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Scouring Facebook as I burned time before work, I happened to stumble onto an ad for a fun, urban clothing company, Tobi.  Curious by nature, I decided to follow the ad to Tobi’s homepage and what I found made me happier than a kid in a candy shop!  Not only are Tobi’s clothing and accessories current and eclectic, but amazingly well priced. With constant sales, a girl can always find a great deal without sacrificing style! And being that trends seem to change overnight, Tobi gives a girl a chance to keep up.  Honestly, who wouldn’t love the chance to refresh their closet with trendy new clothes? I’ll be the first to admit that I would! Which is exactly what I did! Well, virtually that is! Check out some of the fabulous items from Tobi I added to my virtual closet….

 Southwestern Vibe Muscle TankI don’t know what it is about Southwestern prints, but I gravitate towards them like a fish to water! Maybe it’s the Native American in me calling out to the robust tribal prints or it could just be that their unique, eclectic nature adds personality to any plain tee. Which is exactly what this black and white skeletal  image does for this basic muscle tank!  Can’t you see yourself sporting Tobi’s  Southwestern Vibe Muscle Tank with tattered cutoff shorts or skinny jeans complete with black moto boots and feathered hair clips? You know you love it…

 Striped Envy SweaterTrendy or not, oversized sweaters are my thing.  I can’t give it up! It’s the one style that sticks with me through each season.  They’re perfect both in winter when all you want to do is cuddle up with your love and sit by a warm fire or in spring when all you need is a light cover up over your cut-off Levis.  They’re versatile, comfortable and I highly doubt that you don’t have atleast ONE in you wardrobe.  And if you don’t, maybe you should give it a try with Tobi’s Striped Envy Sweater. Light and easy, this stylish sweater with colorful arm stripes can be dressed up with pumps and skinny jeans or even used as a cover up for your new bikini. However you use it, I guarantee your friends will want to know where you got this trendy top from!

 Acid Washed Skinny JeansLet me be the first to say that I am just as surprised as you are that I am posting about acid wash jeans. But, the more I see them store after store, the more I find that they have a certain mysterious appeal. However, it is important to mention that shopping for the perfect acid wash jeans comes with some extremely important rules.  NEVER buy acid wash in any cut but skinny otherwise it will look like you borrowed your mom’s jeans from when she was in high school.  NEVER buy a light acid wash jean unless you want to look like someone from the boondocks.  And lastly, NEVER go vintage when it comes to acid wash. I know, I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to bust your vintage bubble. Adventurous enough to try them? Check out this pair from Tobi.

 Twist to Open DressI am in love with Tobi’s Twist Open Dress in mint! Available also in red and white, this dress appears simple from the front, but flip it over and it is a completely different dress.  Slit down the back and the twisted to the side this dress is not only practical on a hot day, but emits from its unassuming shape a sexy confidence. With open arm holes, this dress pairs perfect with a simple accessory such as a thick bracelet or a single pendant long chain necklace.

Thunderbird NecklaceThe Thunderbird; a symbol of strength, grace and resilience. A perfect charm to adorn your neck as you take on the challenges of the day.  Available in antique silver and gold this lovely pendant will add a little pepper to your sizzling outfit! Check it out here!

tobi5So, I’m thinking there is a reoccurring theme here! I honestly am not trying to go Southwestern on you here, I guess it’s just my style.  Which is why I am probably doting on these Etch Pick Earrings from Tobi.  This arrowhead shaped earring features geometric engravings and comes both in antique silver and gold.  A powerful design, these earrings are for those ladies who aren’t afraid to show their more brazen side!

 Chinese Laundry Strawberry Fields BootiesWhile I am usually more into moto boots, I have to say that these Chinese Laundry Booties  are absolutely adorable! What I like most about them is that you can sport them with anything in your closet.  Whether dress, skirt or jean, these lilac suede boots will match perfectly.  Lighthearted, whimsical and really, just plain fun, these booties might be your next perfect accessory! And lets be serious, the accessories are what make the outfit.


A Psychadelic Trip

A lover of those trippy, psychedelic eras of the 60’s and 70’s? Then you are going to LOVE this sexy little concoction that I’ve cooked up courtesy of some out of sight vintage sellers!  So it’s not a problem if you didn’t get to experience it personally since you’ll experience it via Vintage! Enjoy!

I am in LOVE with this Vintage 70’s Cream Mini Dress from ThriftWares! A true hippie dress, this flashback to the past is covered in delicate scalloped crochet and is made of soft acrylic knit.  And not only do I love this feature, but those gorgeous bell sleeves just make me love this sexy sheer dress even more! Selling on Ebay for $112, this amazing find is going in 3 days!! Put your bid in quick before I snatch it up!!

So I’m sure you can guess the brand of these amazing black velvet platforms! Jeffrey Campbell!! Only one of my favorite shoe designers! I swear I can’t get enough of JC and no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to search for any other shoe but Jeffrey! These particular ones I found at NastyGal, a top carrier of this brand and one of my go to sites for unique shoes.  I love the way these JC’s look with the delicate lace of the tent dress; the way the toughness of the leather soled wooden platform works with the sweetness of the sheer fabric. So sexy and fun! Reasonably priced at $162 they also come in multiple colors and I’m sure would look awesome with any outfit you put together!

