Warby Parker Introduces New 1922 Collection

If you’re anything like me, you tend to live in your contacts 24/7. Unfortunately that means sometimes accidentally falling asleep in them at night as you are watching a marathon of Law and Order SVU! Now, if you had a pair of high quality, fashionably eclectic glasses to slip on before you slipped into your comfy footy pajamas (you know you have a pair!) and cozy up to the devilishly handsome Elliot Stabler, it would be a different story. I know what you’re thinking, “Sure, that would be a good idea, but what about the money?” Problem solved, my friends. You can finally have your cake and eat it too!

Introducing the fabulously fashionable and AFFORDABLE Warby Parker and their new vintage inspired 1922 Collection!  Founded by four close friends, Warby Parker holds fast to the idea that quality crafted eyeglasses and sunglasses don’t have to cost the consumer an arm and a leg.  With glasses, both prescription and non-prescription, starting at $95, Warby Parker offers both men and women contemporary frames fitted with high-end, anti-reflective polycarbonate lenses and best-in-class polarized lenses.  Both of which are included in the cost of the frame.  Why is it so inexpensive, you ask? Because Warby Parker takes on the design process themselves and sells directly to you, cutting out the middleman. And of course, quality is NEVER sacrificed.

Now that I have you hooked, perhaps it’s time to take a minute and check out their new vintage inspired 1922 Collection.  The 20’s of course was a time of re-discovery and individualism.  A time cloaked heavily in rebellion and internal turmoil.  A decade of artistic revolution that defined an era and helped shape art as we know it today.  What better an era than this to craft a piece of iconography from? Dramatic and glamorous, Warby Parker’s new collection for men and women includes three new styles crafted from lightweight stainless steel and custom acetate.  Each style includes both an eyeglass and sunglasses version and comes in a variety of colors. With fashion ever changing and evolving, Warby Parker’s 1922 collection serves as a constant for your wardrobe, promising never to go out of style and to always serve as a form of self expression.

*Duke in Gold for Men, Women : $95 | Duke in Silver for Men, Women: $95
*Joplin in Silver for Men, Women : $95 | Joplin in Gold Men, Women: $95
*Porter in Whiskey Tortoise for Men, Women: $95 | Porter in Gimlet Tortoise for Men, Women: $95
Porter and Joplin available in additional colors…

Find out more about Warby Parker and their Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program!


Vintage Studs and Stripes!

I know that all I have been going on about is how excited I am about summer and all the fabulous vintage that I would love to add to my wardrobe.  BUT, when I thought of this outfit, I just had to travel back into time to that chilly season when I strolled the streets of NYC in black leather and knee highs.  A favorite time of mine, I have to admit.  Even though some days it felt like you were standing in the middle of an ice cube and you couldn’t feel any of your extremities due to the minor frostbite from the bone chilling breeze.  Or, if you were like me and took the subway everywhere, how it seemed always colder on the platform even though you were underground and how from the minute you left your apartment until you arrived back and sat up against your screaming radiator, you were endlessly chilled.  Despite that, I still loved it.  The good things being curling up with a good book and a heavy blanket, a hot Chai Tea Latte from your coffee shop, and lots of good soup! Oh yeah, and that fashionable chance to layer as many clothes as you possibly could and still look awesome! Here’s a winter time dream (add on a scarf and perhaps two pairs of socks!):

I love this Vintage 80s Plaid Dress with the edgier look given by NoirOhio.  Such a great play against the sweet nature of the pleated collar and light pastel colors of the plaid.  I can totally picture this being worn back in the day by the “16 Candles” popular senior girl. I imagine she would of worn white pumps and pearls with Farrah Fawcett styled hair and a cute little brown leather shoulder bag.  And now, here I am wanting to stud it up and wear it with lace up grunge boots!  So funny how one garment, like ourselves, can go through just as many changes in style! Nice to know that I can wear it anyway I want no matter my style mood!

I have died and gone to vintage heaven with the finding of this Vintage Leather Studded Bomber Jacket from Girl On A Vine!  My two loves of leather jackets and studs combined, oh my! It’s almost to much to take on!  I swear to you I would sport this jacket year round no matter how hot it was just to be able to wear such a fabulous jacket.  It would go with everything.  Sweaters and jeans, dresses and even a tight short skirt, it works. Upcycled with the studs, this vintage bomber is in great condition and I can promise you won’t be around for long!

You can never have enough boots and I would create more room in my closet for these Alaredo Lace Up Boots from Metropolis.  I love the old world feel to these modern boots.  They almost feel like they would be at home in a Jane Austen novel or the ever favorite “Little Women.”  My favorite thing about them are the tasseled area under the laces and the way the laces sew up tight the whole way up the boot.  I would wear these leather boots with everything that I possibly could!

