! (BTW thanks for listening to my rant!)

  How rad is this Vintage Mid-Century Office Calender from 256Eclectica!?  Obviously it would be difficult use any regular vintage calender, considering they’re paper and none of the dates would make sense!, but this one can be used for any year at any time! Just move the days, months and numbers around and POOF, you have a one-of-a-kind eco-friendly calender to fit any season! And oh how I love the fact that it’s solid wood!

I am always on the look out for unique takes on the everyday.  So, when I stumbled across this artistic cubed paper calender I was elated! I thought, what an interesting, creative and unconventional take on an item we usually don’t think twice about. Sure, we glance at it every now and again to make sure that we are keeping our schedule on the right track or to remind us that yes, unfortunately, we are only half way through the work week.  But, why not spice it up? Why not bring art into our everyday life? Besides, it’s fun! And just think how much your co-workers or buddies would be impressed with your new Wall Art Calender from ManyMugs!

Who doesn’t love chalkboards and the thought of buying colorful chalks to scribble on them with! Doesn’t it just remind you of when you were a kid and the teacher let you play on her MASSIVE chalkboard?!  Well, that’s what I think of! And besides, they’re totally re-usable and super eco-friendly! What the seller says: I made this set of 7 chalkboards by painting, distressing and staining vintage wood frames! They have been repurposed into chalkboards and have the days of the weeks written on them in a newspaper pattern lettering. This awesome set is great for staying organized and adding style at the same time! Check out these refurbished Framed Chalkboards from Lilson!

Ok, so you might not know this about me, but I’m kind of obsessed with owls!  I think it has to do with the fact that they have a retro 70s vibe to them and really, they’re just adorable on anything.  Especially on this cute 2012 Handmade Owl Calender from 29BlackStreet! These 12 owls are actually made up of collages and are printed on heavy card stock, so even after you’re done with them, they would make an adorable piece of wall art!  Just cut off the month portion, or not!, and hang in rustic frame! Voila! Affordable Art!

Ever have those colorful alphabet magnets you had on your refrigerator as a kid? You know, those one’s you made funny incomplete sentences with? Well, imagine having fun magnets again, but in the form a calender!  StyleCrafts Amber Glass Magnetic Numbers can be used on a white board, chalkboard or anything with a magnetic surface.  Sure, you might have to write the month yourself, but how much fun would it be to create something every month!  Besides, I’m sure you can dig up those color kid magnets and be creative!

Here is where I am getting married | Magnolia Plantation

A Halloween Treat!

In honor the creepy crawly’s, the ghastly ghouls and the screeching creatures of the night I thought it would be fun to scour the vintage superstore, Etsy, for some Halloween delights. I realize that I might be a little late with these goodies, but hey, it’s still fun to look!  And as always, it’s never to early to start looking for next year’s treats!  Let’s just say I’m one of those who will walk into any Holiday store any time of year!  Check out some of the awesome costumes and decorations I found below! Happy Halloween!

Frighteningly Fun Costumes!


Vintage 70s

What the Seller Says:

Details: Huge flares and a fab purple print, this jumpsuit would be perfect for a 70s theme party or for halloween. Zips up the front with a painted metal zip.

Condition: Great – no elastic left in the cuffs, but no marks holes or rips.

Vintage Burlesque

What the Seller Says:

What a rare, wonderful, sexy and sassy treasure this piece is! A true 1950s stagewear burlesque/ballerina ensemble, it features a sexy bustier bodice and true tutu skirt that goes straight out! The heavy satin bodice is strapless and boned, but a previous owner added nude elastic straps in case you need them to hold it up properly. (You most likely will not!) Closes with hook and eyes up the back, from the mid-panty, all the way up. There is an attached cotton panty, covered with row after row of frilly tulle. The tutu is made of eight or nine layers sewn together, that get longer from the inside out in tiers. Amazing! The silver sparkle on the outer layer is the perfect touch.

They’re the perfect addition to your Halloween collection!

Vintage CowGirl

What the Seller Says:

♥ Super fun vintage 2-piece western outfit! Jessie’s rootin’ tootin’ round-up!
♥ Long skirt that zips in the front. Front pockets with red bead trim!
♥ Sleeveless vest top that ties in the front. Large diamond on the back.
♥ Both the skirt and vest have leather ties with red & brown wood beads, giving it a southwest feel.
♥ Hat and shirt not included.