How adorable is this Janis Joplin inspired floppy hat Beautifully crafted out of felted wool and featuring a knotted tassel on the side, this wide-brimmed wonder can’t help but invoke your deepest adoration. Selling on ModCloth for only $24.99, this fashionable piece is super affordable and easily accessorized!

I am a fanatic about turquoise jewelry which makes me gaga for this Native American Vintage Glass Necklace on Etsy at ChicDeuxChic.  So gorgeous and cheap!  I am in love with its flawless design and timeless quality! And who would think you could have a piece of the 70’s for only $25.00!

A new favorite find of mine, I am obsessed with ThriftWares, an Ebay based Vintage store.  Maintaining since 2004 that they “offer the finest selection on the face of the earth for fashion forward vintage clothing,” I would have to say that after combing through their vast selection, that I would have to agree!  Thriftwares offers some of the most delicate, beautiful, and unique clothing that I have seen and I am so excited to see what they find next!

was founded in 2006!  Nasty Gal offers a wide selection of the most desirable and coveted vintage clothing and accessories available online, as well as unique new designer pieces. A bit more on the edgier side, but I love it!  Nasty Gal Vintage also sells new vintage inspired clothing and accessories.  Check out their About Us for more info on this Cali based seller!

Modcloth was founded by high school sweethearts, Eric Koger and Susan Gregg Koger, and built on a foundation of love for vintage and retro clothing!  A great go to for anything you need, ModCloth provides vintage inspired clothing and accessories too.  But if you want to shop their vintage, you have to be quick about it and get it early in the day b/c it goes super fast!  It’s totally worth it if you catch it!

is an Etsy based shop that has been selling vintage jewelry since 2007.  Dedicated to helping save the Earth by providing customers with recycled vintage, ChicDeuxChic, picks up its vintage on its road trips around the states!

Bangle, O Bangle!

We all love a great story.  Whether it be about a mermaid finding her true happiness or a heart wrenching story about a boy losing his dog; we are bound by that desire to loose ourselves to another reality.  No matter if that reality be true or false, happy or sad, we cannot help it. It’s human nature.  Which is where I now find myself; moved by a beautiful story.  A story in this case that has to do with a devoted son and his dedication to his mother’s craft.  A craft that he helped his mother with when he was a child and has now found it to be his driving passion.  Who is this man, you ask?  Who is this man that has been so profoundly inspired by his mother that he has decided to take a leap of faith and make a career of her art?  That would be Kevin, a 27 year old Atlanta resident, who, after his mother’s death a year ago, took it upon himself in 2010 to establish AnnPrimRose, a company dedicated to the buying out and selling of  high quality vintage jewelry. An Etsy based store, AnnPrimRose “provides authentic vintage jewelry that is a part of American history and culture including bangles, bracelets, brooches, earrings, necklaces, and jewelry supplies.” My personal favorite being the beautifully preserved Lucite vintage bangles and bangle sets.  Fun and colorful, they’re enough to make me want to put on my 70’s floral day dress with my oversized floppy hat and line the length of my arms in as many shiny bangles as possible! Interesting how an accessory can inspire not only an outfit, but move one so to remember the feeling of a hot summer day or the way in which a backyard creek cooled your hot feet.  And for Kevin, AnnPrimRose, isn’t only about vintage jewelry, but it is an homage to his mother Ann, a way for him to keep her designer name going.  Much more than that, it provides an outlet for him to use the skills which his mother taught him as a young boy to create and design his own jewelry.  A skill which has suited him well as he has been fortunate enough to have sold his designs in Atlanta boutiques. An accomplishment which does not come easy to any new comer to the fashion industry and demands a round of applause! ::APPLAUSE:: And for Kevin, this journey has just begun! Concentrating on expanding his online Etsy store, I am excited to announce that Kevin will be taking it to the next level as will be launching soon! Until then, shop AnnPrimRose on Etsy and check out a couple of my personal favs from AnnPrimRose!

This 1960’s Lucite Canary Yellow Bangle is exquisite! Bright in color and shiny in effect, this fun bracelet will be sure to make any outfit you wear POP! How could you even deny how cute you would look in your summer dress and flats with this chunky bangle on your tanned wrist?! Better grab at it as this is the real thing! No plastic here! Only $8.99!

How lucky are you!? Here is a FULL SET of 1960’s Lucite Color Spectrum Bangles! So cute! And if you’re the sort of girl who likes to stack up her accessories, then these are perfect for you! Great as a gift to a young girl or fun for that hippie at heart, this set is a steal at only $19.99!

More of an earth tone sort of gal? No problem! AnnPrimRose does not discriminate! Check out these 1960’s Lucite Amber Bangles! Coming in a set of three, these bangles are perhaps my favorite seeing as I am in love with anything amber! And if you are too, then you should pick these up for only $14.99!

Another personal favorite of mine, these 1960’s Lucite Khaki Shades Bangles cover the beautiful shades of browns and yellow! Wear them all together, or separately, no matter, as they will all enhance your wardrobe! Going for only $14.99!

Ladies! Don’t forget to check out AnnPrimRose! New items added on a regular basis! Remember ladies, AnnPrimRose only sells authentic vintage jewelry! No plastic!

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