I love knee high socks!  Especially with a good pair of boots! And the best thing about them is that they go with everything! Shorts, skirts, dresses, you name it, it works! Ok, maybe not jeans,  but when its cold outside, I actually wear knees high socks under my jeans for warmth.  So, they work! Also, they add to the flow of your outfit!  Check out these Knee High Socks at Modcloth.  Comes in a couple of colors!

Sunglasses: a much needed accessory.  And if you’re going to buy some, why not go vintage?  How about these AWESOME Deadstock Vintage 80s Sunglasses at Stuck On Vintage?  I love the tortoise pattern (my fav!) on the lenses and I also am enamored with the amber colored lenses.  So pretty and unique! And guess what, they are 100% UVB and UVA protected! Hello, beach reading!  FYI SOV has TONS of amazing glasses!

My heart literally stopped when my eyes happened to set their gaze on this Vintage 70s Leather Fringe Hobo Bag from Sisters of the Black Moon!  With its super soft deerskin leather, this raw cut hobo styled bag has a long strap to comfortably set on your shoulder as you traipse around town (looking fabulous, ofcourse!).  I can just see myself walking down the streets of NYC, the bags fringe softly swaying in the warm breeze, passerbys stopping just to ask me where I found such an amazing bag.  ::Sigh:: “To sleep, perchance to dream.”

is a fabulous vintage Ebay store founded in 2005!  This is one of my favorite shops on the net and I am constantly stopping by to see what they have.  Every time I do there are always new products and I always find myself wanting them all!  A bit on the edgier side, this store is perfect for the 80′s/90′s lover or to find something tough to go with that lacey top you have.   And FYI, if you are in the market for anything plaid or a lumberjack-esque button up, then this should be your first stop!

Perhaps the best part of GirlOnAVine, are its Kimonos! Devine!  Sure, they also carry some other vintage not related to a cardigan or coverup, but I have to say that I have never seen such amazing vintage kimonos. All of them are equally beautiful, unique, and delicate as the next.  The taste of the shop owner is flawless and just scanning through what her store has to offer lets you know who she is.  A free spirit; a person who thinks for herself; a non-conformist.  You can see what she represents through the vintage she so carefully chooses and, likewise, what girl her pieces attract.  The strong minded, strong willed, and unafraid.  A passionate soul with an open heart.  A “hippie” by nature.  To purchase a piece from this shop would be a lifetime gift to yourself.  What more could you ask for?

Modcloth was founded by high school sweethearts, Eric Koger and Susan Gregg Koger, and built on a foundation of love for vintage and retro clothing!  A great go to for anything you need, ModCloth provides vintage inspired clothing and accessories too.  But if you want to shop their vintage, you have to be quick about it and get it early in the day b/c it goes super fast!  It’s totally worth it if you catch it!

Sisters of the Black Moon is a recent Ebay find of mine and I am so excited that I happened to stumble across them!  With amazing vintage finds, this store offers its boho clients with some of the best picks I have seen from the 60s and 70s.  Their garments would have been at home at Woodstock, in the streets of old San Fran, or in the gritty Lower East Side of vintage New York.  I love their edgier style and their consistent use of the darker side of the color spectrum.  Filled to the brim with vintage, you will never be short of finding something you can’t live without!

Stuck On Vintage is actually in my shop favorites in Etsy!  Based out of LA, SOV carries a wide variety of both men and women’s vintage.  And while I adore their super cute vintage clothing, perhaps one of my favorite things that they carry are vintage  sunglasses.  They have such a variety of vintage frames varying from the 1960s round “John Lennon’s” to the big, overstated lenses of the 80s.  What’s great too is that these fabulous sunglasses are all sorts of colors and some come with colored lenses! I love it! How original!  You should defiantly stop by SOV when you have a moment to spare!!

Believe it or not when I lived in NY, Metropolis (and Andy’s Cheepee’s) were essential shopping stops for my when I was downtown around St. Marks Place.  I would make any excuse to visit this shop, specializing in vintage shoes and boots, and make a day of it spending my time browsing through its beautiful racks and chatting with their friendly associates.  Not to mention that I would also stop by Pommes Frites for some Belgian Fries and sauces. Yummy! Metro is located in the East Village section of Manhattan, 3rd Avenue and 10th Street and was started in 1984 with selling vintage clothing in flea markets in Soho. New college students and seasoned fashionista’s have turned to Metropolis for their [vintage] fashion needs. As Metropolis approaches it’s 20 year anniversary, Richard [owner] hopes everyone will come and check Metropolis, a staple to the NYC vintage community, for themselves!  