Vintage 80s Sailor

What the Seller Says:

This is a super adorable sailor outfit. It has a cute bow in the front and the bottom is loose fit skorts. It has shoulder pads and the sleeves are 12″, there is a zipper in the back 22″. This is a great piece for a fun costume party. In perfect vintage condition.
-comes with hat

Renaissance Costume

What the Seller Says:

I purchased this dress from a theatre sale. It was one of my favorite fines of the day. I do wish I knew more about who made it and what plays it had been in. Though it is still in good shape, it has definitely been worn. Theatrical costumes are made out of much heavier materials than cheaper made Halloween costumes. They are made to with stand more than one night of wear.
The dress is in a lavender shade of purple with sleeves and front panel having a darker purple watercolor effect added. It is empire waist, and has very full 3/4 sleeves ending in lace. It has a metal zipper back and also grommets for a tighter lace-up. This would make a great Halloween costume!

Vintage Flapper

What the Seller Says:

♥ Seriously amazing vintage flapper costume dress!
♥ Zips in the back.
♥ Straight style tunic.
♥ Rows of fringe and sequins in shades of purple! So fun when you dance!
♥ Best part – comes with a matching head piece! Three large feather headband!

Frightening Home Decor!


Vintage Halloween
Trick or Treat
Cookie Cutters

What the Seller Says:

The six metal cookie cutters are shaped like a bat, black cat, pumpkin, broom, witch and owl. These cookie cutters were used to make sugar cookies for school Halloween parties back in the 1960s.

Vintage Pumpkin
Salt and Pepper Shakers

What the Seller Says:

Just in time for the holidays! These whimsical salt and pepper shakers are part of my grandmother’s collection from the 90’s. I think they’re rather cute. The tall guy looks like he’s just sneezed and the short guy is laughing about it.

They’re the perfect addition to your Halloween collection!

Vintage Halloween

What the Seller Says:

Cute paper Halloween coasters(w/ a somewhat of a rubber type backing). Set of 12 came in original packaging but I have removed them & tied them with vintage yarn. Please convo. me with any questions! (They measure approx. 3in. & are in like new condition.)

Pin Cushion

Halloween Ghost Glasses

What the Seller Says:

This is a unique, “not-too-scary” set of six ghost glasses. Very cute ‘face’ and ‘dagger’ pattern.
The glasses measure about 6″ tall by 2-1/2″ wide. They are in excellent condition with no chips or stains. They are a nice thicker glass and are weighted. Possibly were made for mixed drinks.
This is a unique set which you probably won’t find anywhere else!

Vintage 60s
Owl Serving Dish

  What the Seller Says:

This is a 1960s serving tray marked on the back, Couroc of California. It would make a wonderful decoration or serving tray for Halloween! This is made out of satin black phenolic, and has hand inlaid materials such as, shells, coins, woods and metals. They are impervious to alcohol and boiling water. The owl is wood, and he is perched on a limb that is also made out of wood. I love his unique off centered eyes. It is hard to tell from the picture, but the stars in the background are crystals or cut glass, and sparkle so pretty in person. It is large, 18 in. wide, and 12 1/2 in. long, also in great condition.

Ghost Dishes

What the Seller Says:

This is a unique, “not-too-scary” ghost serving dish. Very cute ‘face’ and probably a handmade ceramic. He is a part of my select “Boo Collection,” as seen in the last photo.
This piece measures about 9-1/2″ tall by 6-12/” wide. It’s in good condition with nice overall crazing in the white glaze. (There are three small gray spots in the glaze, as pictured)
This is a unique piece which you probably won’t find anywhere else!


Owl Lantern

What the Seller Says:

Vintage black metal OWL Lantern hangs or sits and adds some candlelight to your festivities.
Set the mood with this cute but slightly spooky owl.

Owl Lantern body measures 6 inches with a 4 inch diameter. Hanger measures 3 1/2 inches.
An amber glass votive container with candle is ready to light and add to your display.

Owl Hanging

What the Seller Says:

Circa 1980s copper and metal owl with green glass eyes by the Coppercraft Guild

Great fall/Halloween decor- a few holes in base- maybe to be screwed into something- could easily sit on a shelf or on a mantle

Measures 7.5″ wide and 7.5″ tall

Nice shape, a few scratches to black metal, otherwise nice

Vintage Halloween

What the Seller Says:

Vintage 1980’s Halloween lights, the orange M&M’s cool 20 piece M&M light set the strand is Apr.11-12 feet long.. Cute for Halloween decorating.

