A Sparkling Delight…

Not to long ago I was fortunate enough to stumble across an eclectic jewelry shop on Etsy called Sparkling Lotus Design.  This vintage/vintage inspired shop tugged immediately at my heart strings as I scrolled through its categories; Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings, some vintage, some not, but all with a Native American, Art Deco feel to them.  And all with stone elements from turquoise to lapis to agate with most embedded in aged sterling silver.  Absolutely delicious.  Just looking at S.L.D’s beautiful jewelry was almost to much as I wanted to purchase everything from the shop and then insist on wearing all of it at once! Could you imagine how much of a mess that would be!  But, this was enough to get me interested in the shop and to make it a weekly, if not a every other day, occasion to stop by and check out the merchandise.  What I discovered was that this particular shop is not the shop that will carry a ton of pieces, but the ones that it does carry are unique, stunning, and flawless in their aged perfection.  Usually these pieces do not last a long time in store as I never see too many of the same items twice, so you have to act fast if you really like something!  But, with reasonable prices the decision isn’t tough and more times than not you will be clicking that “Add to Cart” button!

So what is this store all about, you’re asking?  Why, besides the fact that they carry some of the most amazing Vintage Native American Jewelry I’ve seen at stellar prices, should you stop by?  Easy.  Because it is owed by a genuine, warm heated, caring soul who is not only invested in her store, but lives and breathes her passion.  Not only does express herself through the wear of her own personal vintage jewelry, but inspired by it she designs and crafts her own jewels.  Seen as an artistic expression, she aims to create (and sell!) pieces that connect her customers to their inner selves and hopes to inspire individuals in their daily lives. What better shop to visit than one who’s owner is someone that wants to help inspire and who truly believes and stands by her products quality and preservation?

And to prove just how generous and delightful this shop owner is I will just have to show you.  As you are aware, if you have to been reading my blog for a bit, I feature many Etsy and Ebay shops when creating fun vintage outfits or in posts about my favorite shops.  So, I happened to use SLD in two posts, one as a featured piece in an outfit and the other in a favorite vintage shop feature.  In these posts I used a certain piece of jewelry twice as I just loved it so much and I thought it was simply beautiful.  Now, I never ask for compensation if I just happen to use your shop or product without being asked and I never assume that I will ever get anything but a “Thanks” in return for doing so.  So, you can imagine my utter surprise (and giddy delight) when I received an email not only thanking me for the feature of her store, which I was grateful for, but stating that in appreciation of doing so that she would be sending me the piece of jewelry that I had featured twice! I mean how amazing and generous is that!? I was totally taken by surprise when she told me that! How amazing is that?  No more validation needed!  Check out my gift:


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  1. caroline
    Jun 02, 2011 @ 23:24:04

    wow I love that ring. I love native american art, craft, jewelry, everthing.


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