Picnic in Central Park

When I used to live in the city, my absolute number one favorite thing used to be taking my pup to Central Park.  We’d walk for HOURS on end, exploring every inch of the fascinating eco system that is the Park.  If you don’t know, Central Park isn’t just the Great Lawn and Bethesda Fountain, it contains actual forest areas where you can get lost in nature; you can’t see the streets and you’re completely surrounded by trees, rocks and waterfalls.  Yes, WATERFALLS! Not huge ones of course! Nothing you could go white water rafting on, but big enough to make you stop and watch.  Or, if you’re a pup named Bodie, try to swim in!  These journeys were especially enjoyable when my boyfriend joined us and we would have little picnics in the park.  We’d go to our local Pick a Bagel, order our usual Chicken Salad on a toasted plain bagel (everything bagel for him!), grab a Yoohoo and a Naked and walk our way to the nearest park entrance to find our usual picnic table on a hill, secluded, shaded by trees, and that housed a lovely plaque on its bench, dedicating itself to a deceased wife.   Now, we never brought a “picnic blanket” with us or an official “picnic basket,” but we scraped by with our beautiful bench and our bagel napkins.  Also, I don’t think a pleasant picnic would have ever been in order due to our highly energetic dog who has the patience level of about a three year old, but maybe one day we’ll actually be able to do it!  I imagine it would be a lot like this, plus the presence of the beau and the addition of some really fabulous vintage clothing:

How adorable is this Vintage 1960s/1970s Pink Knitted Summer Sweater at StuckOnVintage!  I adore the white floral design that doubles as a tank strap! So cute and unique!  I would defiantly wear this tucked in to a pair of high waist denim or under a cute pair of overalls!  In good condition, this one-of-a- kind tank is only $40! Not bad for a top your friends will never be able to buy!

You can make fun of me all you want, but I will still forever love high waist denim.  Not only does it give you a great shape, your tush in particular, but they just give you that straight backed, sucked in, walk with shoulders back feeling.  I mean you feel like a super hotty when you have a pair of high waist denim on!  Plus, you don’t have to wear a belt if you really don’t want to!! And for all these reasons, I love this pair of Vintage Navy Sailor High Waist Sailor Flared Jeans at Love Street Vintage!  Not to mention that the pockets are a key selling point! Such a comfy feeling to be able to put your whole hand deep in your pockets when you are having a relaxing walk.  Only $45!

These are my shoes! Well, not actually, but these are the exact type of shoes that I love to wear!  These Vintage 70s Platform Sandals from Raleigh’s Vintage are to die for and the best part about them…they have NEVER BEEN WORN! How awesome is that!  Perfect Vintage condition.  No cracks in the leather, no foot prints from a previous owner and no black scrapes on the wedge from being knocked against the ground.  This my friend, is a vintage lovers dream!  “New” Vintage shoes…still in the box!  How could someone never of worn something so cute? $70 on Etsy.

I LOVE these Vintage 80s Wayfarer Tortoise Sunglasses at Forsythia Hill! I am crazy over the bright pink color mixed with the tortoise pattern and the green lenses! Labeled 95% UVB, 60% UVA blocking these glasses are substantial, they are not “flimsy” or cheap.  These NEVER WORN sunglasses can be worn by both men and women, but lets get real, if my guy touched these puppies I would have a freak attack on him! They are too cool and too unique for anyone but me to wear!  Does that sound too selfish? A bargain for $38!

I am infatuated with any sort of jewelry that has a type of stone in it, especially turquoise. So, it’s really no surprise that when I stumbled across this Vintage Sterling Silver Turquoise Cuff that I was immediately drawn to it.  The turquoise just caught me right away merely because the color was so bright and then I also love the stamped leaf design that parades behind the stones.  Such a beautiful piece of jewelry.  $29 at Sparkling Lotus Design.

I searched and searched for the PERFECT picnic blanket and finally found one at MistyOrcutt!  This Vintage Red and White Picnic Cloth is the definition of what I picture as the quintessential picnic blanket! I mean, do you not always see cartoons or characters in children’s books eating off of something that looks exactly like this? Or have I just gone completely off the deep end? Well, either way, I think its adorable and would totally use it to have my picnic on! $27.99.