My Vintage Library

If I could get paid to read I would be the happiest person on earth, guaranteed.  I would cuddle up with my tea and my pup and not think twice as the hours passed by on the clock.  I can loose myself in a good book and many times I’ve actually forgotten to eat because I was so wrapped up in a story that I couldn’t bear to put it down.  I dream of the day that I have enough money to be able to afford a big house where I can dedicate one room to reading.  That is, my own personal library. Nothing I’m sure as lavish as that of the high class aristocrats on the 18th and 19th centuries (or that of the one in Beauty and the Beast!), but good enough to be able to house my favorite novels.  At least big enough to stock my classics! I couldn’t live without my classics! In my fairytale, I’d have them all.  From A to Z, I’d have every known and unknown’s authors books from the 19th century on to the early 20th century; my favorite periods. A time when social standards were challenged, women were embracing feminist values and writers were breaking literary rules.  How could you not love that literature?! Of course I also love Caleb Carr, Marion Meade and any novel set before the 50s, but the classics have a special place in my heart.  I think I would start my library of with these: (And yes, staying true to form everything in my library is vintage! Hence the title, “My Vintage Library!”)

If I am to dream of my own library to fill with books, then surely I will be needing furniture to stock my good reads in! Of course it can’t be just any random bookshelf, no, I require one that carries with it a certain mystique and personality; one that matches with my love for antiques and that would be fitting to place my 19th and 20th century novels.  Hark! What goes there? (This is what happens when I fixate on my favorite classic reads! I start talking all proper as if I were one of the characters!) A lovely aged blue bookshelf from AjaraDecor perfectly fitting to house my Austen’s and Bronte’s! Weathered with time, this bookshelf is a one-of-a kind.  I love the antique color of the wood and the intricate designs on the pull out drawers. Who wouldn’t proudly display this beauty anywhere in their house as it would be sure to accent any room it were in!

Who hasn’t read Little Women and not found themselves completely enamored with it! Sure, you may have seen the movie, but it doesn’t stack up to the beautifully written words of Louisa May Alcott!  This was actually the first novel I ever read. I was in sixth grade and my teacher took us to the school library with the mission to find a book of our choice with which to read and write a report on.  At first, being 11 or so, I went for the usual 6th grade reads: Goosebumps, The BabySister’s Club or Scary Stories. But, my teacher challenged me and gave me Little Women instead (of course giving me more time for my paper!).  I remember being moved and inspired; sparking a desire to want to be a writer.  And since then I have been obsessed with The Classics and any book that is set in a time before the 60s. I can’t get enough of them! Seriously, if you haven’t read this book, do! You will not be disappointed! (This particular copy is from 1947, in good condition and sold by OldandOdd.)

I admit, it can be quite the task to muddle through this novel, but once you have, you are left with a curious sensation that cannot be described.  One that is a combination of sadness, ponderance and a feeling of numbness. You’re almost a little lost after having read it as you don’t really know how to deal with what has been concluded.  But, oh, is it a roller coaster of emotions to read! Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte, was a scandal when it hit in 1847 and still yet with it’s sinister characters, vengeful plots and twisted love affairs.  It took me two times through to appreciate and understand the full story and I’m sure that there are still underlying themes and innuendos that I didn’t catch.  With this book, it is a never ending tale of unrequited love and sorrow supported by well fleshed out characters that in my mind could have actually lived. Read with caution and do not underestimate the talent of Miss Bronte! (This edition is from Penguin 1959, in good condition and sold by BeauBazaar.)

If you have seen the movie and not read the book, shame on you! I’m kidding, I still love you. But, you should read Pride and Prejudiceby Jane Austen, as it is COMPLETELY different from the movie.  I mean, the basic story is the same, but the details differ immensely. It’s actually a bit more romantic than the movie and like Little Women,  reading the words fills you with a completely different experience.  Your heart almost beats with every turn of the page.  Enter the handsome Mr. Darby, stoic and proud, and the headstrong Elizabeth, independent and unabashed. The things not said are clear as you read through their trivial romance, almost frustrating you at times as their love is held a bay by their pride, neither one wanting to let their guard down. It’s a story of love, yes, but also a glimpse into a breaking system of arranged marriages, stately propriety and the snide ways of the upper class.  Come on, pick it up, let your imagination run wild! (This 1980s edition is in excellent condition and is sold by Absolute Jewelry.)

I had never heard of Wilkie Collins, author of The Woman in White, until I was in college taking a 19th Century British Lit Course.  He isn’t as famous as his colleagues, some listed above, but his writing and composition is comparable.  I imagine being a man writing about a woman and it being convincing was no easy tasks, especially since his time saw many great female writers.  Even more so penning about a woman who happens to be locked in an asylum. I imagine that is written poorly his character could have been misconstrued by women in his day. A story of mystery, involving a curious young drawing master and a troubled female, The Woman in White begins as a “Sherlock Holmes” sort of tale, but ends up being a a novel battling between love/devotion and law/justice.  Sounds interesting, huh?  Trust me, it is. (This book is an 1860 copyrighted edition being sold by PortrePublic.)

I have a soft spot in my heart for Virginia Woolf and her A Room of One’s Own,  originally printed in 1929.  I also adore Mrs. Dalloway, but that’s a whole other post! A fierce feminist, Woolf writes her book length essay on women’s lib, discussing such topics as patriarchal literature, education and lesbianism; rising from her essay the famous quote, “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.”  A excerpt which speak bounds about feminine status in the the early 1900s. Amazing how far we ladies have come, isn’t is? And besides the issues addressed in the text, I admire the way Woolf broke literary standards by writing in a stream on consciousness instead of breaking her writings in to chapters.  It’s a testimony to how rules can be broken and as a result, greatness can ensue. (This edition is circa 1940s. I love this book cover and it was actually designed by Woolf’s sister, Vanessa Bell. Sold by GryphonVintage.)

11th Grade Honors English.  The year and course I discovered The Return of the Native, by Thomas Hardy, 1878.  Next to the Great Gatsby and  Mrs. Dalloway, perhaps the quickest I’ve ever gotten through a novel.  Not because it was short, but because I just couldn’t put it down! A powerful story of the hopes and desires of two ambitious people: Clym Yeobright, who returns to his native Egdon Heath determined to be a teacher and to help his country neighbors, and Eustacia Vye, who yearns to escape from provinciality to the glamour of life on the Continent. Snared by their passion for each other into a foredoomed marriage, they sruggle to fulfill their tragically conflicting destinies. A poetic, compassionate novel by one of the greatest masters of English prose. (1963 paperback edition sold by ArtZodiac.)

Who hasn’t read The Scarlett Letter, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1850?! Either by force in school or just by sheer curiosity. And, no, I have not seen the movies because they’re just to painful to watch.  I’m not going to get started on that though!  You all know the story.  Hester Primm is marked adulterer after her husband is supposedly lost at sea and she has birthed a child that is obviously not his.  Through the novel the theme of sins runs rapid, but through this you see a woman who overcomes her branded “A” and remains compassionate to human nature through her charity.  A page turner, I could read this book a million times and never tire of it.  (1984 edition in excellent condition sold by BookishKind.)

D.H Lawrence.  For some he can be a little treacherous, but for me, I love the challenge.  Chopped full of underlying themes and boundless description my favorite of his,Lady Chatterley’s Lover, was printed in 1928.  It has everything: Sex, Betrayal, Social Conflict and the breakdown of a Aristocratic Class System.  Ahead of its time, Lawrence, like Woolf broke many literary rules as well as social ones.  Many times his book had to be amended and edited so as to not included “explicit” words and scenes which would make the proper aristocrats of the 20s squirm in their seats.  Reading it, the nature of the book is still scandalous, involving a high class Lady having an affair with a poor man who, if living now, would be a model for Abercrombie.  Ladies, read it.  You’ll know what I’m talking about after you find yourself daydreaming about a fictional character. (Mid-Century editions in excellent condition. Sold by RockIslandDesigns.)

A Vintage Living Room

I had so much fun with making up a dream vintage kitchen that I had to do another one! So, I thought to myself, what other room would I want to live surrounded by Mid-Century furniture?  Ummm…The Living Room! Where I spend if not all, then most of my time!  It’s where I work, considering I still have not bought a desk, and play, my Wii!, and hang out with my little family to watch movies.  It’s definitely the room that sees the most action in the course of a day and I would love nothing more than to spruce it up with beautiful vintage furniture.  And I imagine it would look something like this:

How awesome is this Vintage Mid Century Yellow Lounge Chair from Housing Authority?  Which, by the way, comes as a pair! Killer!  I absolutely love the yellow color of this plush chair and I can just imagine how comfortable this spacious beauty is.  It makes me all fuzzy and warm inside just to think about curling up in it with a good book, a hot cup of tea, and warm blanket.  (I realize it’s summer almost, but I can dream!)  I think this would go perfect in any home with a modern or vintage feel to it and especially in a room surrounded by nice wooden floors.  A carpet might be to crazy! Plus, you’d be lucky to find a carpet able to go with its vibrant color!  A bit of a side note, check out Housing Authority on Etsy, it has some really great vintage housewares! I added them to my favorites!