Every picnic needs some sort of picnic basket, but what about a picnic purse?  How cute would you look walking down the street with this Vintage 60s Basket Weave Purse? No one would know that you have packed away a tasty picnic and besides, who wants to lug around a huge basket anyway! So inconvenient! Especially in the city! I can just imagine myself hitting passerbys and the nasty looks they would give me.  Yep, for sanity’s sake, I think I’ll stick with the purse! $24 at Vintage Stew.

My Pup Bodie! He is not for sale!

Stuck On Vintage is actually in my shop favorites in Etsy!  Based out of LA, SOV carries a wide variety of both men and women’s vintage.  And while I adore their super cute vintage clothing, perhaps one of my favorite things that they carry are vintage  sunglasses.  They have such a variety of vintage frames varying from the 1960s round “John Lennon’s” to the big, overstated lenses of the 80s.  What’s great too is that these fabulous sunglasses are all sorts of colors and some come with colored lenses! I love it! How original!  You should defiantly stop by SOV when you have a moment to spare!!

Love Street Vintage is an Etsy Vintage shop based out of San Diego that specializes in Women’s Vintage from the 60s and 70s.  And let me tell you, as you thumb through LSV, you will defiantly get that message.  Not only is the store name inspired by a Doors song, but about 75% of LSV’s vintage is incorrporate Aztec prints, floral patterns, and extremely bold colors.  Clothing that you can just picture people wearing to Woodstock or on the streets of San Francisco.  To be able to wear these psychedelic, bohemian clothing you will have to be a person who is utterly at home with themselves and someone who is free spirited and perhaps fitting with the hippie mentality of a flower child. If that is you, then you will have no problem finding items that fit your personality at LSV! Happy Hunting!

Perfect for those who like a bit more order to their lives, Raleigh Vintage, an Etsy shop, carries clean cut, sophisticated clothing for the Vintage Woman.  While they carry vintage from the 50s to 90s all picks are very reminiscent of the 50s/60s wardrobe.  That is:  light, delicate patterns, sharp lines and a more muted color palette.  Perfect for the working lady who wants to add a little character to her office outfit! The most awesome part of this shop?  That it is cared for and stocked by a vintage-loving couple, Isaac and Andi.  How cute is that! Check them out!

While Forsythia Hill, an Etsy shop based out of VA, carries other Vintage, mainly home goods, the heart of her store rests with her amazing Vintage sunglasses.  Her impeccable taste in unique eye wear is what makes her store so special and keeps me coming back for more.  Her NEVER BEEN WORN glasses come  in styles such as Wayfarers, John Lennon round wires, and BIG 80’s.  And for every pair of eye or sunglasses purchased, Forsythia Hill makes a matching donation to the Lions Club that distributes glasses to an abundance of needy organizations.  How admirable is that? Why wouldn’t you check her out?

Sparkling Lotus Design is a new find for me and while the store isn’t packed with jewelry as of now, the things they do have are actually very lovely.  If you like stones, then you might find a couple of items here that you will adore, as I certainly have.  Some of the jewelry that you will find at SLD are handmade creations by its owner who contends that her store has been the result of (her) compulsion to create in (her) spare time. And while she does carry vintage jewelry, she hopes that her customers will find some inspiration in her personal jewelry.   I guess you’ll have to stop by and see if that is the case!

Sunblock For Your Eyes

Living at the beach I have quickly discovered, especially since the weather has been so nice lately and I’ve been spending all my time outside, that I am in desperate need of a pair of sunglasses! Naturally you would think I would go to the corner drugstore, Walmart, or what have you and pick up a pair so my corneas won’t burn out of my eyes. But, no, I can’t do that. I just can’t go to some rando store and pick up the first $1.99 pair of specs I see ; not that there is anything wrong with that! No, let’s get serious. What kind of person would I be if all I preached was VINTAGE VINTAGE VINTAGE and RECYCLE RECYCLE RECYCLE and didn’t actually DO? I am a lot of things my friend, but a heretic isn’t one of them! 🙂 I realize that this all seems very dramatic, but it’s the truth. Also, to add to the mix, I am the kind of lady that if I own something of weight, I will NEVER loose it. However, if I own that $1.99 pair of glasses, they’re doomed to be lost to the world within a week or two. So, financially it’s just smarter for me to invest in a product that is not necessarily more expensive, but one that has some history and identity to it. Back to the original purpose of this rant though. I need specs! Bad! So, as I was shopping for some, I thought it would be fun and funny to superimpose them onto my face and see how they would look! (FYI, if u like any, below all the pics is a link section that will take you to that specific pair!)

Which one do you think I should get?!

(Links below picture!)

(click on link and you will be taken to that brands sunglasses that I loved!)

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