These Vintage Mid Century Cabinets from Rhapsody Attic is probably my favorite piece (pieces really as it is a pair) in this dream vintage living room.  My friend actually owns a something similar and I am super jealous of her.  This is just a gorgeous piece of solid walnut and you know that it will withstand anything you put it through.  And for me, a slick, sturdy and solid piece of wood furniture is the tops.   These can be used together as pictured or you can separate them and use them for end tables.  They also have shelves on the inside which can be used for all those books hanging out in corners or perhaps to even stuff misc. items in when your in-laws or parents come for a visit!  I’m not above it! In good vintage condition, the craftsmanship is the definite selling point for me!

Fabulous [Vintage 1950s] Mid Century Lamp [from Haven Vintage] with a modern design and vintage appeal. [The] base is glass with gold accents [and] still sporting the original waxed paper shade with leather trim and a tiny glass ball finial. Great for any where that you want a little glow of light.  I couldn’t describe these cute lamps any better than the shop owner, so I had to borrow their description! Shame on me, I know! They’re just so cute that my mind went completely blank! Totally added this shop to my favorites!

Who doesn’t need a magazine rack?  I actually have been in the market for one ever since I started getting magazine subscriptions and I think this Vintage Mid Century Wire Rack might have to be added to the consideration pile.  Its simple, understated and functional and I totally dig it.  You don’t need something crazy and huge to hand your magazines from and who wants to take up all that room anyway?  This one you can put in any room in the house and not have to worry about it being a total eye soar or getting in the way of your boho tapestry.  Definitely considering. (Plus, I love that it is made of metal!)

Next to the Vintage Cabinets, this is my next favorite piece of vintage furniture.  I love these types of wooden benches/tables as you can still remnants of the tree that it was carved from.  It just adds to the character and beauty of the piece.  And I love that this Vintage Rustic Lodge Wood Table from GroovyGirl60 on Etsy is worn and weathered and was organically shaped from a slab of pine.  What’s even more special about it is that on the bottom of the piece is a personally etched signature with date (1966) by its handcrafter.  How cool is that?  A total time warp connecting you to that crafter from over 40 years ago.  Amazing a piece of furniture could move you in such a way.

I love the color combo on this Vintage Hand Crocheted Rug from Margaret Pearl, an Etsy shop.  And just to say, it always amazes me when people can construct items such as this by hand.  I have no ability when it comes to being handy and crafty and would be lost if someone handed me a pair of knitting needles! I think I would put this lovely little rug in my bedroom as my animals would ruin it if given the chance.  My cat apparently only likes to hairball on the one square inch of floor that isn’t wood.  I’m sure you can understand my frustration!

I love the starburst shape!  I was constantly doodling starbursts in my notebooks when I was in school! I would fill pages and pages of different sizes, shapes and colors just for the fun of it.  Come to think of it, that’s probably why I never knew what was going on half of the time! Oops! Anyway…I love this Vintage Mid Century Starburst Wall Clock at Club Moderne, an Etsy shop.  The beautiful wood spikes are in great vintage condition and the clock itself is also in workable condition and is battery powered. I would put this is the center of my living room for all of my guests to gawk at when they come in to my home.  Like I’ve said in posts before, you just don’t see this same quality of furniture as much anymore and that’s why I buy vintage.  It’s totally unique, just like this clock!

I don’t know what you have on your coffee table, but I am a classics lover and always have a good book around.  One of my favorite writers, even for just conceptional reasons, would by Virginia Woolf.  So, you can understand my appeal to the Vintage Leather Bound Virginia Woolf Novella, “Mrs. Dalloway” from New York Bookseller.  If you have never read this book you should!  It’s not that it’s exciting or that anything even remarkable happens, but it was ahead of its time in the way that it broke all rules of literature. No chapters, no cliffhangers, just a continuous train of thought from one point of view. But, before this turns into a book review, let me stop there! Check it out!

A Vintage Kitchen

It was brought to my attention that while I have been blogging about vintage clothing and accessories, that I have been forgetting another vintage love of my readers.  Vintage HOUSEWARES!  How dare I! I am ashamed! Especially when I shop for vintage housewares for my own homestead! I should know better! But, thanks to one of my readers, AdelynStone, who by the way makes really pretty greeting cards, I have seen the error of my ways. So, scouring through Etsy last night I tried to find the PERFECT vintage accessories to go along with a complete vintage kitchen. And while I am sure I left many possible treasures out, I think I have definitely found those practical kitchen essentials that every homemaker needs.  Some of which remind me of my own grandmas kitchen. ::Fuzzy Feeling::  Check it out! (BTW it’s a very yellow kitchen! I have no idea why, that’s just how it ended up! I guess I like a nice vintage yellow!)

I have always loved these sort of kitchen canisters!! My grandmother had some in her retro kitchen and I now own them and absolutely adore them!  Just how I adore these Vintage Yellow & Black Canister Set from MrsRekamepip, an Etsy based shop.  In nearly perfect vintage condition, these fabulous canisters have no chips or scratches and you can easily make out the words as they are untouched by the years.  I mean, how much more perfect does it get? And how awesome would these look in your kitchen!  Yellow goes with everything! Its quintessential vintage! 

I’ve been in the market for some “new” pots and I think I may have found at least one new addition to bring into the cooking family! This Vintage Bubble Cooking Pot from Vintage Revival is super cute with its chipper bright yellow color and beautiful wood handle.  The wood handle perhaps being my favorite aspect of the pot because of its uniqueness. I’ve never seen something like that before! How exciting!  With a couple of chips showing some wear and tear, this 6 cup pot is still in good condition and is patiently awaiting its next meal!

This Vintage Sunbeam Hand Mixer  from Happy Day Vintage would make a perfect addition to my Kitchen considering this is one of the things it is lacking!  I don’t know why I haven’t gotten around to buying one of these magical contraptions, but maybe its because I just haven’t been able to find one that fits my personality.  So, I’ve stuck with that annoying elbow pain that comes with mixing dough and other mixes by hand; you know what I’ve talking about.  But now I think my search has come to an end!  In working condition without any massive visible wear and removable beaters, how could I resist! Who needs some fancy new mixer when I can have one that works and has some serious character for only $36? I’m sold!

For some reason my boyfriend makes so much fun of me because I love anything reminiscent of a vintage amber glass.  I don’t know what it is about them, whether it’s their translucent pale color that is definitive of the hippie age or if it is the numerable variations of designs that are pressed into the glass.  I just love them.  Take these Vintage Amber Daisy Drinking Glasses from leVintageMaison.  How can you not love their cute daisy prints and beautiful Amber color?  So much fun and so unique by nature.  No one really makes them like this anymore! Another great thing about these glasses, they’ve NEVER been used!  Which mean, PERFECT condition! You can’t ask for better!

So I have never owned a trivet, but I think after seeing this Vintage Owl Trivet at Vintage Zen, I might have to start considering purchasing one. I know I could just use a hot pad or even an oven mit to set a hot pan on, but I am definitely loving the idea of this cast iron trivet instead.  Not only would I not go through so many linens on the account of the burning, but this would add so much character to a  kitchen! Also, I love owls and I can’t resist anything shaped like one! Only $30!

A kitchen is not complete without oven mits! What would you grab all those hot plates or delectable food with? How about these Vintage Yellow and Floral Oven Mits from spancyketosherosh’s shop on Etsy!  Their cheeful print alone is enough to brighten anyone’s day, especially when you’re standing over a hot stove.  And I love the yellow piping outlining the outer edges.  It just adds to it! With its wooden toggles, its super easy to hang wherever is accessible in your kitchen and SURPRISE it also comes with a hot pad! Don’t you love it?

Who doesn’t need a 70s Vintage Clock somewhere in their home?! Isn’t that a staple in every vintage lover’s household?  And this one from Retroburgh looks perfect in my little dream kitchen that I have created!  I love these types of decorative clocks as you can’t really find them anymore.  Which is sad because they are so fun and bright and they add a little something else to the room that they are nailed into.  This one in particular has captured my heart with its yellow grid like design and colorful yellow flower.  Only $14.99!

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